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moviesbaba: Moviesbaba is a popular piracy website that provides and allows streaming Movies, TV series and web series free of charge. This site provides video content in several languages such as Hindi, Tamil, Telugu, Bengali, Malayalam, Marathi, English etc.

Initially, this website was started as a small private website that used to upload Telugu and Tamil movies. Over time they started to upload Bollywood and Hollywood movies as well. 

The main reason it has gained popularity is by uploading movies and other video content to the site before its release in theatres. Today it has become one of the growing free streaming sites for movies, TV series etc.

Although it is beneficial to the general public as it allows streaming and downloading free of charge. The official authorities of these movies have faced a tremendous due to such piracy sites. 

However, many countries all across the world have blocked such torrent sites but the new sites kept emerging. A vicious cycle that seems to have no endpoint.

Torrent Info:

Some of the latest movies you can watch and download on moviesbaba are as follows

  1. The falcon and the winter soldier (2021)
  2. Vijay the master (2021)
  3. Roohi (2021)
  4. Fauji calling (2021)
  5. The Marksman (2021)
  6. The girl on the train (2021)
  7. 1962: The war in the hills (2021)
  8. Magamuni (2021)
  9. Space sweepers (2021)
  10. The White Tiger (2021)

Moviesbaba Proxy List

S.NoProxy ListStatusSpeed
1 Fast
2 workingV. Fast
3 workingV. Fast
4 workingV. Fast
5 workingV. Fast
6 workingV. Fast
7 workingV. Fast
8 workingV. Fast
9 workingV. Fast
10 workingV. Fast

Other torrent Sites:

Moviesbaba site unblock method

In case you across any site link that is blocked in your country and wishes to unblock it, then follow these 3 methods where we have given an explanation of how you can unblock any site that is blocked in your country or by your internet service provider.

1. Tor Browser

tor browser

Tor Browser is a well-known browser, especially among hackers. This browser helps you stay anonymous while you are still online. Tor browser will allow you to unblock any site and have access to it without revealing your online identity. 

Tor browser app is available and is compatible with any smartphone, Windows and MAC devices as well. Tor browser app is available for downloads free of charge.

2. VPN


VPN or Virtual Private Network has to be one of the best things available on the internet. A good VPN service will help you stay anonymous by hiding your online identity and lets you have access to any website that is blocked in your country. 

There are both free and paid versions of VPN services available on the internet. Although these free versions do work they lack the features you get on the paid versions. We suggest you always use an authorized VPN service when accessing any torrent website.  

3. Web Proxy sites

web proxy

A proxy site is a website that will help you have access to your preferred site from a different server and country. There are many such similar free proxy sites available on the internet. 

Below is a list of some of the best proxy sites available on the internet. Know that a Proxy site will not help you stay anonymous, rather it will help you unblock any website. 

How to download movies from Moviesbaba?

  • For this, open the original moviesbaba website. There, select your preferred movie. 
Download options
  • Once you have selected the movie, scroll down till you see download options.
download links
  • Next, click on any download option based on their download size. In the next window, you will see many download links. Right-click on any link.
Create download link
  • On the next page, click on Create download link.
click here to download
  • Finally right-click on Click here to download. Your preferred video will start downloading immediately.

You will be able t find the download video on your device in a few minutes depending on your internet speed. 

Make sure to use a good VPN service when downloading movies from such torrent sites to stay anonymous. 

Also, be aware that most of these download links may contain malicious malware that can disrupt your device. 

Moviesbaba Alternative sites

There are many illegal torrent sites available on the internet. Below are a few sites that work along with their working site URL:  

Torrent Alternative Sites:

Movies available in Different Languages:

  • Hollywood Movies
  • Punjabi Movies
  • Hindi Dubbed movies
  • Telugu Movies
  • Malayalam movies
  • Kannada movies
  • Bengali movies
  • Tamil Movies
  • Marathi Movies

What size movies can be found on the Moviesbaba site?

To meet the expectations of its users, the team of moviesbaba offers movies in various sizes. 

  • 300MB size movies
  • 400MB size movies
  • 600MB size movies
  • 1GB size movies
  • 2GB size movies
  • 4GB size movies

moviesbaba: Movies Format

Being one of the popular pirated websites, this piracy site provides the facility to download any movie in any format. 

  • DVDScr
  • HDRip
  • Bluray
  • 360P
  • 480P
  • 720P
  • 1080P
  • DVDrip

Popular Torrent Proxy Sites:


1. Is it safe to download movies from Moviesbaba?

No, it is never safe when it comes to using any piracy websites. Often, it displays pop-ads or redirects to a malicious web page. Both of these factors make your devices vulnerable and helps hackers in accessing your data. Not just that, if you download anything from such illegal sites that are filled with pop-up ads, you may end up downloading malware without acknowledging it as these download links may contain some malware stuff as well. Be cautious when using such sites as they are dangerous.

2. Is it legal to use Moviesbaba io?

No, moviesbaba is an illegal site that promotes piracy. Piracy is considered a felony by many countries across the world. It is illegal in India as well according to the law directed by GOI. To stay safe, we suggest you use the legal counterparts instead. 

Make sure to hide your online identity when using such piracy websites. If you are caught while using such sites, you may land in jail as piracy is considered a criminal offence in many countries. 

3. How soon does Moviesbaba make a new release?

As soon as a film releases at the box, moviesbaba upload it within a few hours. You can even find some older movies on this site as well. Although you can find all the latest movies, TV series and web series on this site, we do not recommend downloading from such illegal piracy sites. 

Most of the time these download links contain malicious malware that could destroy your device. 


We hope this article has been helpful to you. In this article, we have discussed Moviesbaba and all this site has to offer for its users. We have given some working proxy sites list and alternatives to moviesbaba as well.

Make sure you hide your online identity while browsing through moviesbaba as it is an illegal and pirated site and may get you punished if caught surfing. Make sure to use a good authorized VPN service to stay anonymous and safe.

If you have any queries related to this article let us know in the comments.

Feel free to share this article with your family and friends who want a working sites list of moviesbaba.

Disclaimer: The above information is for educational purposes only. We at Techy Guide do not encourage piracy.

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