123movies Unblocked: 123movies Proxy sites [123movies Alternatives]

123movies unblocked

123Movies unblocked: If you are searching for 123movies proxy sites or 123movies unblock methods then you have come to the right website.

here in the post, we will be sharing the methods to unblock 123movies as well as the working 123movies proxy websites.

so simply follow the below steps and know the proxy sites & unblock methods.

About 123Movies

123movies, go stream, 123movies hub, memovies or gomovies are the websites that are operated by the same person and these websites are very popular movie streaming websites available online.

Motion pictured quoted 123movies as the most popular illegal site in the year 2018. the main website is shut down by the authorities in the year 2019 but still, there are many clone websites available.

In the year 2017 123mvoes have also launched another site which is especially for anime content

On Oct 2017 MPAA has listed 123movies as a moist popular illegal site in the world. this website has the traffic of about 98 million visitors per month and it is the most popular free illegal movie streaming website in the US.

123Movies Unblocked:

To unblock any websites which are blocked by ISP we have 3 different methods to access that website and belo9w I am going to explain all those 3 methods as briefly as possible so simply read the below steps carefully and unblock 123movies

Tor Browser:

tor browser

Tor is a web browser and available for free to download. this website works as a VPN and you can use this to access any website which is blocked by your ISP and many people use this browser to hide there online identity like IP address. You can also use this browser on your pc and start accessing the blocked websites.



VPN is nothing but a virtual private network and there are free and paid versions available as well. you can use this to unblock any website also people use this to hide their online identity.

VPNs are also available in browser extensions which are limited to a browser and they are free. you can use them to unblock the kat Proxy websites.

if you are willing to buy a VPN then check the below one which is an offer for first-time buyers.

Web Proxy:


A web proxy is websites that are available online and these websites are used to unblock the websites that are blocked by your ISP. whenever you enter a website in these web proxy sites that websites are opened in some other country and showed it to you. so these are one of the best methods to unblocking any website. below we have listed 5 best web proxies online.

Hide My Ass Web Proxy Click Here
K Proxy Click Here
Proxy Sites Click Here
Croxy Proxy Click Here
Free Proxy Click Here

123Movies Proxy sites

123movies home page

below are the latest working 123movies proxy sites which almost have the same interface as the original one. gostream in the affiliate site to 123moies and operated by the same person so we have also added gostream into our list.

If any of the proxy sites is not working even after following the unblock methods then do comment below so that we will replace that one with the new 123movies proxy website.

No.Proxy SiteStatusSpeed
17 https://movies123.email/workingvery fast
18 http://movies123.guru/working Fast
19 https://123moviess.cc/working Fast
20 https://123movies.cat/working Fast
21 https://123gostream.fun/working very fast
22 http://gostream.pl/working Fast
23 https://gostream.club/working very fast
24 https://gostream.to/working very fast
25 https://gostream.zone/working very fast
26123movie.comNot working—-
27123movies.cafeNot working—-
28123movies.tvNot working—-
29123movies onlineNot working—-
30123movies.toNot working—-
31123movies.netNot working—-
32123movies redditNot working—-
33123movies.goNot working—-
34123movieshubNot working—-
35123movies goNot working—-
36123 movies.comNot working—-
37123movies4uNot working—-
38123movies laNot working—-
39123movies123Not working—-
40123movies.isNot working—-
41123movies.ccNot working—-
42123movies.scNot working—-

123Movies Alternatives:

we have selected three 123movies alternative sites which offer the latest movies just like the 123movies. three of these websites are very popular and you do not need to log in or register to watch anything on these websites.

Yes Movies

bmovies home page

yesmovies are one of the most famous movie streaming torrent websites and it very popular after fmovies. This website is very user-friendly, and you will find almost all the latest movies with high quality. just like any other torrent site, you will also find many popup ads on this website, and this is one of the best alternatives to 123movies


fmovies home page

fmovies is one of the best online video streaming websites which allowed any user to download or watch anything on their website.

In fmovies, you are also going to find almost all the latest movies which HD quality. This website has launched in the year 2016 and this website was blocked in countries like Australia, Sweden & India. This website has a very user-friendly interface, and you do not require to log in or register.


bmovies home page

Bmovies is similar to fmovies and it has a very good looking user interface. here you will find all the latest movies listed on there home page and yo0u can select any movie you want and here also on this website you are going to find popup ads which are annoying every time but still you can watch everything for free in HD quality print. this website has tv shows, web series, the latest movies, and different language content.


Is it illegal to use 123movies

Yes, it is illegal to use 123movies website because it provides pirated content that is against the law in almost all countries. If you are caught, then it will lead you to jail.

What is the correct 123movies site

The main 123movies website is ** which is blocked by most of the governments, and every day many new 123movies proxy websites appear, and many sites will be blocked. So all you need to check our 123movies proxy websites list for a working 123movies proxy site.

What are the most searched on 123movies?

how to train your dragon 3 123movies & spider man far from home 123movies, what we do in the shadows online 123movies are some of the most searched on 123movies

Is 123movies a safe site

No, it is not at all safe to use these torrent websites. In one way, your pc may get infected by virus/Malware and another way if you are caught by authorities, then it may lead you to legal proceedings.

Has 123movies been shut down

Yes the main website of 123 movies has been shut down by the government in many countries.

What is 123movies

123movies is a torrent website which provides pirated video-based content in excellent quality.

How to use 123movies

123Movies has a very clean user interface. When you visit the website, it will show you the list of movies, and you can search for the movie you want in the search bar. It will offer 2 option either to watcvh online or download the movie using magnet or torrent file.

How to download 123movies

Downloading from 123 movies is very simple, and it is the same for all kinds of torrent websites.

  • First, you need a torrent downloading website like bit torrent or u torrent.
  • Once you have that open the website and goto the movie, you want to download, and there you will find Magnet link or download the torrent file.
  • If you have downloaded the torrent file, then double click on that file, and it will open your torrent software and start downloading.
  • If you have selected a magnetic link, then it will automatically open your torrent downloading software and starts downloading.


I hope you have successfully learned to unblock 123movies by following our guide and also found some of the working proxy sites.

We will be regularly updating our proxy list so that you don’t have to irritated.

In case if you found any proxy site that is not opening then do let us know about that URL in the below comment box and also if you know any other alternative other then the mentioned list then let us know about that site.

Feel free to share this post with your friends & family members.

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