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RARBG Proxy: Are you unable to access the RARBG website? then you have come to the right place.

Here we’re going to share the methods to access the blocked Rarbg proxy or Rarbg mirror websites as well

Also you are going to find the list of RARBG proxy websites that are working in different countries

As you know it is very difficult to find the RARBG mirror sites on the internet and if you found also they going to be blocked by your ISP which is an internet service provider.

Every day a new RARBG torrent proxy website comes and some of its proxy websites will be blocked in countries.

torrent Proxy websites are nothing but duplicate websites that are done by the teams of the original RARBG website. People can watch or download anything from these RARBG proxy sites.

About RARBG:

RARBG is one of the most popular torrents based websites that share pirated content for free. this website has a traffic of over 300k per month according to Wikipedia

this website has been started in the year 2008 and it is blocked in many countries like Saudi Arabia, UK and many others which I will share the list below.

It uses peer to peer file sharing method and uses the BitTorrent protocol.

In the top 10 most popular torrent sites RARBG stands in 4th place with a ranking of about 347 all over the world

The following countries have blocked the Rarbg website.

2 April 2014 Saudi Arabia
27 November 2014UK
15 May 2019 Greece
7 June 2018Finland
18 August 2017Australia
18 January 2018Ireland
8 June 2018United Arab Emirates
10 October 2017 Indonesia
3 January 2019 Belgium
Unknown Kazakhstan
Unknown Morocco
Unknown India
Unknown Bulgaria
Unknown Pakistan
26 October 2015 Portugal
27 March 2015 Denmark

The original website is still accessible and working successfully but if the website is not opening then that means it has been blocked in your country or by your ISP.

do check the above table to find that the website is blocked in your country.

I will share some of the methods with the help of these methods you can access these websites.

RARBG Proxy sites list

These are some of the RARBG proxy sites which are blocked in some countries. If it is blocked in your country then do use any of the above three methods to access these websites.

RARBG Proxy sites

If you find any of the sites is not working even after trying the above the methods to unblock then do let us know about that URL in the below comment box so that we will replace that link with the working URL some of the most searched RARBG website links are rarbg.com | rarbg.com

No.Proxy SiteStatusSpeed
1 https://rarbg.to (Main Website)WorkingVery Fast
2 https://rarbgunblocked.org/index70.php Working Very Fast
3 rarbgto.net Working Very Fast
4 rarbgmirror.xyz Working Very Fast
5 rarbgproxied.org Working Very Fast
6 rarbgp2p.org Working Very Fast
7 rarbgway.org Working Very Fast
8 rarbgprx.org Working Very Fast
9 rarbgtor.org Working Very Fast
10 rarbg-torrent.online Working Very Fast
11 rarbgto.net Working Very Fast
12 rargb.to Working Very Fast
13 rarbg.com Working Very Fast
14 rarbg.cc Working Very Fast
15 rarbgmirror.xyz Working Very Fast

Note: These websites are for educational purposes only we are not responsible for anything. We strictly do not support downloading pirated content

How to download from RARBG?

To download anything from RARBG you need torrent software which you will easily find on the internet. Once you have downloaded & installed the Torrent software.

  • Open the site and search for whatever you want and open the selected file/Movie.
  • Now on the top, you will find download torrent file option. download that file and double click on that file.
  • Automatically your torrent software will open and start downloading the thing you wanted to download.
  • That’s it. It’s that simple to download from Rarbg

RARBG Unblock Methods

RARBG Unblock Via TOR Browser

tor browser

TOR browser is a browser that is designed to stay anonymous which keeps your identity safe on the internet. most of the time this browser is used by people who want to hide on the internet and by hackers. generally, the dark website is blocked and people also use this browser to access this dark web.

You can also use this browser to access the blocked websites like RARBG by your ISP by simply entering the URL of that website and it will start proxying your browser and open the website for you and actually it is totally free and easy to download.

So simply download the TOR browser on your PC and then install it like you install regular browsers and then you need to enable the anonymity and then you will be able to access the RARBG website.

Rarbg.to unblocked Via Proxy Websites

web proxy website

Proxy web is generally a website that helps you to access blocked websites or hide your IP on the internet whenever you use these proxy sites. with the help of this proxy site, you can access any website which is blocked from anywhere. These websites are userfriendly and one you visit them it will ask to enter the website URL which you want to access.

As you can see in the above image I have used the Hidemyass web proxy website to access the RARBG main website.

HidesterClick Here
Proxy siteClick Here
Hide meClick Here
KproxyClick Here
HidemyassClick Here

Rarbg to Unblok Method Via VPN


VPN is nothing but a Virtual Private network. It is widely used to hide our online footprints and it is available in both & free versions as well as browser extensions. You can use these free versions to open the RARBG main website.

In case if you want to but the paid version then do consider the below Norton VPN which is one of the most popular VPN Services available online.

Alternatives to RARBG

There are many alternative websites like RARBG available on the internet. Al does the same and almost every website is userfriendly and has a torrent download file or torrent magnetic link.

Below are some of the list of RARBG alternative websites where you can download anything & everything.

Rarbg Alternative the pirate bay

the pirate bay home page

The pirate bay or TPB is one of the most popular torrent websites across the globe with estimated visitors of around 3+ million users per month. it was founded in the year 2003 and it has 169 websites rank.

You will find Movies, Web Series, Softwares, Song, and many other forms of downloadable stuff. The owner of this website was caught and spend in jail for over a year.

The main website is now down and there is n number of pirate bay proxy websites that are available on the internet.

The pirate bay is one of the best alternatives to rarbg and it has almost everything which rarbg have. We have a separate post for the pirate bay proxy websites list.

Rarbg torrents Alternative EZTV


EZTV is also one of the best alternative torrent websites available online. This website is one of the fastest-growing torrent websites in present times especially for TV shows, Web series, Movies, and other forms of video content.

Because of the popularity of this website, many countries have blocked this website and we have the list of EZTV proxy sites that you can use to access the website.

This website stands is listed as the 9th most popular torrent website on the internet with a userfriendly website interface.

It offers both torrent files as well as magnetic files and uses peer-to-peer file sharing methods like every other torrent website.


YTS is another best alternative to RARBG. YTS provides all kinds of video content and the specialty of this website is it provides high quality of video in very less file size with 720p, 1080p resolution download options.

In the year 2020, this website is rated as one of the most popular torrent websites in the world with the Alexa website rating of 217.

Because of the popularity of the main website is blocked and We have a separate post where you will find all the working YTS proxy sites list.


How does torrent unblock methods work?

Whenever a website is blocked in your country by Gov or by the Internet service provider, you cannot open that website because the government asks the ISP to block that violating domain IP address so that people of that ISP cannot use that website.

This is the reason why you will not be able to open that website.

There are three ways to access those blocked websites, which we shared above. But the common thing between these three methods is mediating between you and the website you are trying to access using different country locations called server.


I hope you have understood how to unblock the blocked website by your ISP in your country.

If you are still facing any problem then do let us know about that so that we will help you solve the issue and also do not forget to comment about the dead proxy site.

Feel free to share your experience with these websites in the below comment box.

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