Everything About Torrents: A complete Beginner Guide 2021


If you are using the internet that that means at some point you have used or heard about the torrent websites. Here in this post, I am going to explain what is torrent and how it works, the purpose of torrent and how big companies use torrent file-sharing methods.

What is torrent

Torrent is a peer to peer file sharing technology where the data is downloaded from multiple computers instead of a single server. The downloading process is done with the help of torrent software like BitTorrent or any other torrent software. There is much software that is available online.

In other words when you download something with the help of torrent then the data is coming from multiple computers instead of a single server.

BitTorrent, Utorrent are many others are some of the torrent downloading software available online and they are free.

This software actually contains the metadata about the file you want to download and these data are obtained after downloading the .torrent extension file.

There are also web versions torrent available where you don’t have to download the torrent software into your PC/Mobile. we have also shared the top 10 torrent sites in 2019


How torrent works

Whenever you download a torrent file and open that on your torrent download software you are going to see that the data is going to download in packets. these data are downloaded from multiple websites which are known as seeders. you will also see the no. of leechers which are nothing but downloaders like you.

If your download speed is low then that means you there fewer Seeders who are seeding data to people like you(leechers) Actually you need an equal amount of seeders as well as leechers for a perfect download.

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What are seeders

torrent seeders

Seeders are those people who have already downloaded the data successfully and sending the existing data to other leechers. The more then seers the faster the download.

What are leechers

torrent seeders

Leechers are those people who are downloading the data from seeders. the more the seeder then faster the download.

Many people think that torrent means just piracy but its not only just privacy but also can be used to download any data in mass. there are many companies that use torrent download methods to download their data.

Is downloading piracy data with torrent dangerous?

Well, the answer is yes and the fact is that other peers/leechers can actually see your IP address(Seeder) when downloading. there are many companies that actually hire people to record all the IP addresses of people who are seeding the file. When these companies report to the cybercrime people and then you know the rest. This is why most of the time when you visit a torrent website they actually ask you to use a VPN.


I hope you have understood what is torrent, Torrent software, Seeders & leechers. If didn’t understand any then do let us know about it so that we will help you understand it clearly in the comment box below. and also do not forget to use a VPN when using piracy torrent. Feel free to share this post with other people who use torrent.

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