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1337x Proxies: List of 1337x Proxy & Mirror Sites [1337 unblock]

1337x Proxies

Are you unable to open the 1337X website or it is saying that the government has blocked that site from accessing? If yes then you have to the right place.

Here we share how you can unblock blocked websites in 3 different ways and also the list of 1337X proxies and mirror sites which are official & nonofficial sites available online.

These proxy sites are similar to the main torrent website and these are created so that where ever the main website is blocked then people can use these 1337X mirror sites.

Every day a new proxy website comes into existence and many get blocked or taken down. so follow the mentioned steps below and learn how to unblock the blocked sites and find out the proxy websites list.

About 1337X

1337z is one of the most popular torrent websites and it is ranked 2 in the top 10 most famous torrent sites in 2019. 1337x provides a directory of magnet links as well as torrent files and it uses peer to peer file sharing method with BitTorrent protocol.

This website is userfriendly and when you open the website you will find Movies, Games, Softwares, Music, Documents, Music and much more. This website is started in the year 2007 and because very famous after the most popularly know torrent site kickass was shutdown.

There are many proxy sites available for this site and you are going to find everything which you will find on the main website.

1337 unblock

1337X is a torrent website that provides piracy content torrent files and many of the countries are against these piracy content sharing websites and they block this kind of websites regularly. To unblock this website you have 3 methods.

  • VPN
  • Tor Browser
  • Web Proxy


VPN is nothing but a Virtual Private Network which hides your identity online and changes your IP address. this VPN is widely used by Big companies and hackers to stay safe There are many VPNs available online both in the free version as well as a paid version and also there are many browser extensions. Do use this VPN to unblock the website which is blocked.



Tor browser is a free & open-source browser that enables anonymous communication. it is known as an onion router. This browser can unblock any website that is locked in your country. this browser has an inbuilt proxy which changes your IP Address when enabled. You can use this browser to access torrent sites and most of the time this browser is used by people who want to hide there identity. You can download this browser from the official website and the installation process is the same as regular software install.

Web Proxy:

There are many web proxy websites which can be used to unblock blocked website and most of the website actually acts as a VPN which browse the website from the selected country. that is how you will be able to unblock websites. You can find any of these web proxy websites and the list is huge.

1337x Proxies

1337x home page

Below are some fo the 1337x proxy websites. these websites are the duplicate of this main website and you can download anything from these websites just like you did from the main websites. some times your ISP/country may have blocked some of the 1337x mirror websites so if you find anything like that then do let us know about that site in the below comment box so that we will replace that another site.

No.Proxy/Mirror SiteStatusSpeed
1https://1337xto.to/WorkingVery Fast
2http://1377x.to/ Working Very Fast
3https://www.1337x.tw/ Working Very Fast
4http://1337x.st/ Working Very Fast
5https://13377x.site/ Working Very Fast
6https://1337x.to/series-library/a/1/ Working Very Fast
7http://x1337x.ws/ Working Very Fast
8https://1337xto.to/ Working Very Fast
9https://13377x.site/ Working Very Fast
10http://1337x.io/ Working Very Fast
11http://x1337x.eu/ Working Very Fast

Is it dangerous to use Torrent

Of course, the first thing is accessing the torrent website is a crime in many countries and the second is when you start downloading something on Torrent software there you will be able to see the seeders & leecher’s IP address. many company people actually hire people to record this IP address and take you into the legal action for downloading there product piracy content. this is why many torrent websites always ask people to use a VPN while downloading something.

1337 torrents Alternatives


1337x alternative eztv

EZTV is a torrent website that provides torrent files and magnet links. this website is available all over the world and there are many EZTV mirror sites available. this website is started in May 2005. this is one of the best alternatives for any torrent site but especially 1337x alternative and this website is the 9th most popular torrent site in the world.


1337x alternative rarbg

RARBG is one of the most popular torrent sites which rank 4th in the most popular torrent sites in 2019. this website provides torrent files and the magnet links. this website is blocked in many major countries and still has 300k traffic per day. You will find many RARBG mirror sites where some are official and some ore nonofficial. Using this kind of sites without a VPN may lead to jail.


1337X Alternative YTS

YTS is the most popular torrent website in the world and it ranks 1st in the most popular torrent sites 2019. this website shares movies for free in HD quality and this has become very famous because of very little file size with HD Quality movies. this website is launched in the year 2010 and this is one of the best sites to download pirated movies online and it is a crime as well.


I hope you have found the working 1337x proxy websites and also learned how to unblock the blocked websites and how to hinde your identity online. If you are facing any problem then do let us know about it in the below comment box and if you know any proxy website of 1337x then let us know. Feel free to share this post with your friends & family members.

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