MovieRulz Proxy: Working MovieRulz Proxy & Mirror Sites 2022

MovieRulz Proxy: Hello everyone, if you are searching for the proxy sites of MovieRulz then you have landed at the right place.

As you know movie rulez is one of the most popular site which provide pirated content. The official website is black ere on this post you will find the proxy sites.

Here we will share the list of MovieRulz proxy sites, MovieRulz unblocked sites MovieRulz unblock methods, and also some of the best MovieRulz alternatives.

Below we have shared the movierulz website link list so that you can access only the working site and we regularly check all our proxy sites and if any movierulez site is blocked then do replace that link with a working one.

About MovieRulz:

Movierulz Proxy sites list

Movierulz is a public torrent website where one can stream and download Movies illegally. This website has a vast collection of pirated copies of movies in different languages.

let us first warn you that this is an illegal website which got banned in many countries alongside many other similar websites.  

Movierulz provides a brief synopsis about the film and also its run time. Movierulz also provides a download link in HD formats like 360p, 720p or 1080p. Movierulz.

Unlike other websites, uploads Scam or copy version of theatre print on the release date of the film and later it replaces it with the HD version after a few days. 

MovieRulz Pros

  • User-Friendly Interface with an easy download process.
  • Entirely free 
  • An autoplay option
  • A vast collection of movies in various languages
  • Video quality is stunning with 720P or 1080P resolution

MovieRulz Proxy list

Make sure you check out our 3 unblock methods to get access to the blocked website if any of the below-listed MovieRulz proxy torrent websites are blocked in your country.

The proxy site allows evading the violation limited by the Internet Service Provider (ISP) which was directed by your government.

Always use a VPN to have access to any torrent related websites.

New Movierulz Website link

Movierulz Proxy website homepage

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New movierulz website linksStatusSpeed working Working V. Speed Working V. Speed Working V. Speed Working V. Speed Working V. Speed Working V. Speed Working V. Speed Working V. Speed Working V. Speed Working V. Speed Working V. Speed Working V. Speed Speed Speed Speed Speed Speed Speed Speed Speed Speed Speed Speed Speed WorkingV. Speed WorkingV. Speed WorkingV. Speed workingV. Speed workingV. Speed workingV. Speed Speed

Above are some of the movierulz proxy websites that are not blocked by the ISP. We will be regularly updating the list with new movierulz unblocked sites list. You can bookmark this post so that you will find the movie rulz unblocked sites list.

No.Movierulz Proxy sitesStatusSpeed
17movierulz plzBlockedV.Fast
19movie rulzBlockedV.Fast
23movierulz msBlockedV.Fast
243 movierulzBlockedV.Fast
26movierulz dsBlockedV.Fast
28movierulz malayalamBlockedV.Fast

How to watch movies on Movie Rulz:

If you are new to movierulz website then you can follow our below guide where we have explained how to watch a movie on movierulz website.

  • First of all select any movie from the website or you can even search for the website.
  • After selecting click on that movie and it will take you to another page
  • On this page, you will find all the info related to the movie on top and below that, you will find the option to download the movie with movierulz magnet links.
movierulz torrent download option.
  • After the download link you will find all the servers available to watch the movie online which you can see in the below image.
Movierulz proxy movie watch option
  • Select the server you want to watch and ejoy.

Note: In between you will find all the popup ads so we suggest you to simply close them.

WhatsApp movies are available on movie rules:

On movie rules you can watch movies from all over india as well as movies from all over the world.

This site especially shared movies from the Tollywood industry so if you are from Telugu states then this movierulz is for you. Here on movierulz you can download or watch the movies on all your devices.

When you open the movies rulz site will will display all the latest movies on the home page with a menu and recent movies list on the sidebar.

The menu contains Featured, Hollywood, Bollywood, Telugu, Tamil, Malayalam, Other, Genres, DVDRip.

You will also find a search box where you can search for any movie you want. if the movie is available then it will show you the movie if not then it will give you that the movie is not available.

Features of MovieRulz proxy

On movie rules you find all the latest movies from different parts of the world. Below we have shared different languages available on Movierulz

  • Hollywood
  • Bollywood
  • Telugu
  • Tamil
  • Malayalam
  • Other

Latest Movies on Movierulz proxy site

  • beemla nayak
  • super machi
  • nallamala
  • james
  • standup rahul
  • sumesh & ramesh
  • 83
  • radhe shyam
  • mega crocodile
  • aarattu
  • bachchhan paandey
  • khiladi

Latest Movies Released on Movierulz

  • Atithi devo bhava (2021) Telugu
  • Pushpa: The Rise – Part 1 Telugu
  • 1945 (2021) Telugu
  • Thalli Pogathey (2021) Tamil
  • Varudu Kavalenu (2021) Telugu
  • Lakshya (2021) Telugu
  • Anthahpuram (2021) Telugu
  • Big Brother (2021) Telugu

Another way to find movies without torrent websites?

Also Check: How to download movies from Telegram

You can use telegram app to find movies and join the movie related channels. there more many channels available for movies and you can join them in just a single click.

Also check: How to watch movies on telegram without download

MovieRulz Unblock Methods:

movierulz.vpn unblock or movierulz vpn unblock or unblock or 7 movierulz unblock: You can unblock this site movierulz.vpn by using the below three methods. but our suggest is to use the above movierulz proxy sites which are woking and we regularly update those proxy links with new lins list.

movierulz proxy telugu: Movierulz is a website that provides telugu, Hindi, Malayalam and tamil movies for free. we have shared all the working proxy sites above do use them and find the content you are looking for in telugu.

Not just movieRulz these three methods come in handy to unblock any website. As this website is illegal, streaming a pirated content can get you behind the bars.

We suggest you make sure to surf this website or websites similar to this one by using any of these below-listed methods. 

Movierulz VPN Unblock


A VPN (virtual private network) comes in the form of software or browser extension to evade any restriction. One can unblock any website using a VPN by hiding your actual IP address.

Many people use a VPN to stay anonymous while surfing the internet. If you don’t have a VPN already you can download it from the below link or you can use a browser extension.

Always use a VPN while surfing any torrent related website which contains illegal stuff.

some of the best VPN services for Movierulz VPN Unblock

  • express vpn
  • nord vpn
  • surfshark vpn
  • ipvanish vpn

By suing below Android mobile VPN you can access or unblock the movie rulz sites

VPN available for Android

  • Secure VPN
  • Turbo VPN
  • ThunderVPn
  • SuperVPn
  • 3X VPN
  • Shoora VPN
  • Speedy Quark VPN
  • Hola VPN
  • Speed VPN
  • Solo VPN
  • Lightsail VPN
  • Lion VPN
  • Free VPN
  • VPN Free
  • VPN Proxy
  • VPN Master
  • VPN Fast
  • Melon VPN
  • VPN Hub
  • Tunnelbear VPN
  • Yoga VPN
  • Nord VPN
  • Going VPN
  • Flash VPN
  • ALtas VPN

How to use VPN to unblock Movierulz?

  • First of all download any of the above-listed VPN on your Android phone
  • Once downloaded open the VPN app and select the server you want
  • After selecting the server simply click on connect button.
  • Now open your browser and open any of the above listed working movierulz proxy sites list
  • That’s it. you have successfully unblocked a blocked movierulez site

Unblock using a web proxy

proxy website

A web proxy is nothing but a website which helps you open a blocked website. There are many proxy websites on the internet which are free of cost.

All you have to do is simply open the proxy website and enter the URL of your desired website. And select the server of your liking and it will open the website for you.

If the proxy site has failed to open the website then try opening the website using a different server. The only problem with these sites is most of them have very little speed.

Below we have listed some of the best web proxy sites to unblock the blocked website.

Proxy SiteClick Here
HidesterClick Here
KproxyClick Here
HidemeClick Here
HidemyassClick Here

Unblock using Tor browser

tor browser

The Tor Browser allows one to surf the internet without revealing their identity. This browser uses a series of proxies while accessing any website which further helps you to stay anonymous.

This browser can help you have access to any blocked website.

Mostly top-level officials and hackers use Tor browser. As it allows you to download in a single click.

Below is the android tor browser direct download from play store.

How to download from MovieRulz?

  • When it comes to MovieRulz you can either download the torrent of your preferred video content or you can download the video in MP4 format as well.

Let us first learn how to download the torrent:

  • For this, you need a torrent downloading software that downloads any torrent file. some of the popular ones are Bit torrent
  • Once you download and install the torrent downloading software, open the site select the preferred movie you want to download.
  • There you will find many torrent files underneath the description. 
  • Check for the seeders of that file. The more the seeders the faster the downloading process. 
  • Now there are 2 ways: one is through the magnetic link which will further open the file on torrent downloader like bit torrent
torrent download links
  • Another method is by downloading the torrent file and double-click on it to download the file that you have downloaded.
  • Simply choose whichever method you feel is convenient for you and it will start downloading.
  • After the download is 100% or completely it will automatically start seeding. At this moment we suggest you stop the seeding by right-clicking on it to save your data.

MP4 Format:

  • For this, Open your preferred video content or movie. 
  • Select from the links that are provided to watch the movie online. Most of these sites provide a download option. Just click on it to download the video.
  • If you do not see any download option try right-clicking on the video to “save video as” in the MP4 format.

Hope these above steps have been helpful to you in downloading without any issue. If you have any doubts regarding the download process do let us know.

Movies Released by Movie Rulz in recent days:

  • Check telugu nithin movie
  • Indoo ki jawani bollywood movies
  • Akshara Telugu movie
  • Sceenplay of an indian love story movie
  • Red telugu movie
  • The girl on the train movie
  • G-Zombie movie
  • Fire and ice hollywood movie
  • Aelay tamil movie
  • thirike malayalam movie
  • 1962: the war in the hills bollywood movie

We will update the latest movies of movierulz

MovieRulz Alternatives

Below is the list of alternatives to MovieRulz which provides a huge collection of movies, web series and tv shows.

Many of these main websites which are listed below are blocked in many countries. The only way to have access to these websites is via available proxy sites.

we have each torrent site proxy website and we make sure to update this proxy list regularly.


movierulz alternative site yts

YTS is a peer to peer file sharing torrent website which provides high-quality content with a 720p, 1080p, 2160p, 4k and also 3D resolution with very less file size.

This website provides a massive collection of movies, web series etc., which made the YTS YIFY Movies very popular among other similar torrent websites.

YTS has a very clean and user-friendly interface with no advertisements or pop-ups on the site.


movierulz alternative website 1337x

1337X is most popular torrent websites which ranked 2 in the top 10 most famous torrent sites in the year 2019.

1337x uses peer to peer file sharing with BitTorrent protocol and also provides a directory of magnet links as well as torrent files.

1337x is userfriendly and has a collection of Movies, Games, Softwares, Music, Documents, Music and much more. 

The Pirate Bay

movierulz proxy alternative website piratebay

The pirate bay which also known as TPB provides pirated magnetic links and torrent files. TBP has a very userfriendly interface.

TBP uses peer to peer file sharing methods with BitTorrent protocol. The site has a lot of popup ads and is ranked as the 3rd most popular torrent site across the globe the year 2019.

This website is blocked in many countries by the ISP or the regional governments.

 Lime Torrent:

movierulz alternative site limetorrents

Lime torrent is one of the most popular torrent websites at present times where you can get premium content for free.

This torrent website gets around a million traffic per day and is created to share torrent files.

Many people started to use the proxy site of lime torrent because the governments across the world have started to block their main websites due to its popularity. 


Movierulz alternative 123movies

123movies is one of the many popular movie streaming websites available online.

Motion pictures have quoted 123movies as the most popular illegal site in 2018. The main website is taken down by the authorities in the year 2019 but still, there are many clone websites available.

123movies have also launched another site in 2017 which is explicitly for anime content.

MPAA has listed 123movies as the most popular illegal site in the world in the year 2017.

This website has traffic of around 98 million visitors per month and is the most popular illegal streaming website in the US.

MovieRulz FAQ’s

What is MovieRulz?

 Movierulz is a public torrent website where you can stream and download Movies illegally. 

Is it illegal to use MovieRulz?

Yes, it is an illegal website as it provides pirated video content which is against the law in many countries. one can get punished if caught surfing or streaming from the illegal websites.

Is MovieRulz a safe site?

No, torrent based websites are not at all safe. In a way, your pc may get infected by virus/Malware and if you are caught by the authorities, you may end up in jail.

Has MovieRulz been shut down?

Yes, the main website of MovieRulz has been taken down by the government in many countries.


we hope this article has been helpful to you on how to unblock MovieRulz and also in finding some of the working proxy sites.

We will keep updating our proxy list regularly for your convenience.

In case if you have found any other proxy site that is not opening then do let us know about that website URL in the comment box below and also if you know any other alternatives other than the mentioned list let us know about those sites as well.

Feel free to share this post with your family and friends.

Disclaimer:  This article is for education purposes only. we do not encourage piracy.

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