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If you are searching for the proxy list of YTS Movies, then you have come to the right place where we are going to share all the list of YTS Movies proxy sites, and we update them on a regular basis.

About YTS Movies

YTS Proxy sites

As we all know that the YTS is one of the most popular torrent website which provides high-quality movies with a 720p, 1080p, 2160p, 4k and also 3D quality resolution with very less file size which made the YTS YIFY Movies very popular among other similar torrent sites.

Its a peer to peer file sharing websites that used BitTorrent protocol which is taken down in the year 2015 and the founder of this website is Yiftach Swery.

There are many clone websites which claim that they are the original YTS movies websites.

This website provides movies, Best Web series, and many other forms of content. You can either download the movie or you can watch the film on this website, whichever is convenient for you.

YTS Has a very clean interface with an option to log in, and the best part is that you don’t have to login or register to watch anything on this website with no advertisement or pop-ups on the site.

This website is ranked as 268th most popular Torrent website among the world websites with a traffic of over 2 to 3 million per month.

  • It does not have any kind of intrusive ads
  • for each and every movie you are going to find the subtitles which are not possible with may other similar websites
  • People can download the movies in very less file size with high-quality resolution
  • It has sort YTS movies based on quality, Rating, etc…
  • Anyone from anywhere from the download can download anything from YTS on their devices.
  • Super clear user interface & userfriendly

Below we will find explain how to unblock the YTS movie’s website in 3 possible methods, and then we will share the YTS Proxy sites, and then at the end, we will also share the best alternatives for YTS Movies torrent sites.

List of YTS Proxy List

What to do if any of the proxy site is not working?

If any of the YTS Proxy sites are not working then we suggest that you either try another proxy website or you can simply follow our unblock method which we have mentioned below this list.

This list of YTS Proxy sites will be updated regularly. If you found nay Proxy site not working then please let us know about that via the below comment section.

NoYTS Proxy sitesStatusSpeed
1YTS Proxy 1WorkingV. Fast
2YTS Proxy 2WorkingV. Fast
3 Fast
4YTS Proxy 4WorkingV. Fast
5 Fast
6 Fast
7 Fast
8YTS Proxy 8WorkingV. Fast
9YTS Proxy 9WorkingV. Fast
10 Fast
11YTS Proxy 11WorkingV. Fast
12 Fast
13YTS Proxy 13WorkingV. Fast
14YTS Proxy 14WorkingV. Fast
15YTS Proxy 15WorkingV. Fast
16 Fast
17YTS Proxy 17WorkingV. Fast
18YTS Proxy 18WorkingV. Fast
19YTS Proxy 19WorkingV. Fast
20YTS Proxy 20WorkingV. Fast
21 Fast
22 Fast
23 Fast

How to download movies using YIFY Torrents?

  • First of all open any of the above YTS proxy site from the above link using a VPN browser extension or software.
  • Make sure you are using a VPN for safety.
  • Now search for the movie you want to download into your PC/Mobile/Laptop.
  • When you open the movie, it will show you three options one is a direct download and the other two options are 720p or 1080p
  • select whichever you want to download using torrent software or you can even download the movies directly without the need of torrent software.

YTS Proxy Unblock Method:

There are three methods to unblock any website that is either blocked by your internet service provider or by your government. Al you have to do is have to do is do an extra set like the methods shared below.

YTS Ublock Via TOR Browser:

tor browser

As you all know, the tor browser is one of the safest browsers to stay unknown on the internet. This browser helps you in surfing the web without exposing your IP address.

Thus, with the help of this browser, you can actually unblock any website that is blocked by your government or by your ISP.

Most of the time, this browser is used by people who are hackers or government officials and people who don’t want to expose their IP address.

YTS Movies Unblock via Proxy Sites:

web proxy

There are many proxy websites available online and which you can use to unblock any website. A proxy website is a website that acts as a mediator between you and the website which you want to access and helps to open the blocked site.

How to use Proxy Websites to unblock YTS Movies

  • First of all, select any of the below-listed proxy sites and opened in your browser’s new tab.
  • Now it will show you an address bar where you have to enter the URL of that website.
  • Once you have entered the Url now select the server whichever you want
  • After selecting the server, click on the button Search/Enter/Go whichever you find. Each website has a different interface & button.
  • That’s it one you have entered; then it will open the website which is blocked by your government or by your ISP. Its that simple.
Proxy SitesClick Here
HidesterClick Here
KproxyClick Here
HideClick Here
Hide My AssClick Here

YTS Unblock Via VPN


VPN is nothing but virtual private network software or a browser extension which is available in both free and paid versions

If you are using a PC/Laptop then download a VPN extension and if you or on Mobile then download the VPN app and enable the available country and open your browser enter the website you want to access.

Below we have mentioned one of the below VPN available online, which you can buy at a meager price.

If you are using IOS Device then Check Here to download one of the best VPN

YTS Alternatives

YTS Alternative 1337X

1337x home page

1337X is one of the most popualr torrent website among mobile users. It is listed as one of the top 10 torrent websites available online with an estimated traffic of 3 to 4 million.

This website became popular after the downfall of Kickass torrents and it has all kinds of content like movies, Web series, Software, Games, Music, and many others.

The main website is actually blocked in many countries and we have shared some of the best working 1337X Proxy websites which are fast and working.

YTS Movies Alternative Kickass / KAT


Kickass is one of the most popular websites available online and it is listed as one of the most popular websites in the world until the main website is blocked all over the world.

This website was available in more than 40 different languages and it now has many proxy websites. We have listed some of the Kat proxy sites which are working and very fast.

YTS Torrents Alternative Piratebay

the pirate bay home page

the pirate bay also known as TPB which is one of the most popular torrent sites and raked as 2nd most popular torrent sites in the year 2019. in 2009 the founder of this torrent site was found guilty and was in prison for a year.

After the site was blocked so many new The pirate bay proxy sites came into existence. This torrent site has all kinds of content like movies, TV Shows, We series, Software, Music, etc…


What is YTS YIFY Movies?

YTS YIFY is a movie torrent site which provides high-resolution content in less file size.

Can you find HD movies in YTS website?

Yes the specialty of this website is HD quality in very less file size

Is YTS Legal?

Yes it is. its a torrent website which provides piracy content that is illegal according to governments all over the world.

Is YTS Lt Safe?

No it is not safe to use. You way get lots of pop up’s and what every you download many contain any form of hackable stuff and in various countries accessing illegal website or downloading/ watching piracy content is prohibited and that may lead you to legal procedings.

Which is the original YTS sites

There are many websites which claim they are the original YTS movies torrent downloading websites but in the year 2015 the original YTS website has been shut down by the MPAA

Does YTS have virus

Yes You may get it in one way or the other.

Why YTS is not banned

YTS is banned in the year 2015 and there are many YTS proxy websites which clam they are the origial websites.

Is downloadeding from YTS Legal?

Yes and it may lead you to jail.

Can you goto jail for torrenting

Yes and each country has different rules so do google about your countries piracy rules.


We hope that all the YTS proxy websites which we have provided are all working and in case if you found any that is not working then please follow any of the unblock method which we have shared or simply you can try to access with another proxy domain.

If you know any other proxy domain then feel free to share that with us and feel free to share this post with your friends & family members who are looking for YTS Movies Proxy website.

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