EZTV Proxy: Best Working EZTV Proxy sites list & EzTV Alternatives 2021

EZTV Proxy sites

Well, If you are searching for the EzTV proxy sites or mirror sites then you have come to the right place.

Unfortunately, the main website was taken down and People are accessing this website via proxy or main site.

but finding these sites are really difficult and we have very less site here in the below list.

We will be actually identifying these blocked sites and replacing them with the working ones.

by the time you click on the below proxy site, many will be down and many will be identified by your ISP and it may be blocked.

so if you find any such site then do let us know. so that we will replace it with another mirror site.

What is EzTV

extv proxy site

As you know EZTV is one of the most popular websites available online for TV shows, season torrents.

One of the best features of EzTV is that they only seed the series that are popular and do not seed which has very seeds.

Also, they have a community forum where you can discuss the topics and also you can request if something is not available.

Accourting to torrent freak they are ranked as one of the most popular web series download torrent sites available online in the year 2014.

The website design looks outdated and in 2014 their servers went down at the time of the pirate bay raid.

Now a days they are switching between domains due to the domain registrar pressure. In the list of top 10 most famous torrent website, this website ranks in the 9th place.

Because of the popularity of the EZTV all over the world, it has been shut down and many of its EzTV proxy sites have been blocked in many countries.

but still, there are many EzTV mirror sites available and every day a new proxy site born and one gets down and there also there are methods to use these block sites based on country with the help of few proxy sites & VPN’s.

I case if you do not know about Torrents then do check our Torrent Beginner guide for easy understanding.

NOTE: The use of this website is punishable in many countries and we do not recommend using this site for piracy content. this website is for educational purposes only. 

Below is the list of EZTV Proxy & Mirror sites through which you can use EzTV.

Working EzTV Proxy & Mirror Sites 2021

No.EZTV Proxy/Mirror SiteSpeedStatus
1 https://eztv-torrent.com/Very SpeedWorking
2 Unblocktorrent.com/eztv Very Speed Working
3 Eztv.red Very Speed Working
4 Freeanimesonline.com Very Speed Working
5 Freeproxy.io Very Speed Working
6 Siteget.net Very Speed Working
7 Sitenable.info Very Speed Working
8 https://eztv.123unblock.fun/ Very Speed Working
9 https://eztv.free-mirror.xyz/ Very Speed Working
10 Eztv1.unblocked.wtf/ Very Speed Working
11 Eztv.unblockall.org Very Speed Working
12 Eztv.unblocked.pet Very Speed Working
13 Eztv.unblocked.llc/ Very Speed Working
14 Eztv1.unblocked.ms/ Very Speed Working
15 Filesdownloader.com Very Speed Working
16 Sitenable.co Very Speed Working

If any of the above proxy sites are not working then do let us know about it in the below comment box. we will check that mirror site and replace that with any other available EZTV mirror site. Make sure to check that the website is also not working with the help of a VPN.

How to use EzTV Proxy Sites if it is blocked in your country?

Whenever a website is blocked by your service provider or within your country you can still access that website with the help of VPN tools that are available both in Paid & free version.

using eztv with vpn

In case if you need a premium VPN then consider the below Norton VPN which is one of the best available online at a reasonable price

  • Now after downloading the VPN, Simply double click on that software and it will ask to install the VPN.
  • Now click on the run button and click on install and it will start installing. Once the install process is done. It will automatically open and you will see a start button. Simply click on that and your VPN will change your IP address to some other location.
  • Now go to your browser and open any of the blocked EzTV poxy sites and start watching whichever the show you want.

If you are fed up with using limited VPN then do follow the below method to watch without any distraction and with no VPN

Use EzTV Mirror/Proxy Sites without VPN

If you are using a free version of VPN then you will know that there are not many countries available in that free version and most of the time even if you find one they will be getting disconnected frequently or you are running out of the limited data and when it comes to the paid version they are going to be very expensive.

I have a method where you can watch anything from anywhere without using a VPN with the help of a browser.

So you need to download a browser which again acts as a VPN which keeps you anonymous. Most of the time this browser is frequently used by Hackers.

using eztv with tor browser

This browser is available in all platforms like Windows, Linux, Android & IOS. You can download on whichever platform you want. This will run on with on random location and you will not get any problem using this browser.

Once the browser is successfully installed then open any of your ISP blocked EZTV site and start watching the stuff you want.

EzTV Alternatives

There are many alternatives for EzTv and also most of them are also facing IPS blocks or the domain register blocks. So if you find anything like blocked in your country in the below list then i do suggest to use a VPN & use the TOR Browser to access these websites.

These are all similar to the EZTV where you can download or watch your fav tv show or any other which you like. These are perfectly opening and if your ISP blocks any of the above-listed sites then use the methods which I have mentioned above.

Final Words:

I hope this list of proxy & mirror sites have helped you to use the EzTV.

If you found any link which is not working then do let us know about it and we will try to find which is working and we will replace that link with a nonworking link.

Before you comment I suggest you please try to open the site with the help of a VPN or via TOR browser and then once conformed then do let us know about it in the below comment section.

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