Yes Movies Proxy: Working Yesmovies Proxy & Mirror Sites 2021

Yes movies proxy

Yes movies proxy: Hello people welcome to techy Guide if you are searching for some fo the proxy sites of Yes Movies then you have come to the right place.

Here we are going to share Yes movies proxy sites list, Yes movies mirror sites, 3 methods for working yes movies unblock methods, and also some of the best yesmovies alternatives.

About Yes movies:

yesmovies proxy website home page

yes movies are one of the most popular torrent video streaming websites this website shares all kinds of video content like movies, web series, tv shows, and many more.

It is founded in the year 2016 and became popular after the block on 123movies. It has the best user-friendly interface and the latest movie collections from all over the world.

Yesmovies pros

  • user-friendly interface
  • latest movie collections
  • huge collection of tv shows, latest movies, web series etc…
  • each movie will have the IMDB rating

Yes movies Proxy list

if any of the below-listed yesmovies proxy torrent websites is blocked in your country by your ISP then make sure you check our 3 unblock methods to access the blocked website. and always use a VPN to access any torrent website

yesmovies proxy
No.YesMovies proxyStatusSpeed
1 Fast
2 Fast
3 Fast
4 Fast
5 Fast
6 Fast
7 Fast

Also check other torrent sites

Yes Movies unblock methods

Not just yes movies but You can unblock any website using these three methods. even if you have a proxy website that is working in your country make sure you follow any of these below listed menthods to be on safe side from your governemnt. it is illegal in many countries.

Unblock via VPN


A VPN is nothing but virtual private network which comes in the form of software or browser extension. With the help of VPN you can actually unblock any blocked website at the same time your your online identity will not be revealed.

Most of the time people who want to stay ananomus use this while surfing the internet. If you have one then you can unblock this website and if you don’t have then download from the below or you can also use browser extension.

But make sure you use one while surfing any torrent website which provides illegal stuff to stay hidden while accessing the torrent sites.

Unblock via web proxy

web proxy

Web proxy is a website which help you in opening a blocked website. There are many website on the internet which are free to use.

All you have to do is simply open the proxy website and enter the website you want and it will open it for you.

If it failed to open the website then try accessing the website using different coy try server. But the only problem with these sites are speed.

Most of them have very little speed. Below we have listed some of re best web proxy sites list to unblock the blocked website.

Proxy sitesClick Here
HidesterClick Here
KproxyClick Here
Hide.meClick Here
Hide my assClick Here

Unblock via Tor browser

tor browser

The Tor Browser is a browser that is used to surf the internet without revealing your identity. It uses a series of proxies while accessing a website that helps you to stay anonymous.

This website can actually help you access the blocked website.

This browser is mostly used by top-level officials and by hackers. This is the free Brower and you can download it in a single click.

This browser is available for both mobile and for PC/laptop users. below we have given the android tor browser direct download from playstore.

YesMovies Alternatives

here we are sharing some of the similar websites to yes movies that provide movies, tv shows, and web series.

All most all the main websites which are mentioned below are blocked in many countries and the only way to access this website is by using proxy sites that are available and accessible.

we have each torrent site proxy website and we update the proxy list regularly.



Putlocker is a video steaming website that hosts movies and tv shows for free. this website is founded in the year 2011 in the united kingdom.

Putlocker became very famous after the shutdown of of of the most popular torrent site update in those days.

accouring to alexa ranking putlocker is ranked as most visited website with a traffic of 1 million users per day. in the year 2016 uk high court blocked hte website.

this website is one of the best alternatives to yes movies and yes putlocker has many proxy sites.



123movies is one of the most popular website torrent website which shares movies, web series and tv shows for free.

this website is launched in the year 2015 in Vietnam. the main website has been shut down in recent days but still, there are many 123movies proxy sites that are offering the same and this is one of the best alternatives for yes movies.



YTS is one of the most popular torrent websites in the world. in the year 2020, it is ranked as the most popular torrent website because it shares high-quality videos in very less download size so this made yts very popular.

the main website has been blocked in many countries and there are many yts proxy sites on the internet available.



Fmovies is again a popular torrent site that shares pirated videos for free. this website has become very popular and it is now blocked in many countries like Australia, UK, USA, India. there are many fmovies proxy websites available.

YesMovies FAQ’s

What is Yesmovies?

yesmovies is an illegal video streaming website that provides all kinds of video content for free with an option to download or watch online.

Can we find HD Movies on Yesmovies?

Yes, Yes movies provides all kinds of video content in high resolution.

 Do I need to pay to download movies from Yesmovies?

No, Yesmovies is a free website. You do not have to pay for anything. Apart from that, Yesmovies provide a plethora of options to choose from. So, you can easily access some of their latest releases without any hassle.

How to download movies on Yesmovies?

Now that you know all the information regarding Yesmovies, the next thing is the process of downloading movies or other video content from this website. This process is possibly the easiest that you could do. Besides the fact that they have video content arranged neatly in categories which you can randomly select and download. They even have a generalised search bar that allows its users to download the movie or other video content without asking any further questions.

For this, all you have to do is, select your preferred movie that you wish to download. Now click on the download button that is visible below the movie name. 

Since it does not redirect or have any disruptive pop-up ads, the movie will start downloading right away. It is another reason why Yesmovies is such a sought-after movie downloading website.

Is Yesmovies legal?

No, Yesmovies is illegal beacuse it provides pirated video content


We hope that you found some working yesmovies proxy sites list along with yesmovies unblock methods. we have also sharewd you some of the best yesmovies alternatvies along with there proxies.

If you found any proxy site that is not working then please let us know about that so that we will replace that with a new working site. even tho we regularly check and update the site but still if you found then please inform us.

Feel free to share this post with your friends and family members who are searching for some torrent sites.

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