Top 10 most popular Torrent sites in 2021

most popular Torrent sites

After so many years of in the position of 1. pirate bay is no longer in the 1st position. YTS has overtaken pirate bay in terms of traffic and it is one of the most popular websites in the world now in 2019.

After YTS the second position is to take by 1337X and then comes the Pirate bay 3rd position. These stats are based on the TorrentFreak ranking which took according to Alexa rank which I personally do not take seriously but it’s good to understand website traffic.

Below we are going to list the top 10 most popular torrent sites which are available in the world and also check our Torrent Beginner Guide

What is a torrent site?

Torrent sites are the sites which provide all kind of files like movies, software, etc. These websites provide pirated content where every day millions of people from all over the world visit these sites to download something. Every day a new torrent site raises and some shutdown.

In most countries, these sites are in the blocked list or they are going to be blocked. In simple words, you are going to find all kinds of paid stuff for free in the form of Cracks. There are many proxy sites available for each main website. these proxy websites born when the main domain is blocked in your country.

There are many torrent sites available online but below we are presenting the most popular ones based on the Alexa traffic ranking. Co simply follows the below list to know what are those top 10 torrent sites. We have a separate for a torrent site where we share the working proxy sites and how to use these sites safely without exposing your IP address.


10 Most Visited Torrent sites


Image Source: WIKIPEDIA

YTS or YTFY torrents is a peer to peer release groups where you will find many numbers of movies listed as free downloads which can be downloaded with the help of BitTorrent. YTS became popular because of there HD Quality print is very less file size.

This website is founded in 2010 and name after the owner Yiftach Swery. You can download anything from this website for free and you do not need to even register. This website has an Alexa ranking of about 217


1337X home page
Image Source: WIKIPEDIA

1337X is the second most popular torrent site which provides all kinds of files like movies, software, music, etc. This website is started in the year 2007 and became popular after the shutdown of popular torrent site Kickass torrents.

In the year 2016, this site is now the second most popular site in the world and uses peer to peer file sharing methods under BitTorrent protocol. There are many 1337x proxy sites available on the internet & The official website has an Alexa ranking of about 348 and it is blocked in most of the countries.


the pirate bay home page
Image Source: How stuff works

TPB as known as The pirate bay is one of the most popular websites which in know back in olden days. this torrent website offers people to download digital content like software & media. this website is found in the year 2003 and uses peer to peer file sharing among users of BitTorrent protocol.

In the year 2009, the owners of this website found guilty and sentenced to 1 year in jail. The official website has an Alexa ranking of about 169 and it is available in 35 different languages


RARBG homepage
Image Source: WIKIPEDIA

RARBG is the 4th most popular torrent website in the world and it is founded in the year 2008. this website provides magnetic links & torrent files and uses peer to peer file sharing using the BitTorrent protocol like all other torrent sites.

This website is blocked in many countries and there are many RARBG Proxy sites available on the internet. This website has a traffic of around 300k per day and Alexa traffic of about 347.


torrentz2 homepage

torrentz is the fifth most popular torrent site and its a torrent meta-search engine. this website is found in the year 2003 by an individual whose name is flippy and its the second most popular website in 2012.

This website is operated for 13 years and it was finally shut down in the year 2016 with a message “Torrentz will always love you. Farewell.” The unofficial torrentz2 is now launched with 60 million torrents. This torrentz2 has an Alexa rank of 498.


NYAA home page

Nyaa Torrents is one of the most popular torrents in East Asia as it mainly allows users to download anime content. It has one of the largest anime dedicated torrent indexes. in the year 2011, some of the nyaa torrent users are targeted for copyright infringements and this site has the biggest DDoS attack in the year 2014.

In the year 2017 Nyaa ranked as 1000th most popular website on the internet and it has many Nyaa proxy websites as well. It now has a 713 Alexa ranking and the main site is working in most of the countries without any blocks. This website is launched in the year 2005 and running without any issue.


limetorrents homepage

Lime Torrent is one of the fastest-growing torrent sites and it has many official & unofficial proxy sites. it has a very userfriendly home page and the present Alexa rank of this website is 962 and it offers movies, Softwares, Anime and other stuff and you can use magnet links or torrent files to download. this uses peer to peer file sharing methods with BitTorrent protocol.


ZOOQLE home page

Zooqle is the 8th most popular torrent website available on the internet and its a peer to peer file sharing network which uses BitTorrent protocol. this site openly says that its the alternative site if bitsnoop which was shut down in the year 2017. it has an Alexa ranking of about 1752 and its one of the fastest-growing.


eztv home page

Eztv is one of the most popular and fastest-growing torrent sites which is founded in the year 2005 it offers torrent index and magnet links. this torrent site is founded after the disappearance of the popular site TVTorrent & Btefnet. There are many EZTV Proxy sites on the internet and it has an Alexa ranking of 1950 and its in the 9th position in our list.



Torrents Download is the 10th most popular torrent site and the design of this site looks very good and it is userfriendly. This site is slowly gaining popularity among the torrent users and the keyword name in their domain name. In the upcoming days, this may come on the top of the list.


I hope you now know the top 10 most visited torrent sites on the internet from all over the world. the source of this most popular torrent site is from TorrentFreak which is based on Alexa ranking. Let know which of these above-listed sites you know and which are blocked in your country. Free free to share your experience with these top torrent sites list.

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