Kickass Unblocked: KAT Proxy & Mirror Sites [Alternatives]


Kickass Torrents: If you are searching for Kickass Proxy websites then you have come to the right place. We will also share some of the best methods for Kickass unblock.

As you know kickass torrents in one of the most popular torrent sites is in the world with an average of 1 million users per day in the year 2015.

The main website of kickass has been blocked by the US agencies and there are many KATProxy websites available with the same design of Kickass torrents.

It is blocked in many countries and you can use KAT unblocked methods to unblock & access kickass so simply follow the below steps and use the KAT website.

About Kickass Torrent

Torrents are one world’s most popular torrent website and it is also known as KAT.

It is launched in the year 2008 and it provides torrent file directories using the peer to peer file sharing method with the help of BitTorrent protocol.

This website is available in 30 different languages and in the year 2014, this website has crossed the pirate bay torrent site and became the world’s most popular torrent website.

In 2005 the main domain has been seized by the US government and went offline on 20 July 2016. by Dec 2016 the other staff members of KAT have revived the website with multiple websites.

kat proxy – Kickass Proxy sites list

below image is the home page of kickass torrents and all the KAT proxy sites are similar to this home page as well.

kat proxy home page
NoKAT Proxy sitesStatusSpeed
1 fast
2 very fast
3 very fast
4 very fast
5 very fast
6 Working very fast
7 very fast
8 Working very fast
9 Working very fast
10 very fast
11 very fast
12 very fast
13 very fast
14 very fast
15 very fast
16 very fast
17 very fast
18 very fast
19 very fast
20 very fast
21 very fast
22 very fast
23 very fast
24 https://kickass-torrents.xyzWorking very fast

kat unblocked – KickAss Unblock Methods

You can unblock kickass torrent by following 3 methods and not only kick ass torrents but you can unblock any website that is blocked in your country by ISP. so simply follow the below KAT unblock methods and start kickass torrents website.



VPN is one of the best ways to surf the internet without revealing your identity and you can use this to unblock the websites which are blocked by your ISP. When you open a torrent website they will always ask you use a VPN to hide your identity at the time of downloading any file from the torrents. I also suggest you use a VPN while accessing the torrent website as well as while downloading. Also check different types of VPN

There are many countries who have blocked the proxy of Kickass and you can access with the help of VPN

Web Proxy

web proxy

A web proxy is a website which acts as a VPN and capable of opening the website from all over the world. there are many many web proxy sites available on the internet and you can use whichever you want. just by using this web proxy you can open any website that is blocked by your ISP. use these websites to hide your identity online and open blocked websites. and they are free.

Hide My Ass Web Proxy Click Here
K Proxy Click Here
Proxy Sites Click Here
Croxy Proxy Click Here
Free Proxy Click Here

Tor Browser:

tor browser

Tor browser is a web browser that is available for anyone to download for free. this browser is mainly used to hide your online identity and many people use this browser to access the dark web. using this browser you can unblock any website as well as you can even hide your identity. so dimply download your tor browser and start using kickass torrents proxy website.

Why you should use a VPN while downloading torrent files?

VPN is a must whenever you download anything from pirated content online because whenever you download a torrent file and start downloading the actual file you can actually see all the IP addresses of the seeders as well as of leechers.

Many corporate companies actually do hire people to find out the seeders & leechers’ IP addresses to file a legal complaint about downloading their product illegally so whenever you use a VPN people cannot find your actual IP address but a face one which is from somewhere on earth.

KickAss Alternatives:


1337x home page

At present 1337x is the second-largest torrent website available online and you can download anything you want from this website. it is similar to the KAT website and became popular after the ban of KAT torrents. this website also has many proxy websites and many ISP’s have already blocked the main website of 1337x. this website has a daily visit of about 500k for all its 1337x proxy sites combined.


RARGB Home page

RARBG is one of the most popular torrent websites after 1337x and this is website is widely popular as well. according to torrent freak, this website is ranked as the 4th most popular torrent site available online and it uses peer to peer file sharing methods. RARBG proxy offers a wide range of torrent files like movies, songs, apps, software and much more. it has a daily traffic of about 300k+ daily visitors per day.

Pirate Bay:

the pirate bay home page

Pirate Bay is one of the popular torrent sites after kickass torrents and its one of the oldest torrent website which is alive under proxies. this is very famous after the KAT and still working. this torrent has 100’s of proxy websites and many countries have already taken steps to block the pirate bay proxy websites too. every day new proxy websites come life and many get blocked by the ISP.

Other KAT Alternatives


What happened to kickass torrents

Kickass torrents also known as KAT has been blocked in most of the countries by the internet service provider because the website was providing the pirated content and because of its popularity governments have forced ISP to block the main domain of Kickass

How to use kickass torrent

Kickass torrents is a pirated content provider and it is illegal to use that website. If you still want to use then make sure you are using a VPN which helps you to surf the website without revealing your original IP address. We have shared 3 methods above which can also be used for safe surfing.

How to download from kickass

In most cases any torrent website offers two methods to download the content one is torrent which and the other is a magnetic link. with the help of a magnetic link, you can directly open your torrent downloading software and start downloading and with the help of torrent file you need to first download the torrent file then you have to open that torrent file on torrent software which will start downloading.

What is the new kickass site

We have listed some of the working new kickass torrent site above. Do check them.


I hope that you found the working kickass torrent website which are available online and also the method to unlock the blocked kickass torrent sites. please note that we are against pirated content and do not support downloading from these websites. feel free to share your experience with these kickass torrent unblock methods & proxy sites.


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