Vegamovies Proxy & Alternative Sites list 2021

Vegamovies Proxy: Vegamovies is known for leaking newly released video content such as movies, web series etc. This pirated site also provides international video content for its users. Leaving the movie/filmmakers with a huge loss due to piracy. 

Many administrators and creators have already raised a few allegations on such notorious streaming websites. But, this did not stop any pirated sites from emerging. 

 Vegamovies provides an array of video content such as web series, movies etc. You can even download the video content for offline streaming as well. You can stream any movie without having to spend a single penny.  

Vega movies have leaked a massive amount of Tamil and Telugu films on-line. You will be able to find any new release on this website right after its release at the box office. All the video content available on this site are of HD quality ranging from 360p up to 720p and more.  

Vega movies have not only leaked Telugu and Tamil movies but it has also leaked movies in languages like English, Kannada, Malayalam and Marathi. This is one of the primary sites that have video content in Marathi.  

vegamovies Proxy

some of the latest movies you can watch and download on Vegamovies are as follows:

  1. Madam Chief Minister (2021)
  2. Sandeep Aur pinky faraar (2021)
  3. Justice League (2021)
  4. Mosagallu (2021)
  5. Wild Dog (2021)
  6. Raya and the last dragon (2021)
  7. Wanda vision (2021)
  8. Roohi (2021)
  9. The Mauritanian (2021)
  10. 1962: The war in the Hills (2021)

Vegamovies site unblock method

If at all come across a website link that is blocked in your country or by the internet service provider and wish to unblock that site, make sure to follow any of these 3 below given methods where we have explained how you can unblock any site.

1. Tor Browser


Tor Browser is one of the most well-known browsers available on the internet, especially among hackers. With this browser, it is easy to hide your online identity. In simple words, Tor will help you stay anonymous while you are online. Not just that, Tor will help you in unblocking any site and have access to it without you having to reveal your online identity as well. 

Tor browser is available and is compatible with any smartphone, Windows as well as MAC devices. This browser is available on the internet for downloads free of charge.

2. VPN


VPN is also known as Virtual Private Network is undoubtedly one of the best things available on the internet. A good VPN service will help you stay anonymous by hiding your online identity such as your IP address. Besides, it gives you access to any website blocked in your country or by your internet service provider.  

You can both free and paid versions of VPN services online. Most of these free version may lack some features you get on the paid versions. We suggest you always use a good and authorized VPN service when using any torrent website.  

3. Web Proxy sites

web proxy

A proxy site is also a website that helps you have access to any site from a different server and country. You will be able to find many such free proxy sites on the internet.

Below we have gathered some of the best proxy sites available online. Know that a Proxy site will only help you in unblocking any website. It does not hide your online identity.

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How to download Movies from VegaMovies?

  • For this, you need to open the official vegamovies website first.
vegamovies download
  • Next, select or search the movie you wish to watch. Scroll down to locate the download links.
vegamovies verification
  • Clicking on any download link will redirect you to a completely different site where you will be asked to verify that you are a human. There click on I’m not a robot.
vegamovies download generate link
vegamovies download link
  • Next, right-click on Generate link. Again click on the Download links here. 
vegamovies server download link
  • You will be taken to a new window that says vmlinks that has all the download links from various sources. select any link to download the movie.
  • Finally, right-click on Click here to download. Your movie will start downloading immediately.

And that’s it!! You should be able to locate it on your system after a few minutes.

Be cautious when downloading movies from such torrent sites as these download links may also contain malware that can destroy your device. 

Vegamovies Alternative sites

There are an array of torrent sites available on the internet. Below are a few sites that work well:  

 All the content available on vegamovies includes:

  • Hollywood Movies
  • Tamil Dubbed Movies
  • Tamil Recent Updates
  • Marathi Movies
  • Web series
  • Kannada Movies
  • Hindi Dubbed movies
  • Telugu Movies
  • Tamil Movies

What size movies can be found on the Vegamovies site?

To meet the expectations of its users, the team of Vegamovies offers movies in various sizes. 

  • 300MB size movies
  • 400MB size movies
  • 600MB size movies
  • 1GB size movies

Vegamovies: content Format

Being one of the popular pirated sites, Vegamovies provides the facility to download any content in any format. 

  • DVDScr
  • CamRip
  • HDRip
  • Bluray
  • 360P
  • 480P
  • 720P
  • 1080P
  • MP4
  • MPEG


1. How quickly does Vegamovies release a brand new film?

When a brand new film is launched at the box office, you will be able to find them on this site mostly on the same day itself. User will be able to obtain hyperlinks from Vegamovies within the same day of the release itself. 

2. Is It Legal To Use Vegamovies? 

No, Vegamovies another torrent website among many other similar sites. A torrent site is never safe to use as they provide recently released video content through illegal practices. 

As per the Cinematograph Act approved in 2019, anyone caught recording a movie without the written consent of the producers or the movie officials can face a jail term of up to 3 years.

The is a definitive step taken by the Government to eradicate the piracy of films. If a person is proven to knowingly infringe and download a copyrighted movie from Vegamovies or any torrent site for that matter, then it would be considered to be a criminal act. 

In short, if you are caught, you will be penalized or even suffer imprisonment.

3. Is it safe to download movies from vegamovies?

No, Vegamovies is an illegal site that uploads movies and other video content. In a way, it is considered theft as all the content present on this site is not their original content and infringes the copyright act. 

Piracy is considered a felony in many countries across the world. Downloading movies from such pirated sites may land you in jail or would end up you paying a hefty fine. 

4. How do I unblock vegamovies?

If vegamovies is blocked in your country, then we have got you covered as there are certain ways you can unblock this site. 

If you wish to unblock vega movies then the only solution is to use an authorised VPN service. A good VPN service will help you unblock any website and also help you hide your online identity.

When we say it hides your online identity it means that a VPN will show a fake IP address or different country’s address instead of your original IP address.  

If you do not wish to use a proxy site that acts similar to the original site then VPN is what you should consider using. By using a VPN service you will be able to unblock any site blocked by your country’s government or by your internet service provider. 

Not just that, you will have complete access to Vegamovies even if it is blocked in your country. If proxies do not go well with you then this is the only way to have access to the original site. 

5. How can you stay safe on vegamovies?

Like we have mentioned before, there are 2 ways you can stay safe when surfing through vegamovies. One is to use Tor browser and the other is to use an authorised VPN service. 

Tor browser gives its users anonymous access to the internet. This means it helps you have access to a blocked website as well. 

As we discussed before a good VPN service will help you have access to any blocked website while hiding your original IP address. 

Choose whichever of these two methods is suitable for you when using vegamovies or any pirated site.

6. Are there any chances of getting caught while using vegamovies with a VPN?

Yes, One can still get caught even if they are using a VPN. There are chances of you getting caught even after using a good VPN. A VPN will only help you minimize the chances of getting caught.

The reason why we suggest you use a good VPN is it helps in minimizing the damage of getting caught especially when downloading or streaming copyrighted content from piracy website like vegamovies.

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We hope this article has been helpful to you. In this article, we discussed everything related to Vega movies. Make sure to use a good VPN service before using any piracy or torrent website to stay on the safe side.

If you have any queries related to this article, let us know in the comments below.

Feel free to share this article with your family and friends.

Disclaimer: The above information is for educational purposes only. We do not encourage piracy.  

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