10MB Games: 10 Best Android Games Under 10MB

10 mb games

10mb Games: In recent times games like Fortnite and pubg made hardcore gamers go gaga since these games offer incredible graphics and stunning visuals along with a smooth user interface, which made people who never played these kinds of games interest into it only to get succumbed into the game.

But not many people can afford smartphones from high-end brands, which requires you to sell your soul to get your hands on them, especially after the increase in GST.

Many of us prefer devices that are light on our wallets. As the saying goes, “everything comes with a price” these budget-friendly mobile devices lack storage space which is for daily usage only.

Most of your mobile applications keep getting updated every other week, which makes it impossible to download games with larger file sizes.

And if you are a gamer, who wants to play visually stunning games, that has intense graphics well they eat up more storage space which your device doesn’t have.

So to put an end to this frustration, android game developers have developed games that require less storage and RAM along with good quality visuals and graphics.

In this article, we will walk you through a list of android games that requires less storage space, 10MB to be precise.


Dr. Driving

Dr. Driving is a simple, relaxing and modern game for racing which is ideal for adventure game lovers. This game is just 9.5 MB in size.

It has some stunning graphics and is easy to play and very addictive at the same time.

The surprising part is this game allows you to play with other people which will enable you to race together in real-time just by connecting to their mobile device.

Game Theme:

All you need to do is to drive your vehicle without hitting any obstacles to the destination on the road.you can unlock multiple vehicles and choose between different game modes.

Make sure you don’t hit the sidewalk or else you’re busted!! The roads have sharp corners and narrow turns, to add more difficulty while playing.

The game rewards you if you exhibit excellent driving skills and complete missions on time.

Game Features:

  • It has a Multiplayer option.
  • Vintage and classic vehicles.
  • Various game modes.

If you are ready to show your excellent driving skills (at least on the virtual platform if not in real life), you can download it directly from the play store.

Unblock Me FREE

This game has about 50 million downloads on play store. It is an ideal game for people who like putting their monkey mind at work to help improve the brain development in kids many schools are opting for this game.

Anyone can play this game as it enhances cognitive abilities such as concentration and logical reasoning, which helps in keeping your mental health.

Game Theme:

In this Puzzle game, all you have to do is free the red block out of the board by moving the other blocks out of its way in fewer moves possible. Pretty simple right! You will not say this after playing the game.

Moreover, this game comes preloaded with four classic game modes: Relax Mode, Challenge Mode, Multiplayer Mode and Daily Puzzles Mode.

All of these modes include almost 16,200 puzzles in total, which is further divided into five difficulty levels. It is impossible to find a game with so many puzzles in a small APK size.

Game Features:

There are more exciting features to this game, and we have listed some of them below:

  • Sync progress: you can store your game progress by syncing it with your google play account all while playing on various devices.
  • Thousand’s of Game Puzzles: it has 16,200 puzzles to solve. (one has to come out of their grave to finish it, jk!)
  • Every time you are stuck with a puzzle, it will help you by giving hints as daily rewards.

Modern Sniper

What if we tell you that you can play some real action games in 10MB file size? Well, it is very much possible with this game.

While most of the Action games come with insane file sizes that range anywhere between 100 MB to 2GB this one is an exception.

This game has some excellent graphics and user interface, which makes it a perfect action game with a low storage size.

Game Theme:

It is a first-person shooter game that enables you can enjoy and feel the real action. All you need to do is the aim and shoot the criminals while walking through their bases.

Game Features:

  • This game has 50 missions with different themes to complete.
  • Realistic 3D graphics.
  • Six unique maps to play across.
  • You can choose an upgrade from different real-world weapons.


This is a unique arcade game with 3D visuals. The game size is under 10 MB and can be very addictive as it is a little confusing with simple control options.

You can find out the reason behind the confusion while playing the game.

Game Theme:

A 3D tile slides amidst some structures on a random path which you have to control. Sounds easy, right? Well, it is challenging, especially when you are trying to avoid the obstacles.

To add to the already challenging game, the tile gets cloned into multiple tiles and becomes tough to control all at the same time.

A single tap will make the tile to jump a bit, and a double-tap will make it climb even higher to avoid lengthy obstacles.

Game Features:

  • A wide selection of characters to unlock.
  • Individual animated trails for each character.
  • 100 different levels.

Crazy Racer 3D

Crazy Racer 3D is a 3D racing game that is similar to Asphalt with stunning 3D effects.

Game Theme:

it has 24 different race tracks, six different supercars, three game modes and a heap of customization, which also features an excellent game motif that helps you beat your competitor with energetic racing skills.

Game Features:

  • Plenty of customization.
  • Twenty-four race tracks, six different supercars, three game modes.

Racing Moto

This game is one of the best games under 10MB with amazing 3D graphics.you can use both bike and car to play.

Game Theme:

all you need to do is ride your bike at 250 KM/Hr to score higher on an endless road.tap on the screen to accelerate your vehicle and swap on your devices screen to control vehicle direction.

Game Features:

  • You will get to ride in beautiful locations.

Chain Reaction

This game keeps you hooked to it as it is very addictive. It is a multiplayer game under 10MB size.

Game Theme:

It is the best strategy game in which you have to eliminate your opponent’s orbs by taking control over the board.

Players are supposed to take turns to place their orbs in a cell. Once the cell reaches critical mass, the orbs explode into the surrounding cells, which adds an extra orb by claiming the cell for the player.

Game features:

  • Multiplayer game


2048 is a fun puzzle game that can also be very addictive.

Game Theme:

You have to join the numbered tiles by swiping them into the same numbered tile. These tiles merge into one, and the number on the tile gets multiplied.

To win the game, you have to keep combining the tiles till you get a 2048 tile. You can keep playing the game even after winning it.

Game Features:

  • You can undo your move many a time.


This is a color matching game that looks like a fusion of both Tetris and Connect-four.

Game Theme:

In this game, you need to match four or more same colored squares to empty the grid. You should stop the grid from filling for as long as you can.

New squares are added With every non-scoring attempt, so your goal should be to stop the grids from filling. You can unlock various achievements and levels while collecting points.

Devil Ninja 2

This is an arcade-style game

Game Theme:

All you need to do is task help the ninja complete missions. This game has over 50 challenging levels.

At each level of the game, you are asked to complete different tasks such as; tilt screen, move left or right, avoid flying darts, avoid obstacles, and many more.

You can collect coins, buy power-ups, and complete missions like an ace. This small game features up to 80 levels, which is quite surprising.

Game Features:

  • has 80 levels

These games sure are lightweight but never underestimate them as they give you ultimate enjoyable experience while playing.

We hope this article has helped you find out games that require less space and more instant gratification.

Feel free to write down your thoughts related to this article in the comment box below.

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