12 Best Folder Lock Software For Windows 10, 8, 7

Best Folder Lock Software For Windows 10: It is now easy to secure all your important files and folders such as audio files, documents, pictures and videos etc., wants to know how? Then read till the end to know some of the best folder lock software available for Pc.

Best folder lock software for windows

It can be quite confusing as there is a plethora of file lock software available for free on the internet. To make it easy for you, we have listed out some of the best folder lock software for windows that does the job well.

Below is a list of top 12 Free File and Folder Locker & best file hider for PC in no particular order.

12 Best folder lock software for windows 10, 8, 7 

1. Folder lock download for PC

If you are looking for a one-stop solution for password protecting and encrypting them, clear the history within minutes, backs up in real-time and shred files, then  Folder lock is the best option.

This software mainly developed and focused on AES encryption. Folder lock will help protect your external drive, USB flash drive, portable devices like CD/DVD and also wallets with chosen passwords. 

  • avoid entering various passwords for various files and set up a master password with this password-protected software
  • Folder lock works in stealth mode and saves passwords, details of your wallets and cards.
  • No issues of losing data as an automatic backup is set alongside this software.

2. 7 – Zip

With 7-Zip, a freeware, you can archive several files and folders. This folder lock software has ZipCrypto encryption in ZIP and 7Z formats, not even a hacker dare touch your data.

It comes backed up with a strong AES 256-bit encryption, probably the best method there is to secure data. This folder lock software is high on security and is one of the best folder lock software for windows 10.

  • Its password protection and strong 256-bit encryption features are unmatchable.
  • The folder protection software is available in 87 languages.

3. Iobit Protected Folder

Iobit protected folder has enhanced its product quality with Protected Folder. It has a simple interface and requires you to create a password and confirm it, to begin.

After that, all you have to do is drag your file or folders to keep them protected. Lock and exit, let this folder lock software take care of the rest.

  • With Iobit protected folder, your data will remain safe from malicious attacks or subjected spyware.
  • Available in more than 5 languages.
  • You can customize details like passwords, language, locking options, and much more.

4. Gilisoft File Lock Pro

Gilisoft File Lock Pro is a well-ordered file protection software that does help in hiding and locking your data. You can lock folders on the internal hard drive, USB drive, thumb drive, memory card, flash drive, and network drive.

All you need to do is add your private data into this folder lock for Windows 10 and click ”Lock.”

  • Gilisoft provides military-grade encryption, so you do not have to worry about malicious attacks and privacy leaks.
  • It is one of the best folder lock software for windows 10 and is available in 7 languages.
  • Alarms you if someone tries to enter your folder using a wrong password.

5. Anvi Folder Locker

Anvi is an amazing folder lock software that helps in protecting your data from prying eyes. You can add any number of files and folders. Surprisingly, there are no advertisements to disturb.

Some of its features include customizable features and also permission modifications. There are multiple locking options for every file and include variants like hidden, locked, read-only, unprotected, hidden and locked (access with password).

  • You can easily add and remove the files into the file folder locker software.
  • There is no limitation when it comes to the number of folders you wish to add in the file locker.

6. Secret Disk

The Secret disk is not only the best folder lock software for windows 10 but also separates a new disk space and locks it with a password. Isn’t it cool to have some extra space in your device which also remain hidden?

Keep one or more than one disk and mark it with the chosen alphabet to ease your comfort. Although it does not provide encryption features to the files, you can still lock them behind a safe password. 

  • If the power goes off, the disk becomes invisible automatically and locks itself
  • Free version boosts up a maximum of 3 GB space whereas the Paid version lets you create multiple hard drives.

7. Lock-A-Folder

Yet another password-protected software in our list of best folder lock software for windows 10. It will help secure your documents, pictures, videos or any file format for that matter.

You will require the key or password to have access to the hidden files. Although, this tool does not encrypt your data; it allows hiding the data behind the master password. Considering it has a simple user interface with no extra settings, it is suitable for all the beginners as well. 

  • It is compatible with hardware resources and does not hinder PC performance. 
  • This file locker does not much CPU time, as it perfectly settles in the computer space. 

8. Instant Lock

Instant Lock will justify its name by locking up all your documents and files in a short period. All you have to do is click on the Add, check the Settings, password to protect the files and you are good to go!

This software will retrieve the data if someone tries to uninstall. An authorizing password is required to move ahead.  

  • Your data will remain protected with a secured lock in case your device gets stolen. 
  • With the help of Instant Lock, your folders are secured in CD, USB, Network devices or more.

9. Protect Folder

Another upgraded version of folder lock software for Windows 10 is Protect Folder. It encrypts all your files and also helps in saving them in external drives as well. Protect folder helps in creating a private folder and close it with a strong password.

All you need to do is plug in the USB or hard drive on other desktop and log-in with the decryption key or password, and your files will become accessible.

It is undoubtedly one of the best Folder lock software for windows 10.

  • Your data will be secured, with its encryption feature.
  • Another feature is its emergency Lock, that locks all the folders with the help of one hot-key.
  • There is a time-out feature that locks files automatically after a certain period.

10. Lock & Hide

Lock & Hill does the job in hiding a private folder on your pc, without giving the slightest idea to anyone.

Stealth mode completely hides your data securely, and the best part is you can keep adding as many folders as you wish. If you uninstall Lock & Hide by any reason, data will remain itself locked inside.

  • Press Ctrl + Shift + Alt + H to hide all the folder in one go
  • Press Ctrl + Shift + Alt + S to show all the folders all at once.

11. WinMend Folder Hidden

WinMend Folder Hidden is a Freeware that will help to quickly hide all system files and working on into removable devices as well. Most importantly, the data is protected securely without giving access to any third-party software or operating systems. 

12. Private Folder – hide and password-protect folders

A private folder, another freeware that hides and locks any specified folder set with a password. Also, it has an option to reset the lock automatically.

This folder lock software is available and supports both 32-bit and 64-bit Windows operating systems


1. How Do I Make A Folder Password Protected on Windows 10?

Password protection in windows comes in handy whenever you wish to keep a folder private. If you are looking for a more secure way to protect your data, then file and folder lock software is the best option.

You can choose one of the many best folder lock software for windows 10 we have mentioned in this article. 

2. Does Windows 10 Have Bitlocker?

Unfortunately, there is no Bitlocker to lock folders on windows 10. Bitlocker is available to be used in both Windows 10 Pro and Windows 10 Enterprise variants. Other versions of Windows 10 lets you hide the folder from explorer.

3. What Does Encrypting Do?

Encryption is the conversion of something to code or symbols which only people with a secret key or decryption key or password can read it. It is the technique popularly used to secure the data or files from unwanted access.

It is now easy to lock files and folder on your Pc with the help of the file and folder lock software.


We hope this article has been helpful to you. In the above article, we have gathered a list of some of the best folder lock software for windows that will help secure your data.

All folder software mentioned in this article has a simple interface and does not reveal any of the information of your data when uninstalled.

Remember, not each one of these mentioned folder lock software has a data encryption feature, so choose the one that suits your situation.

If you have any queries related to this article, let us know in the comment section below. Feel free to share this post with your family & friends. 

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