How to locate spyware on Android? 2021

Locate spyware on Android

Locate spyware on Android: With so many hackers constantly setting traps, it becomes difficult to know what type of hacking method they are using to hack your device.

Although hackers mostly attack government organizations or big corporate companies, it will only be foolish if you think they won’t hack your devices. 

While there are many applications on the play store, most of these either does not work or loaded with ads. Although some do a decent job in finding spyware, it is hard to find a good application.  

Everybody wants their data to be safe. Various apps detect spyware available on the play store and also the internet for this purpose. Hackers will be able to locate spyware on Android, this will destroy devices with malicious viruses and attacks. 

Here, we will also discuss Android spy App file names and Android spyware file names.

We will share with you all the relevant information that will help you remove or get rid of spyware apps using various methods that will help you safeguard your phone.  

How you can detect Hidden Spyware on Android?

Below are some ways to identify or find any hidden spyware present on your android. 

1. Abnormal Battery Draining

Here is how to find a spy app on Android which concerns your device’s battery.

  • In case, if your mobile phone is experiencing excess battery drainage, in a half-hour or less time. Then there are chances of hidden spyware present on your phone.
  • Secondly, smartphone spy Apps are too heavy and also consume a lot of space causing them to drain a lot of energy. 

2. Weird Phone Behaviour

If your smartphone is acting up weird lately then there are chances of spyware present on your Android device. For instance, if your phone shuts down automatically and repeatedly, or vibrates occasionally then there are chances of spy apps present on your device. 

Also, if you find any other Apps installed on your device which is not downloaded by the user. Then there may be a case where you are trying to uninstall a certain App but, fails to do so. 

Mostly you will experience this behaviour on your device when there is any spy apps malware present on your phone. This may be one of the solutions to the question; how to find spyware on Android?

3. Repeated reboots

People who tend to attack or hackers will be able to locate spyware on Android OS easily.

  • Your android device may work perfectly but shutdowns time and again. 
  • Most of the time Spy Apps malware shows this kind of behaviour.
  • It is one of the easiest ways on how to find a spy app on Android?

4. Distortion during voice calls

This is one of the indications on how to find hidden spy Apps on Android. These spy apps may create strange noises during phone calls. Here are some of the things you need to observe to find if there are Android spy App file names in your smartphone.

  • You may hear a beeping sound during a phone call. There is a probability that your call is being recorded.
  • If you have never thought of this, try making a call and observe if there is any sort of distortion during a voice or phone call.
  • You can even compare by calling on the same number from different mobile (and different SIM) to detect a cell phone spyware App.

How does spyware get on Android?

Hidden spyware may get installed on your device without your acknowledgement or user authorization. This may cause a serious threat to your security. Above we have mentioned how to detect spyware on Android. From here onwards we will discuss how spyware paves its way into your device. 

1. Through Online Downloads

This is probably one of the major reasons that users download various files through the internet. Some software may carry Android spyware file names within their files. When you accidentally install the software, phone spy apps get automatically downloaded. 

In many scenarios, these Android spy App file names are masked as beneficial App to the user. So without any further search or knowing that App or file name, users download it. Spy apps malware may get installed when you download the following

  • When you install Toolbars and Browser extensions from unknown third-party Apps or sites.
  • Spyware may get installed Via video players
  • Most of these spyware apps display the label “FREE”. Many Android spy App file names are encapsulated within Apps to be downloaded.
  • Unauthorized Antivirus Apps also one of the reasons for malicious spyware apps.

The above-mentioned downloads may not be of any advantage to the user. Their only purpose is to install spyware on your Android devices. Novice users, or any other user who has no idea of spyware, end up being the easy victims. Most of these novice users have no idea, how harmful this spyware could be.

Once, Android spyware is downloaded to android OS, it is nearly impossible to get rid of or delete the spyware. At times even factory reset may not do much as spy Apps still might be present.

2. Links, Mails & Texts

You may have received some weird messages and emails that contain a malicious link. Make sure you never click on these links and delete all such messages and emails. This is the most recommended way to get rid of any spyware. 

Phishing is most probably targeted towards novice users. The messages are composed in a way that attracts the users easily. These messages may look like offering a free meal or by saying you won 10,000 PKR. Nevertheless, they will ask for bank details or money. Do not provide your details to any such messages or emails. This may result in you getting bankrupt.

3. Spyware Activation

If you are already aware of how you can remove spyware from your device, then we would like to add some more information. To activate a spyware app malware involves clicking on a link. It is a strategy followed by most of the attackers, sometimes it also looks like “Click here to proceed” or “Click here”. Not just this, but a user will also be asked to click on a certain link or else you will not be able to open or download a certain folder. These download links carry scripted code that contains malicious content. Hackers may be able to locate spyware on Android successfully.

Whenever a browser or a window pop-up appears don’t just click anything abruptly instead view it in detail.

Make sure to install the latest OS(Operating System) version and update the browser up to date. 

If a pop-up message gets stuck, restart your device as soon as possible to end all the operations.

How to Get Rid of Spyware?

Are you sure about you being fully aware of how to find hidden spyware apps on Android? If your answer is yes, then here is some more information on how to get rid of spyware. There are a few tips and techniques to eliminate cell phone spy Apps. For this, you will need to install any authentic and authorized Antivirus file or software on your Android device. Below we have given a small list you can follow to detect and erase any spyware apps present in your device.  

1. Enable Safe Mode

If you wish to carry your important work and smartphone is important to carry out the work. Then, make sure to enable either a safe mode or an emergency mode of your Android smartphone.

2. Update the OS version 

Many people ignore to update their device’s system. Most of these people think that their smartphone is working fine and does not require any update. Well, you may think that by not updating your device you will save up some storage space on your device. When you see an update, it comes with many upgrades and bug fixes in your system. So, we suggest you constantly update your OS. There are chances that Android spyware files getting deleted after the update. So, go update your device if you haven’t already!!

3. Change the Passcode

If you observe your phone acting up strangely or you detected any hidden spyware. Make sure to change the passwords of all the important Apps, as well as phone passcode or security code. Change the password of all your banking Apps and disable the biometric verifications as well. If you sense anything serious, then immediately call the related bank helpline and halt all the online banking processes.

4. Physical Security is Necessary

Besides App locks and passwords, you will also need to protect your phone with a different passcode as well. Apart from PIN code, pattern or password or security code, make sure to enable biometric on your phone. If someone tries to break into your device, their attempt will be unsuccessful due to unauthentic biometric verification.

5. Switch Off the Cell Phone

If you sense anything strange on your android device, don’t just panic instead do some research on installed spyware on your device. Till you come out with a solution make sure to shut down your phone and try deleting spyware from another device. Be it a smartphone or a PC.

6. Malware Scan

If you have successfully questioned; how to find a spy app on Android? Then you might as well be looking at solutions to delete it. A complete malware scan may come in handy as hackers will be able to locate spyware on Android. A malware scan may not eliminate full malware but it does help to an extent.

7. Enable Two-factor Authentication

When you enable the two-factor authentication, all of your accounts will require confirmation via your smartphone. You will have to input the password and login credentials within the authentication. It is considered super effective, if any malware attacks your phone, it will fail as there won’t be a valid confirmation. 

8. Factory Reset

Try this as a last resort, if your phone is not under your control. Reset your device factory mode as this will delete all the unwanted files present on your device. Hackers may also locate spyware present on Android successfully. After factory reset, your device will be set by default.

Some authorized services that detect Spyware Apps

Below are some services that help you protect your phone from any malicious spyware.

1. MySpy – Spy App for android

Worried about your device’s security? here is how you can find any hidden spy Apps on Android. This is an online website that helps users to monitor their phones. For this, you will require to register on MySpy. This spy monitoring service will view your incoming, outgoing, and deleted messages. This will also access your Facebook, WhatsApp, and Snapchat. Furthermore, it will track your android device and monitor call history. This is one of the best tracking apps that will help you locate spyware on Android devices.

2. Flexispy

Here is another app that will help you detect spyware on Android. If you are someone that needs phone security. Then make sure to install and register on Flexispy. This will monitor all the activities on your phone. The installation process is also easy.

All the services on the Flexispy mobile App are free if you have already paid via their website. You can also use this app to monitor your child’s activities on the smartphone. It is one of the best apps that will help you locate spyware on android. 

3. SpyBot-Search and Destroy

If you are clueless on how to detect spyware on Android. Then consider trying Spybot service. It has both a personal version and professional editions as well. You may for any package that you think is most suitable for you.


We hope this article has been helpful to you. In this article, we have discussed all the information on how you can locate spyware on Android devices. We have also given some of the online services and apps that will help you detect spy apps on your smartphone. 

If you have any further queries related to this article, let us know in the comment box below. If you know any other spyware detecting apps or services that work well other than the ones mentioned in this article, share with us in the comments. 

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