Selfie Camera: 15 Best selfie camera apps for Android & iPhone 2020

Best selfie camera app: Wherever you go, you will find people doing selfies. Even you, from time to time, you can take selfies with your smartphone if you meet someone important! Many well-known smartphone manufacturers have launched smartphones dedicated to selfies with more clarity, better flash, etc. After choosing a good smartphone with a good quality camera, you will now have a good selfie application that will improve the quality of your photos. Here is a list of the best selfie apps you can get on Android and iOS.

Top 10 Best Selfie Camera App for Android & IOS:


The Facetune is a paid app for Android and iOS users. But, it provides all the features for you! You can quickly give a touch to your selfies by whitening your teeth, removing red eyes and much more. You can also use the makeup built in the application to apply a lipstick, eye shadow… to beautify your appearance in your photo. You can also focus on yourself by blurring the background.

Developer: Lightricks Ltd.
Price: 4,49 €


This application is one of the best selfies apps for Android and iOS users. It has over 100 filters that include real-time filters, retro ..etc. It has its unique stamp that you can use to decorate your photo. You can also create a collage using its collage function. In addition to its built-in grant, it allows users to click on photos in different poses.


It is the favorite application of people who like to take selfies. it has a unique set of features that include over 200 beautiful filters and over 200 animated stickers ready to be used. In addition, you can create video clips from 3 to 6 seconds with sound.

PIP Camera

The fascinating feature of this application is that you can have a bubble, a glass bottle, etc. The full Droste effect is another feature that enhances your photo.

Developer: VinTool Studio
Price: Free
Developer: Fotoable, Inc.
Price: Free

Selfie Camera

This app is inspired by Snapchat. You can decorate your photos with animations, stickers, etc. You can click on this image in this app only if you have a face detection feature. The built-in timer allows you to click on the image in a good posture.

YouCam Perfect

This is the best application with which you can customize your photo using its features such as collages, stickers, cutouts, etc. Other features include skin tone, thin face, smooth wrinkles,..and this app offers high performance!

Candy Camera

Again, it is among the most used applications by people. Even here, the effects in real time, 100 filters available. You can enhance your beauty with the application makeup kit, debugging, … etc. It is also provided with stickers for every occasion.

Developer: JP Brothers, Inc.
Price: Free


It is an editorial application all in one. She has more than 130 filters. It comes with 7 different camera lens real embellishment system which includes facial recognition, natural and real makeup feature, skin correction and many more amazing features.

Price: Free+


The main feature of this application is not the different effects it provides, but the slider that allows you to adjust the intensity of the effect. She is also armed with various models inspired by a mixture of celebrity and more than 20 different tools that help to embellish your selfie.

Developer: Perfect365, Inc.
Price: Free+

Beauty Plus Magic Selfie Camera

Among the selfie apps, this is one of the best selfie apps we recommend for taking selfies on your android devices. This application enhances the beauty while taking the selfie while giving the natural effect to the images you capture through it. This application is primarily designed for Android devices.

Bright Camera

This application is one of the most popular Selfie Apps. The Bright Camera app lets you take great selfies and make them even better. The application also has features to allow you to share your photos instantly on all social networks.


This app is not good for a photo editor. And she does not have a lot of features either, but she’s great for one thing, it’s taking selfies. As we know that the camera in iOS devices are just great. So this app is the best app for adjusting the selfies you take with your iPhone devices. The 0Snap app allows you to switch between the rear and front cameras. The application also allows you to take pictures by tapping anywhere on the screen.


BestMe Selfie Camera

This Selfie app is specially designed for selfie image editing. It offers exactly over 130 filters in real time. You can also create a collage in real time with the help of this application. Bestme Selfie Camera is among the best selfie apps on the Play store with great features like blur effect, HDR effects and so much more.


This application is available for free on the iOS Store (iTunes). Picr is a beautiful application, it can surprise you in the correct way. The app asks you to take a picture every day and creates a unique personal movie for you based on your photos.

Camera ZOOM FX

Camera Zoom FX is one of the ideal apps for Android having 4 stars and over 85K + active users of this app. This app offers great features such as stable shooting, beauty enhancement, great filters and much more than you’ll know after installing it on your Android device.

Developer: androidslide
Price: Free


Afterlight is also the best Selfie app. Afterlight is always popular for iOS. And is now available on Androïd too. You can use your glossy filters, textures, and frames. I advise you to try this selfie app on 2017. But this is a paid application, but it’s worth it to pay.

Price: Free+


The latest selfie app on this article from “Best Selfie Apps of 2017” is “Snapseed”. And this one is one of the most popular apps for the selfie and photo editing. Snapseed will make you look stunning with filters and effects it has. You’ll do selfies like a pro with Snapseed.

Developer: Google LLC
Price: Free
Developer: Google LLC
Price: Free


So these are some of the best selfie apps that can help you adjust your photos and make them more beautiful. These apps are available for Android and iOS users. Go check these apps and choose which one is best for you! Leave in comment selfie applications that you use apart from those enunciated in this article.