Tekken 3 APK Download: Tekken 3 download for Android 2020

Tekken 3 download for android: This time I am back with Tekken 3 download for Android. which is much popular with 90’s kids. this was one of my most fav game & I was really addicted to it when I was in school. my fav players are Paul & Nina.

If you also play this game in your childhood and want to feel those feelings playing the came then.  Download Tekken 3 on your android phone with the help of ePSXe APK & Tekken 3 ISO for android. simply download these files on your phone and follow the below steps & learn how to download & play Tekken 3 android game epsxe apk Tekken 3.

Here I will be explaining all the information regarding taken 3 like How to play multiplayer in Tekken 3, how to get all members in Tekken 3, how to set the button and other with full beginners guide.

Tekken 3 download for Android Requirements:

To play Tekken 3 android game you need to have 4 things. the very first thing is to have some space on your android phone and then comes the ePSXe APK which is a PSP emulator for android phones and then comes the Takken 3 ISO file which is a Tekken 3 game where you have to run this file in the ePSXe app and then the Bios file. all these 3 files together will allow you to install & play the Tekken 3 game smoothly on your android phone. we have given the link below and the link contains all the 3 files and make sure you have download all the 3 files. 

  1. Android Phone with enough space
  2. Bios File
  3. ePSXe APK for Android
  4. Tekken 3 ISO for Android

What is ePSXe APK file

ePSXe APK is an Android Playstation Emulator which let you play any PlayStation games on your android mobile phone. This emulator is very fast in function and this is specially designed for Android and tablets. This emulator doesn’t contain any games you have to download PlayStation game on your android phone and then you have to play the game with the help of this ePSXe Android App. This app is available on PlayStation which is a paid app but you can download ePSXe APK file for free

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What is Tekken 3 ISO file

This is a Tekken 3 game which is like the Tekken 3 CD for PlayStation. You need this ISO file to play any PlayStation game in the ePSXe android emulator. Like that you need a game iso file to play in ePSXe and also there is a bios file as well.

Tekken 3 download for Android & Install Process:

Here you will come to all the step by step process about installing Tekken 3 android game and how to set all the setting of Tekken 3 with images as well as the video guide. for simple understanding first you will install the APK file on your android phone and then you have to select the Tekken 3 ISO file in ePSXe android emulator along with the bio’s file.

  • First of all, download the above files into your Android phone.

Installing ePSXe APK on Android Phone

  • After downloading the APK simply tap on the APK
  • Now it will show you 2 options – Close & Install
  • Simply click on the Install option.
  • Now you have to enable the option to install APK file on from unknown source.
  • Simply enable to install from unknown sources and then install ePSXe APK.
  • After successful installation of APK, you have finished the First step. Now in the second step, you will deal with the IOS file & Bio’s File.

Configuring IOS & Bios File

  • When you open the android emulator you will find some options. simply click on RUN BIOS option. It will search your phone for bios file and says Bios Configured.
  • Once the Bio’s file is configured, You need to click on RUN GAME.
  • It will search your device for the ISO for Android file then will show the list of games.
  • Then click on Tekken 3. It will take a few seconds to load and BOOM.
  • That’s It. You have successfully downloaded Tekken 3 Android Game.

Below I have shared the Video guide as well in case if you didn’t understand anything please do watch the video and install the Tekken 3 game successfully.

Video Tutorial:

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How to play Multiplayer in Tekken 3 Android

Tekken 3 Android has an option to play multiplayer and also ePSXe android emulator also supports connecting two android phones via the wifi & hotspot so if you want to know how to play dual then make sure your friend also have Tekken 3 on his phone and connected with Hotspot & wifi. this doesn’t require any internet. so simply follow the below steps and learn how to play multi-players in Tekken 3.

  • Now send the ePSXe APK & Tekken 3 ISO file to your friend’s Android phone.
  • Once your friends have these 3 files & Installed, simply open the ePSXe app and configure the bios & Tekken 3 iso file.
  • Turn on Hotspot on one of the mobiles and connect to the hotspot of another mobile.
  • Now restart ePSXe APK on both the phones and tap on “Multiplayer”
  • Once you click on multiplayer it will show you 2 options


  1. Localnet Player 1(Server)-BETA
  2. Localnet Player 2(Client)-BETA
  • Player one select Localnet Player 1(Server)-BETA and choose the game Tekken 3
  • It will give you Server IP – hold on here.
  • Now in second Android phone select multiplayer,> Localnet Player 2(Client)-BETA> select game and it will ask for server IP of the first player enter the IP.
  • That’s it now you both will connect to play multiplayer. Enjoy playing challenging your friends.

Configure ePSXe Touchpad Buttons in Best Way

ePSXe Touchpad needs some customization and it requires you to do it in my best way so that you can play without any difficulty and easy to play any game. below I have explained how to customize the touchpad buttons and you can do the way you want to set up.

  • First of all, Open ePSXe app and select “Preference” option.
  • Now scroll down until you see “TouchScreen Gamepad” option which is player 4 option.
  • In Touch Screen Gamepad Option you will see many options. Simply select “Gamepad Skin Editor Landscape” which is below transparency on skins.
  • Now drag all the R & L buttons as shown in the Below image and tap on “Save & Exit”
  • That’s it. You have successfully edited the gamepad button in the best way. You can also set up the way you want.

Save Data after unlocking Tekken 3 Players

When the game starts then go to Option Mode. You will see list of options Now select memory card> Now select autosave ON or save card every time before you close the app to save unlocked characters.

More about Takken 3 game info will be updated soon…


I hope you have successfully downloaded Tekken 3 game on your android phone and also learned how to play multiplayer on Tekken 3. Hope you unlock all the players and save them. Happy Fighting. If you found this post about Tekken 3 useful then do share it with your friends & family members


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