How to fix Google Play Error Checking for Updates? 2021

Google Play Error Checking for Updates

Google Play Error Checking for Updates: Are you someone that gets irked by Frequent notifications?

Are you tired of frequent notifications from google play error checking updates? If yes!! then you have come to the right place.

Read till the end as we will discuss all the possible methods you can fix this issue. Without any further ado, let’s get started!! 

Before we jump into the main topic let us see why do we see these errors in the first place? Whenever you see ”google play error checking updates”, this means google play cannot update any android applications. 

Fret not as we have got you covered. What if we say you can fix this error without losing any data? Well, it is possible and all you need to do is follow the instructions we have given. 

Reasons why you see Google Play Error Checking for Updates:

There are many reasons why this google play store error may occur. Google play store allows you to download your preferred applications on your android device. At times you may encounter an error while trying to update an application or when accessing the Google play store.  

Many a time the error you will encounter says Error checking for updates when you want to update any applications on your device. Why does this error occur? below we have listed some of the common reasons that may have caused this error.

  1. Corrupted cache files on your device may cause errors such as this one.
  2. Certain information or data related to Google Play Store may have been ruined.
  3. A poor or unstable network connection may also cause this error
  4. There may not have enough space on your device for any application updates.
  5. Some app updates are not used properly etc.

Keeping these causes in mind, we have come up with some methods that will help you fix this google play store error checking for updates.  

Below, we will discuss some of the easier yet effective methods that will help you solve this app update error problem. Read on!!

Google Play Error Checking For Updates 

Method – 1: Restart Your Phone

Whenever errors such as Google play error checking for updates can be resolved by as simple as restarting your device. In short, just restarting your device will fix a few errors. 

Because of some problem in the android system, google play may show error in updating apps. So, all you need to do is Restart your smartphone. 

  • For this, press and hold the power button of your smartphone till you see a pop-up dialogue box on the display screen.
  • Next, tap on restart.
  • Wait a few seconds for your device to restart and check if the error is resolved.

If restarting your device did not fix the error “google play error checking for updates”, then try out the second method.

Method – 2: Check Your Network Connection

If the first method did not fix the error, then you may have to check your network connection. A poor network connection may be the cause of why you see this error. In this scenario, all you need to do is turn off your broadband/ data connection and turn it back on after a minute or two.

Most likely this should fix google play error checking for updates. If it didn’t then try out the last method.

Method 3: Using the Android Settings Option

If the first two methods did not fix the issue, try this as the last resort for Google play error checking for updates from the android settings option. Follow these below-given steps in the given order, hopefully, this should fix the error.

  • For this, you need to first go to the settings(the small gear icon) of your device. You can easily locate it once you drag down the quick settings menu on your android device.
  • Next, in the settings locate Apps/applications and tap on it. 
  • There, locate and tap on Google play store.
  • On the next page that says App Info,  click on Uninstall updates.
  • You will see a pop-up dialogue box, tap OK

Many a time, just deleting the app data of the google play store may not fix the error. 

  • To avoid any further interruption, go back to the Apps/applications window in settings. Locate and tap on the Google Play store. Next, click on Manage space and clear the data and also cache

Deleting the app data of the google play store will not delete the data of your device. In short, you will not lose any data. This method will only clear the cache of this particular application. You will also not have to sign in to your Gmail again. If at all both method 1 & 2 did not work, you can be assured as method 3 will most likely work. And you will no longer see Google play error checking for updates again anymore.  


We hope this article has been helpful to you. In this article, we have discussed the quickest and effective ways you can fix “Google Play Error Checking for Updates”. Try out all the methods we have explained and let us know which one has worked for you the best. 

If you have any further queries related to this article let us know in the comments below. If you know any other method that has worked for you which we have missed out on, share with us in the comments. 

Feel free to share this article with your near and dear that are facing the same issue. 

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