How to Fix League Of Legends Not Opening Issue 2021

Fix League Of Legends Not Opening Issue

League Of Legends Not Opening Issue: Hello people welcome to tech guide a website where you are going to all the guides in a step by step format. so if you are facing League Of Legends Not Opening Issue then you have come to the right website.

here we are going to share some of the possible problem solutions to solve the not opening issue. by following the below-mentioned methods you may solve the issue facing on your Pc.

so simply follow the below steps and learn how to solve Fix League Of Legends Not Opening Issue.

Some people are saying that the League Of Legends Not starting after champion selection few are facing League Of Legends Not Opening mac and reporting League Of Legends Not responding at all.

keeping this in mind we have shared few possible methods to make League Of Legends work on your PC.

About League Of Legends game

Fix League Of Legends

League Of Legends is one of the most popular games among teenagers as well as adults. it is a multiplayer game that is available on both Windows and MAC’s operating system developed by Riot games.

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How to fix League Of Legends Not Opening Issue

before you perform any of the below mentioned methods we suggest you to check if your interent is connected and do restart your PC once so that it will refresh your pc from temporary errors and then try opening the game again and if you are still facing the same then follow the below methods.

Method 1:

Try launching the game from main launcher

if you are trying to open the game via a shortcut which is created on your PC desktop then we suggest you open through the main installer by going to local drive c> Programming files and choose the League Of Legends folder and launch the game through the main launcher.

Many times what happens is the short cut gets corrupted and the game won’t even launch and this might be one of the reason so this method is for those people who are not able to launch the game but not for those people who are able to launch the game but stuck after selecting a champion.

if the above method is not working then proceed tot he next method below.

Method 2:

Running the game as an administrator.

Some times problems can be solved by ruling as an administrator so goto the game installed directory and follow the below method steps and give a try. Again this method is for those who are not even able to open the game.

  • Got the local drive c where all the software is installed by default.
  • After opening the directory search for “Garena” launcher and right-click on that. (this is different for different PC)
  • In Garena select the folder “Games
  • In games folder select 2774 and select RAIDS
  • Now you will find the main League Of Legends launcher which you can see in the below image.
  • Now you will get some option select the option Run as Administrator.
  • If the game starts then it’s fine but if it didn’t then please be patient and proceed to the next step because there is no fixed solution for this and the problem may be caused because of multiple reasons.

Method 3:

Closing LOL launcher via Task Manager

Some time League of Legends is already running on your PC multiple time so you have o close all the background LOL through task manager.

What is task manager?

Task manager is nothing but a manager where you can check all the working applications and services

  • To open task manager you can either go to search bar and search for task manager or you can simply press Cltr+Alt and hit Delete to get the option to open Task manager
  • Once the Task Manager is opened simply search for League of Legends
  • After finding LOL, Select it and click on the end task. if you found multiple then end the multiple League of Legends.

As you can see in the Above image there are multiple League Of Legends running.

Method 4:

Repairing League Of Legends

IF any of the above-mentioned methods are not working then we suggest the repaying methods so that is there is any error it will be resolved. Repairing is very simple.

  • Go to the search bar and search for Uninstall programs
  • Now you will get the list of all programmers installed on your PC
  • Search for League Of Legends and right-click on it.
  • It will give you two option one is uninstall and the other is Repair
  • Simply click on Repair and it will start repairing for you.
  • Once the process is done please do open the LOL and give a try.

Method 5:

Replacing of League Of Legends project folder

If you have done the repairing method then you don’t have to do this method again because you have already repaired your entire game. follow this method only if you didn’t repair your game.

  • Goto the game folder and search for the “RADS” folder
  • In the RADS folder, you will find the “Projects” folder.
  • Simply cut the projects folder and paste it on your desktop.
  • Now open the game and the game will automatically download the missing project folder
  • While downloading move the Projects folder back to the RADS folder and select overwrite option it says the folder already exists.
  • Once the folder is moved then simply close the game and launch the game and it should be working fine.

Method 6:

Update your Graphic drivers

  • Go to device manager and search for your graphic Drivers
  • Right-click on your graphic driver and click on update
  • It will ask you to search on your PC or online
  • Select the option online and it will start downloading the latest update if any


We hope that one of the above methods helped you successfully Fix League Of Legends Not Opening Issue and if you are still facing the issue then do comment below so that we will personally contact you and help you solve the issue.

Also if any of the above methods is solved then do let us know which methods solved your problem via the below comment box and feel free to share this post with your friends and family members if any facing the same issue.

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