How to Split Screen on Chromebook – 2,3,4 Windows | Beginner Guide

How to Split Screen on Chromebook: Hey Guys, Welcome to Techy Guide. If you have come here searching for ways to split screen on Chromebook then you have come to the right place.

Here in this tutorial, we are going to explain all the possible methods to split-screen on a Chromebook with the help of a mouse, Keyboard along with most used software examples such as zoom and others.

What is a split-screen?

split screen on chromebook

Splitting your monitor screen to use two different programs or software at the same time so that you don’t have to switch between them every time to check or do anything.

These days because of lockdown many people are actually using this for various reasons for educational and office purposes. This is very useful and it is possible to split-screen in all windows 10 using pc and laptops.

You can split your screen into more than 2 windows and up to 4 splits. So without wasting any more time follow the below steps and learn how to split your Chromebook screen into two or more.

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How to Split Screen on Chromebook using Mouse.

  • First of all, select the first software or tab and drag it to the left or right corner of the monitor.
how to do split screen on chromebook
  • Once you do this it will convert to half window and fits perfectly. If ther are any windows opened already it will suggest you to choose the window for the second half. You can see that in the below image.
how to do a split screen on chromebook
  • Now select the second window or software and drag it to the other side of the first window and it will fit successfully without any overlays.
split screen on chromebook
  • In case if you already have multiple tabs opened then it will show the option to choose the tab for the second split-screen.
splitting chromebook screen into 2 windows
  • In this way, you can slipt your Chromebook screen up to 4 halfs
  • If you are confused then make sure you watch our video provided below.

Split Screen on Chromebook to 3 windows

  • So to split into 3 windows you have to add one window extra to one half of the window. Check the image for better understanding
splitting chromebook screen into 3 windows
  • For example, if you want to do the 3rd split then drag the window on any side of the window and it will give you the option to convert the half into the 3rd window.
splitting screen

Split Screen on Chromebook to 4 windows

  • Similar way you can split the Chromebook screen into 4 different splits.
  • First, split your Chromebook screen into 2 windows and then select the 3rd window drag it to the top of bottom of the screen to split into 3 windows
splitting chromebook screen into 4 windows
  • Now select the 4th window and drag to the top or bottom to split the window into half.

Split Screen on Chromebook using Keyboard:

So in this method, you are not going to use any mouse to split the screen but only using keyboard shortcuts which I would say is very much easy to do. I personally suggest to screen using these shortcut codes. so without wasting any time follow the below steps and learn how to split your Chromebook screen

  • First of all open the window you want to add to the left of your monitor.
  • Now you have to tap and hold the Windows key and then click on the left arrow to put the window to the left half of the chromebook.
chromebook split screen shortcut
  • Now select the 2nd window which you want to add on the other half and tap and click on the windows key and click the right arrow to set the window on the other half.
how to split screen on a chromebook

In simple explanation:

Windows button + Left arrow = Left window alignment
Windows button + Right arrow = Right window alignment

Suppose if you want to slit the window into 3 then select the window which you want to split into 2 and click on the windows key + Up arrow so that it will become half and leave space for the 3rd window.

In the same way, if you want to slip the Chromebook in the 4 then select the other half and click on the window key + up arrow to make your Chromebook screen slip into 4 halfs and can use 4 different programs at the same time.

How to split screen on Chromebook with Zoom

As we all know zoom is one of the most popular meetings app available online and it became very popular because of the lockdowns. Nowadays many school online classes and office meetings are help on the zoom app only so in the below explanation I am going to take the zoom app to slipt the screen into 2 windows. On the one side, you will have zoom software and on the other side, you can add whatever window you want to.

  • First of all option your zoom software and drag the zoom window to the corner of the monitor and it will become half and on the other half you can add any other window you want.
  • So if you want to split the screen only by using a shortcut then open the window and simply click on the windows button and the left arrow key to align your zoom to the left.
  • Hope you now understand how to split the Chromebook screen using the mouse as well as shortcut keys. We have also taken the example of zoom software to make you understand how splitting works.


We assume that you have successfully learned how to split your Chromebook screen in 2 windows, 3 Windows, and 4 windows. In case if you have any issues then feel free to comment below and we are more than happy to help you split your Chromebook screen. Do share this post for those people who often use multiwindows.

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