Best True Wireless Earphones Under 5000 in India – 2021

Best True Wireless Earphones Under 5000 in India

Best True Wireless Earphones Under 5000 in India: True wireless earbuds have become the newest trend in the tech industry, especially under the earphones category. These truly wireless earphones have made hassle-free listening possible as they do not require to be attached to your smartphone.

Many brands have come up with True wireless earphones that come with rich features in various price ranges. These are even available at an affordable budget so if you are in a tight budget you can still afford a pair of these earbuds. 

If you are interested in true wireless earbuds, then this is the right time to get a pair for under 5k. 

We have gathered a list of some of the best true wireless earbuds that you can purchase in India for under Rs. 5000.

If you are still confused about whether to purchase true wireless earbuds or go for the conventional Bluetooth earphones that have a neckband then do not worry as we got you covered with that information as well. Make sure to read till the end to know why true wireless earphones are a better choice.

Below is a list of some of the best true wireless earbuds under Rs. 5000 in India.

Best True Wireless Earphones Under Rs. 5000/- in India

1.  Hammer Solo True Wireless Earbuds 

  1. These pair of earbuds are available in two options: one with a lid for its case and another without it. The better choice would be one with the lid. 
  2. The earbuds are designed to match a human ear shape and are positioned at an angle that gives a proper fit.
  3. You can rest assured about the audio quality of these earbuds as they use Bluetooth 5.0 that ensures extended range and better audio transmission.
  4. This particular model supports HD stereo sound and if you are an audiophile then these are the best choice at this price range. These are easy to pair and will not take more than a couple of steps.
  5. Each earbud has a battery life for up to 2-4 hours. Plus, The charging case provides additional charges that last for a full day.

Features Include:

  • It features the most advanced Bluetooth 5.0

2. Boult Audio AirBass Tru5ive True Wireless Earbuds

  1. These earbuds have a robust design. The Tru5ive earbuds come with Interchangeable ear loops in 3 different colours: Green, Grey and Pink. You can simply change the ear loop according to your colour preference on earbuds. You can use either the ear loops or smaller fins.
  2. The earbuds are made to offer a perfect and comfortable fit for extended use. You can use the interchangeable fins and tips provided in the package to find your perfect fit.
  3. The In-built Neodymium drivers provide immersive audio, heavy bass and crystal clear sound. You can expect fuller sound with the 3D acoustics. These earbuds also provide passive bilateral noise isolation. 
  4. According to Boult Audio, each of its earbuds can last for up to 6 hours and the dock can provide 3 additional charges. 
  5. You can use these earbuds as two independent monopods for mono audio connected to 2 different devices. It features Bluetooth 5.0

The package includes Tru5ive Earphones, a Charging case, Extra Pair of earbuds, a Charging Micro USB cable and User Manual.

Features include:

  • These are rated IPx7 Waterproof which means you can swim, shower, sweat-free.
  • Monopod Capability

3. WeCool Moonwalk X True Wireless Earbuds 

  1. The LED rings on the earbuds inform you of the charging status and the case has its own set of indicators.
  2. The portable charging case holds a 1000mAh battery that can charge these earbuds fully within 1.5 hours. The charging case provides 10 extra charges with a total playback time of 50 hours.
  3. These earbuds feature Bluetooth 5.0 connectivity for a clear sound with a stereo effect and also for improved transmission. You can also choose to use it as mono where you can use a single earbud.
  4. WeCool provides Ultra comfort and Secure Fit for Running or Gym or active Lifestyle. These Wireless earbuds fit the ear canal and also has a passive noise cancellation feature.
  5. The company has specifically included features to makes its bass thump. With its HD sound output, you can expect clear audio across genres.

Features Includes:

  • These earbuds are rated IPX5 and are both sweat and splash-proof.
  • It features an auto-pairing technology. 
  • It supports voice assistants: Google Assistant and Siri

4. CrossBeats Air TWE 

  1. These are another pair of true wireless earbuds from CrossBeats that comes with an interesting design and have a matte black finish to them.
  2. The company has updated this model with the latest features that include beryllium drivers which offer crisp audio output. Although these hang a bit out of your ear, these are still considered the best sounding earphones from this brand.
  3. Thanks to its touch control feature, it is now easy to manage calls without having to touch your smartphone. These also support Google Assistant and Siri.
  4. You can wear these wireless earbuds even while working out as they are water-resistant and will not fall off. Each earbud’s battery life lasts for up to 3-4 hours and the case can give 3 extra charges.
  5. It has a Bluetooth 5.0 for enhanced range and also delivers clear sound. 

The package includes a pair of Crossbeats air TWS Headphones, 3 pairs of earbuds in different sizes, a USB charging cable, a charging case and a user manual.

Features Include:

  • It has Bluetooth 5.0 connectivity
  • These earbuds are IPX5 splash-proof
  • These support voice assistants like Siri and Google Assistant

5. CrossBeats Urban Wireless Earbuds 

  1. These crossbeats urban true wireless earbuds come in three beautiful colours: Matte Black, Baby Pink, and Turquoise Blue.
  2.  Both the earbuds along with case are quite compact that offers an ergonomic fit and also easy storage.
  3. CrossBeats has used Bluetooth 5.0 that allows the earbuds to pair up automatically with each other and also with the smartphone it was last paired with.
  4. It has an IP67 rating and comes with a battery life that lasts for up to 12 hours and includes 3 charges from the case.
  5. These earbuds have an inbuilt microphone for answering the calls and also have a tap control feature. With low latency of 60ms, these are good for both gaming and watching videos.
  6. These earbuds support passive noise cancellation. Its drivers are specifically tuned by the company which offer thumping bass. It also supports voice assistants: Google Assistant and Siri.

The package includes Crossbeats Urban TWS headphones, 3 pairs of earbuds in different sizes, a USB charging cable, a Charging case and a user manual.

Features include: 

  • These come with IPX6 waterproof technology and are water and sweatproof.
  • Multiplatform compatibility
  • These earbuds come with Bluetooth 5.0 connectivity.

6. Portronics POR-078 Harmonics Twins True Wireless Earphones 

  1. Portronics is a well-known brand in the Indian electronics space, especially in the budget segment. They also offer incredible value as compared to others.
  2. These earbuds are compact for all kinds of use and the charging dock is also small enough that it fits inside your jeans pocket or any tiny space.
  3. Harmonic twins true wireless earbuds will last for up to 4 hours in a single charge. It takes 2 hours to get fully charged. 
  4. Thanks to its advanced Bluetooth 5.0 low energy, these earbuds from Portronics are made much more energy-efficient. The silicone tips offer a level of noise isolation.
  5. With support for HD output, the Harmonics Twins offer great audio quality. 

Features Include:

  • These earbuds feature latest and most power-efficient Bluetooth 5.0 BLE low energy that will not drain the battery of your phone quickly.

7. OPPO ENCO W31 True Wireless Earphone 

OPPO is a well-known brand in India and needs no introduction. These are made with details such as the design and sound quality etc. These are an incredible choice at this price point. 

  1. Well, thanks to its dual microphone beamforming, an anti-wind noise chamber and also environmental noise cancellation algorithm that cancels any ambient noise during calls. Although the system takes 5 seconds to adjust these provide absolute clarity.
  2. The sound quality of these earbuds has been highly appreciated. These earbuds come with two audio modes: Bass mode and Balance mode. The Bass mode enhances the bass by 30% that brings out the bass-heavy rhythm. And the Balanced mode provides balanced lows, middles and high frequencies.  
  3. It features infrared optical sensors that detect whether you are wearing the earbuds or not to pause or play the audio content in response.
  4. The earbuds come with an intelligent touch control feature. Triple tap on either side to activate the voice assistant. Double-tap on the right earbud to jump to the next song. Double-tap on the left side to change the audio mode(Bass mode/ Balance mode).
  5. These earbuds have the half in-ear design which sits perfectly well on your ears and also provides a secure fit for extended use.

The package includes a pair of OPPO earbuds, a USB Type-C charging cable, a User Manual and 1year manufacturer Warranty booklet.

Features include:

  • These earbuds have an IP54 rating and are Dust and Water-resistant
  • The charging case provides 15 hours of playtime on 50% volume. The earbuds give 3.5 hours of playtime on 50% volume.
  • Frequency Response range: 20 Hz – 20 kHz

8. Noise Shots X5 Charge True Wireless Earbuds 

These Noise shots come three colours: Black, White, and Red.

  1. Each unit of Noise true wireless earbuds can last for up to 3-4 hours. The charging case features a 2200mah battery and gives 10 extra charges. Moreover, you can use the case as a power bank as well.  
  2. The earbuds are quite small, unlike the case which is a bit larger due to its battery size. These earbuds provide a secure fit and sit comfortably in your ear for extended use. 
  3. Three extra pairs of silicone tips in different sizes come along with the package that offers an ergonomic fit. Furthermore, it also allows you to use your preferred voice assistant depending on your phone OS.
  4. These earbuds feature Bluetooth 5.0 for enhanced connectivity features and stability. 

These earbuds come with 1-year manufacturer warranty.

Features Include:

  • These are rated IPX5 and are both waterproof and sweatproof
  • It supports voice assistants: Google Assistant and Siri
  • Frequency Range: 100 Hz ~ 4 kHz

9. Mivi DuoPods M1 True Wireless Earphones

  1. These earbuds will automatically connect to your device once you set these true wireless earphones. They will disconnect similarly when done listening.
  2. Each earbud has a battery life for up to 6-hours while the portable charging case ensures a total of 24 hours runtime. 
  3. Mivi has an impressive audio quality across all its audio equipment and this one is no different. These earbuds offer deep bass-filled music.
  4. All the remote controls need for calling or listening are on the earbuds itself. It has a touch-based interface for all the interactions.
  5. Both the earbuds and the case are compact enough for carrying around.

Features Include:

  • These earbuds have IPX6 rated and are both dust and sweatproof 
  • It supports virtual assistants like Siri and Google assistant.

10. Blaupunkt BTW01 HD True Wireless Earphones 

  1. Blaupunkt is a German brand, these earphones provide a seamless user experience and require light touches on the earbuds.
  2. These earbuds are tiny and fit inside your ear quite easily. The ear tips are angled at 45 degrees that give a secure and better fit.
  3. On a single charge, each earbud will last for up to 6 hours individually and the case features a 590mAh battery and 75mAh battery on each earbud. The case gives 3 extra charges. 
  4. These pair of true wireless earphones features a Realtek high-quality chipset that delivers high definition audio output and provides the best audio experience without any compromise on the bass, mid ranges or treble.
  5. You can summon the voice assistants like google assistant or Siri anytime with the help of its Tap control feature all while listening to your favourite tracks.

The package includes a pair of Blaupunkt wireless earphones, a USB cable, 3 pairs of ear tips in different sizes, a charging case and a user manual. These earbuds also come with 1-year manufacturer warranty.

Features Include:

  • Supports voice assistants: Google Assistant and Siri
  • It comes with the latest Bluetooth 5.0 connectivity
  • These earbuds are water, Sweat and Dust resistance
  • These weigh 5.5 gms each

11. TAGG ZeroG True Wireless Earphones 

  1. These TAGG earphones have two drivers that offer an exceptional music listening experience and are visible through a see-through section.
  2. Its 2x40mAh power battery gives 16 hours of uninterrupted playtime alongside its 35 hours of its smart power dock.
  3. For better range, TAGG ZeroG uses Bluetooth 5.0 and has a Qualcomm cVc 8.0 built-in which allows it to offer passive noise cancellation. Its microphone uses beamforming that cancels out any ambient Noise when making or taking calls.
  4. TAGG ZeroG features both Mono and Stereo mode where you can use a single earbud or both at once for listening to music or taking calls.

These earbuds come with 1-year replacement warranty.

Features Include:

  • These earbuds feature an IPX5 rating that allows them to be splash and water-resistant
  • It comes equipped with Bluetooth 5.0 
  • Frequency range: 20-20KHz.
  • These earbuds provide 5 hours of playtime at 70% volume after a full charge. 
  • It supports voice assistants like Siri and Google assistant

12. Bass Evolution V7 

  1. Its Ergonomic design provides a perfect fit to the ear cavity. These Weigh just 4 grams and provide secure-fit & comfortable wear.
  2. The case is made of metal and can also act as a power bank for your smartphone etc. Type-C fast charging input charges your earbuds fully within 1 hour and the case takes around 90 minutes to fully charge itself.
  3. With its intuitive touch controls and very futuristic design, it is now easy to manage your calls and also your music.
  4. These earbuds come with a 1-year manufacturer warranty.

Features Include:

  • It is IPX5 rated and is water, sweat and dustproof

Why buy true wireless earbuds?

1. These earbuds aim to provide true wireless listening experience to its users. Because the conventional wired earphones need to be attached to your smartphone and the wires can be dangling all over the place. The wired ones can be a little annoying if you are on the go and want to listen to music or a podcast. 

2. And when it comes to Bluetooth earphones it requires you to wear both the earphones which can drain out the battery in no time. But that’s not the case With true wireless earbuds, these allow you to use single earbud and are not power-hungry. 

3. These true wireless earphones need to be put in their case for charging and also storage. This charging case makes it easy to carry the earbuds. Most of the time these cases are compact and are small enough to fit inside your pockets.

4. If you are an athlete or into sports activities then it is difficult to use the wire headphones. The true wireless earbuds are more convenient and allow you to concentrate on your workout. 

5. Furthermore, most of the true wireless earbuds support voice assistants and some even have app support that allows you to manage all the settings easily. Some even have a touch-based interface.


We hope this article has been helpful to you. We believe your search for true wireless earbuds under 5k ends here. Above we have mentioned all the necessary details regarding the products.

If you have any further doubts or queries related to the above products, let us know in the comment box below. If you know any other true wireless earbuds under 5k that you think needs to be in this list, let us know about those as well.

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