Best Audiophile Headphones Under 15000 in India

Best Audiophile Headphones Under  15000 in India

Best Audiophile Headphones Under 15000 in India: Are you planning to purchase an Audiophile headphone either for professional studio purposes or for casual music listening? 

Under 15k you can expect a premium pair of Audiophile headphones in India that offer excellent features. Below we have listed out some of the ‘best Audiophile headphones under 15000 in India’ for you to pick the one that caters all your audio necessities. 

With at least a dozen options from each company that caters to music production, mastering, or for the joy of enjoying music it will be hard to make the right decision. 

To make it easy for you all to choose, we have put together the best audiophile headphones for mastering and monitoring purposes and also for casual listening.

What Are Audiophile Headphones?

Audiophile headphones are custom made using the highest quality components. These are high fidelity headphones. These headsets reproduce sound signals with the highest accuracy possible. 

Audiophile headphones are over the ear with either closed-back or open-back. Most of these are developed using highest-grade materials like aluminium and titanium. These types of products are made focusing on people who understand music and prefer quality.

These premium quality headphones can be a bit expensive as each and every component is of high-quality. A good pair may cost a few thousand rupees in India.

A few brands that manufacture good quality headsets are Sennheiser, Focal, Final, Ultrasone, Beyerdynamic, Audeze etc.

The style and features may differ between different audiophile headphones. But, the audio is of high-quality on all of them.

Below we have gathered a list of best audiophile headphones in India. Make sure to read till the end as we have provided all the necessary information regarding the products. Read on!

Best Audiophile Headphones Under 15,000 in India

1. Beyerdynamic Custom Street 

Beyerdynamic Custom Street is for both casual listeners and also audiophiles. Besides customized faceplates, it also comes with a custom sound slider on the ear cup to adjust the sound pattern and also bass level to your liking.

Custom street headphones include a quality microphone and a detachable single-button remote control. The custom street supports multi-platforms such as portable players and smartphones with 32-ohm impedance for maximum volume.

These headphones are pretty comfortable although they have a shallow depth to the earpads. The clamping pressure may leave your ears slightly sore after extended use, which can be overlooked. Beyerdynamic over the head headset has a comfortable and secure fit for extended use.

The package includes a compact foldable carrying case that is perfect to protect your headphones due to their collapsible design. 16 Custom design covers to change the look of your headsets anytime. Hexagonal screwdriver for changing the design covers. Along with a manufacturer warranty up to 2 years only when you purchase it from an authorised Beyerdynamic dealer. 


  • Bass mode may overpower at times and becomes thunderous and deafening while making everything off balance. 
  • Extra custom design covers are of plastic and may not appeal to everyone.
  • Analytical mode boosts the upper mids and highs and is too lacking in bass
  • It is slightly lacking in the lower mid frequencies.

Features include:

  • Frequency range: 20-20,000 hertz
  • an impedance of 38 ohms.

2. AKG K92 

The AKG K92 comes with a self-adjusting headband that automatically creates a perfect fit. The golden accent on the headphones emphasizes the quality of these headphones. It is the most stylish yet classy looking pair of headphones on our list. The lightweight earpads fit your ears perfectly without putting any pressure on them. It also comes with a single-sided cable which gives you extra freedom on the go.

The closed-back design of K92 headphones eliminates any audio leakage. The microphone will not pick up the sound of the button clicks in your headphones. This cancels out any ambient noise and gives exceptional audio isolation due to its new acoustic chamber that sits between the ear cup and the hinge which connects to the headband. 

These headphones will not let any sound in or out and allow you to enjoy your private workspace. What comes as a surprise is that the coherency and dynamics that offers clear, fairly neutral and crisp sounds.


  • These are not portable and is best for indoor use in a quiet and calm place.

Features include:

  • frequency response: 16 – 22000 Hz

3. Ultrasone DJ1 S-Logic 

The DJ1 is equipped with the same S-Logic tech. As the other new Ultrasone products that provide a significant boost in the soundstage.

The highs are clean and extend too well at times. Bass is quite big and well pronounced. 

These headphones are not bulky. And are lightweight with a comfortable fit. DJ1 are ultra-portable and fold up nicely for quick storage and transport.

There are not many differences between this and HFI 580 except for a different design, colour scheme and a longer chord with the DJ1. These two also sound identical as they share the same drivers with little difference in outright specifications.

These headphones come with the comfortable leather ear pads for extended use all while insulating the ambient noise. Furthermore, the integrated ULE (ultra-low technology) Technology ensures stress-free working for longer periods. 

If you are a Bass-head then you are sure to rejoice irrespective of the pair you choose. Moreover, Ultrasone also provides a 5-Year manufacturer warranty!

what is ULE-technology?

 To convert an electric signal into an acoustical signal which you hear as music, most headset drivers produce low-frequency magnetic fields. To reduce the radiation up to 98 percentage Ultrasone has developed a MU metal shielding called ULE-technology.

ULE technology was originally developed for professionals. But due to many requests, Ultrasone has integrated ULE technology in their other headphone lines. The technical surveillance organizations approve the ULE technology as it stood the test of international review. 


The highs can be a little deafening as they do tend to push through at times while surprising the user and provoke them to reduce the volume.

Features include:

  • Frequency range: 5 Hz – 32 kHz
  • Integrated ULE-technology to reduce radiation

4. Sennheiser – HD 280 Pro 

The Sennheiser 280 Pro is extremely clean and sounds near-neutral with extremely good tone colour and overall balance.

These do not sound dry for such a clean and crisp sounding pair of headphones and have a well extended low end with good width and depth.

The midrange of these headphones is near flawless along with strong vocal performance and highs with just the right amount of extension for a refreshing listening experience.

Noise isolation is par excellence and makes you believe that there might be some kind of sound cancellation technology integrated into it. That’s how good passive sound isolation is.

These headphones do well with any kind of genre while being both detailed and fun sounding. These suit well for both studio monitoring and also home listening with an impedance of 64 ohms.

The package includes 1 pair of HD 280 PRO headphones and 1/4″ adaptor


  • The company has opted for an industrial look for these headphones. These are strictly for home use because of the cables provided.
  • Although the 1.2m cable can be used for portable usage. Then again, these perform best with a decent capable source. 

Features include:

  • Headphone Frequency Response : 8 – 25000 Hz

5. Brainwavz HM5 

This particular product sound really good and share similar traits with AT M40X and M50X. These offer better comfort and a bit more dynamic sound than the M40X and a little lesser than that of M50X. 

These headphones sound very natural with outstanding imaging and midrange performance. The highs are clean and crisp without being overwhelming. Bass is also pretty extensive for critical listening. Due to its balanced nature, HM5 does justice to any genre of music.

The package includes Headphone Hard case, Two Sets of Earpads made of PU Leather, 1.3 Meter Stereo Cable, 3 Meter Stereo Cable, a ¼” Adapter and an Instruction Manual


  • Its bulky design may not be for everyone as its not the most portable one on our list. 
  • The individually split cable can be a bit inconvenient for portable usage.
  • Although the faceplates are of metal and the plastics appear sturdy, the built quality does not have a reassuring feel to them.

Features include:

  • Frequency range: 10 Hz – 26.5KHz

6. Beats EP 

Beats EP is specially designed for Apple products like iPads, iPhones and iPods. These are powered by fine-tuned acoustics that delivers masterfully tuned sound with incredible clarity and balance.

These headphones are for everyday use as they are lightweight, tough and comfortable. Its stainless steel frame is durable and adjustable vertical sliders are provided for personalized comfort.

Beats EP has a battery-free design that offers unlimited playback. Besides its design, the fixed hassle-free cable allows you to focus on your music. 

These headphones provide satisfactory noise isolation for on-ear headphones. It comes with plush deep earpads that are fairly comfortable for extended use. Like most Beats Headphones, the sound reproduction is surprisingly good with a shallow emphasis on the lower end.

However, its big bass does not overpower the mids and the highs. It is rather a rare flair of coherency. The highs are balanced to keep things lively.

The package includes Beats EP headphones, a Foldable carrying pouch, a user manual and a warranty card


  • It is a bass-heavy headphone. Even though the bass is subdued to not overpower the mids as it lacks the texture.
  • No swivelling ear cups or folding hinges
  • You can not detach the 3.5mm cable as it is fixed

Features include:

  • Battery-free design for unlimited playback
  • Compatible with any Apple device
  • Adjustable vertical sliders for a personalised comfort
  • Answer calls and manage music on your Apple devices with RemoteTalk cable

7. Audio Technica M50X 

The Audio Technica M50X is popular among audiophiles and it’s for a good reason. Unlike M40X, these sound just right with a little extra sparkle in highs and have big bass. These headphones have been critically acclaimed by the top audio engineers and reviewers.

These provide exceptional clarity with deep and accurate bass response.

It has 45 mm, large drivers, with rare earth magnets and copper-clad aluminium wire voice coils.

Its circumaural design provides excellent noise isolation even in a loud environment. For more durability and comfort, professional-grade earpads and headband material are used. For easy and on-ear monitoring, earcups swivel to 90°.

It comes with three detachable cables which include 1.2 m – 3.0 m coiled cable, a 3.0 m straight cable and a 1.2 m straight cable. It has a collapsible design for saving space and portability.

This has been a top choice for studio mixing and tracking and DJ monitoring and personal purposes also. Although there is a slight boost in the highs and also a little in the bass department, it does make any genre shine. 

Even though it is built with plastic. It still looks better than any of its other variants. 


  • Ear Pads may not breathe well over extended hours of usage and make the ears warm up and sweat a bit over time.
  • The treble boost sounds a little too sharp and artificial. The mids do sound slightly hollow over a lot of tracks.

Features include:

  • frequency response: 15Hz to 28000 Hz.

8. Audio Technica M40X 

These particular headphones are not for the bass heads as there is no hard-hitting boomy bass integrated. It provides accurate mid and highs making the overall result sound rich.

The highs are tuned extremely well. And have plenty of textures and details. If mixing and mastering are what you are looking for then these are an excellent pair to work with.

It comes with 40 mm drivers with rare earth magnets and copper-clad aluminium wire voice coils. These are tuned flat for accurate sound monitoring. 

Its circumaural design contours the ears for excellent noise isolation even in a booming environment. Its earcups swivel to 90°and easy one-ear monitoring. Professional-grade earpads and headbands are used to deliver durability and comfort.

The package includes two interchangeable and detachable cables: 1.2 m – 3.0 m coiled cable and a 3.0 m straight cable, a protective carrying pouch and 1/4″ screw-on adaptor.


  • If you are looking Bass-heavy headphones for enjoying upbeat genres then this one is just not the right choice for you. Consider purchasing something like the Beyerdynamic DT-770 Pro or M50X.

Features include:

  • Frequency Response : 15 – 24,000 Hz

9. Ultrasone Performance 820 

This one is an absolute all-rounder to enjoy and get immersive irrespective of the content you wish to listen to. These headphones are specially for mastering or critical listening.

These headphones come with a detachable cable that features a microphone and a remote to control playback and answer calls.

The overall design, its large inner cups, headband gives you comfort and secure fit. Its closed back and ear pads are made to fit your ears perfectly while offering noise isolation. The entire performance of Ultrasone 820 is the most immersive and fun-sounding. This is without a doubt one of the best audiophile headphones under 15000 in India.

The package includes Ultrasone 820 Headphones, a detachable 1.2 m long cable with microphone and remote control, a carrying bag and a brilliant 5-year manufacturer warranty. 


  • Bass might overpower the mids at times if the source is leaning towards the warmer end of the variant. 
  • If you are someone looking for a more neutral and natural signature sound then this might come across as artificial.

Features include:

  • Frequency range: 10 – 22.000 Hz

10. Beyerdynamic DT-770 Pro 

First off these headphones come in three variants: 32ohm, 80ohm and 250-ohm. The signature sound does not differ much irrespective of the variant you choose. The price point may vary depending upon the one you go for.

32 Ohm is perfect for mobile devices such as tablets and smartphones and also for professional sound in the studio.

The 80 Ohm is the right choice for general studio situations like recording, monitoring or mixing. This one particularly suits well for drummers. And also loud environments as these are designed for greater sound isolation 

The 250 Ohm is a high impedance variant of this model that offers increased sensitivity, dynamics and frequency response. This variant is ideal for detailed mixing in the studio.

It is better to opt for 80 Ohms to pair it with an external amp/DAC or DAP or with 250 Ohm variant to use for mastering and desktop setups. 

The bass is well extended and prominent. And does not interfere with the highs and mids.

similar to many mid focused pair of headsets, these sound slightly delicate as mids are not as prominent and never truly interlude by any means. 

Highs are a standout in this pair of headphones. The overall presentation is clinical sounding and airy as the highs are sharp, crisp and well extended.

This well-extended treble helps in lending the overall soundstage that feel very natural and wide.

The 80-ohm version has a slight edge in midrange performance and a little less prominent bass compared to the other two variants. All in all, DT-770 Pro is easily the most technically best sounding pair.


  • These may look a bit unrealistic due to its overly clean presentation and the highs. Even though the highs are well-controlled. These can be a little overpowering if you have sensitive ears.
  • The cable of these headphones is hard-wired. That’s the only downside otherwise a brilliant pair of headphones. The DT-770 Pro possesses all the traits of in their classic range, be it good or bad!

Features include:

  •  Frequency Response : 5 – 35.000 Hz


What Does the Term Audiophile Refer To?

The term ‘Audiophile’ is someone who prefers high fidelity sound. Here, Fidelity refers to the quality of the audio signal. So in layman’s terms, an audiophile is someone who loves music a lot and likes to hear the best reproduction with maximum accuracy and minimum distortion. An audiophile can also be to all stages of the music creation process like recording, production, and also playback. The term is used with audio equipment made for such individuals like audiophile headphones.

What is the other terminology related to Audiophiles and Headphones?

To find the best Audiophile headphones especially in india, it is better if you know the different terms present within headphones before purchasing. Below are some terms you will get to hear when searching for audiophile headphones:


Drivers are the magnets which convert the digital signal to an audio signal through vibration. The larger the driver size the better it is at reproducing lower frequencies. Driver sizes differ and correspond with that of headphone size. 


The resistance in the headphones is impedance. It is measured in Ohms. The lower the impedance in audio equipment the louder the sound would be.


Closed-back headphones have a seal over the driver that does not allow any outside or ambient noise from entering the earcup space. These are not as accurate as of the open-back headphones.


Open-back headphones produce a wide sound range that too accurately as they have no seal over the driver.


The soundstage is an audio picture the headphones create for the listener. If the soundstage is wide enough you can distinctly hear various instruments and feel the distance between them. This happens to be one of the reasons why they stand out.

Sound isolation

The pads on the ear cups block external or ambient noise from entering the headphones and also from interfering with the audio. This phenomenon is called sound isolation. It is present on all audiophile headphones available in the market.


We hope this list of ‘best audiophile headphones under 15000 in India’ has been helpful to you in finding the right pair of headphones that cater your audio necessities. We have given out all the details regarding the products. If you are an audiophile and likes to listen to music in high quality make sure to come back as we keep updating our list.

Audiophile headphones are definitely an investment and one needs to be careful while choosing. Many manufacturers produce dozens of audiophile audio equipment making it impossible for the buyer to purchase from.

To help with your decision making, we have gathered the list of some of the best audiophile headphones in India under 15k.

If you have any queries related to this article let us know in the comment box below. If you know other audiophile headphones available in India and you think should be on this list. Let us know about those as well.

Feel free to share this article with your family and friends.

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