How to Disable Windows 10 Updates Permanently | 2 Methods

How to Disable Windows 10 Updates Permanently

Is your windows 10 PC updating automatically and want to disable windows 10 updates? then this tutorial is for you. here I will be sharing how to “disable windows 10 updates” on your PC/Laptop in 2 methods.

These days getting windows 10 updates really became a headache for some people because they are very frequent.

The reasons are like a decrease in internet speed while the update when you are doing some important stuff, Taking much time at the time of shut down or restart & much more.

So Don’t worry I am here with the solution for all the windows 10 editions like Professional, enterprise & home which is the basic PC version.

So just follow the below simple steps and learn how to disable windows 10 updates permanently.

If you have windows professional then we recommend the second method because this option will ask you whether to download the update and also ask to install the updated download or not.

Its always better to download the update because windows do not release the update unnecessarily. they always patch the loophole for your security purpose only.

What happens if you disable windows 10 updates permanently

  • You won’t get any updates
  • There won’t be any slow down in your internet speed
  • You won’t get irritation
  • Your pc/laptop will become chicken for hungry hackers
  • If a hacker gets control of your pc then all your info can be stolen.
  • No anti-virus can help you
  • Rest up to you. You can follow our 2nd method which will notify you to download or not but never disable your updates permanently

Method 1

How to Disable Windows 10 Updates Permanently

How to Disable Windows 10 Updates Permanently

In this method, you won’t get any update availability notification nor you will be able to update once the setup is done. It will completely block windows 10 updates.

You need to again make the changes made by you to the default changes to get updates automatically or whenever you want to check for updates.

Note: This method will apply to windows home and professional

Overview: Start> Control Panel> View by Lasrge Icons> Administrator tools> Services> Windows Updates> Double click on Services> Select Stop under service status.

Step 1: First of go to search and search for Control panel

Step 2: Choose View by as Large Icons which is on the top right corner.

disable windows 10 through control panel

Step 3: Now select Administrator Tools and search for Services

 disable windows 10 through control panel> services

Step 4: Scroll down till the end until you find “Windows Update

Disable windows 10 updates through services

Step 5: Now double click on services and a new window will popup on your screen.

Step 6: Under service status, you will see an option Stop. simply click on the stop option to stop automatic updates on your Windows 10 PC/Laptop

Step 7: Now you have to disable the startup type which you can see in the below image.

windows automatic update diabled

After the above changes are made simply click on Apply to disable windows 10 updates and restart your PC/Laptop to make the changes apply.

In case if you want to update your windows then you need to do all these steps again and you need to select Start option & startup type to automatic or manual.

Method 2

How to Stop Windows 10 Update Automatically

How to Stop Windows 10 update automatically

Once this method setup is done on your PC/laptop you will be able to see that windows 10 will be asking for permission to download the update or not every time there is an update.

So it’s up to you whether you want to download the update or not. but if you download the update then it will again ask you to install the update or not after the update is downloaded.

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Step 1: Press Win + R button to get Run box on your PC/Laptop

windows 10 run

Step 2: In run box simply type MMC and press Enter.

windows 10 run option

Step 3: A console root will open and select Files which is on the top left corner of the window

windows 10 console root

Step 4: In files, select the option Add/Remove Snap-in & search for Group Policy Objects.

windows 10 console root add or remove
windows 10 group policy objects

Step 5: Simply double click on Group Policy Objects, a window will popup and click on Finish

windows 10 group policy wizard

Step 6: You will get an option called Local Computer Policy which you can see in the below image.

windows 10 add or remove snap-ins

Step 7: Select Local Computer Policy and click on Ok.

Step 8: Now expand Local Computer Policy and you will see 3 options called software settings, Windows Settings & Administrative Tools.

windows 10 local computer policy

Step 9: Again expand Administrative Templates and expand Windows Components.

Step 10: In Windows Components, search for Windows Updates and select it.

stop windows 10 automatic update

Step 11: After selecting Windows Updates, You will see some options. In that search for Configure automatic updates & double click on it.
Configure automatic updates

windows 10 configure automatic update

Step 12: A new window called Configure Automatic updates will pop up and here you need to enable the option which is shown in the below image.

windows 10 automatic update disable

Step 13: Once you have enabled now you have to select Notify for download and notify for install open from the configure automatic updating dropdown.

stop windows 10 automatic updates
windows 10 automatic updates disable

Step 14: After making the above changes simply click on apply & ok to disable windows 10 updates.

Step 15: Now you need to restart your PC/Laptop to make the changes apply on your PC/Laptop.


How to stop Windows 10 Update using CMD

You can stop the windows 10 update using cm do all you have to do is simply enter 3 commands and the windows 10 update will be paused where ever it is.

This method is most useful for those people who are doing some important work or for those people who less data or using mobile data.

Open your CMD using windows search and then enter the following commands which are listed below.

Note: All these 3 commands will take Lil time so be patient and don’t close the CMD thinking that nothing is happening.

  1. net stop wuauserv
  2. net stop bits
  3. net stop dosvc

After successfully entering these three commands simply close and your windows update will be paused where ever it is and you can resume the download by following the below three commands list.

  1. net start wuauserv
  2. net start bits
  3. net start dosvc


We hope this step by step guide actually helped you to permanently diable windows 10 updates on your pc/laptop.

In case if you are facing any issue then do let us know about it through the below comment box so that we will try to guide you.

We have a saperate telegram channel/ if you are looking for some instant help then do join our group

Also, feel free to share this post with your friends & family members who want to disable windows 10 updated.

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