How to Delete Naukri.com Account Permanently 2020- 4 Methods

Delete Naukri.com Account Permanently: Hello people, Welcome to Techy Guide. If you are irritated by the emails from Naukri website and want to get right of these emails then you have come to the right place.

Here we are going to explain to you how you can delete your Naukri account permanently with the help of your mobile app or with the help of the website and I will also share 2 more methods where you can stop getting emails from them. So simply follow the steps mentioned below and deactivate Naukri account permanently.

As you know Naukri is one of the most people websites online for jobs where you will find all the job notifications of both private jobs and government jobs.

Once you create Naukri account you will start getting notifications to your phone if you have downloaded the app and also you will start getting emails about the job notifications. these emails keep coming until you delete or deactivate your account.

For some people, this will be really a big problem because when you open your email account there are you’re going to find the Naukri flooding with emails for some they get irritated because they are already in a job or doing any other business. below I am going to explain each & every step how to deactivate or delete your Naukri account.


Delete/De-activate Naukri.com Account

Method 1:

Delete Account Via Naukri App

In case if you don’t have Naukri app on your mobile then do download the app from the below link. when you click on that link it will redirect you to your play store account direct download page. you can simply download from there. As simple as that. You don’t have to open the play store and search for Naukri app to download.

This method will not permanently delete your Naukri account but it will deactivate your account until & unless you log in to your account again and once you deactivate your account you won’t get any emails or any recruiters will not see your profile on Naukri.

  • Once you have downloaded the Naukri app and installed on your phone simply open the app and log in to your Naukri account.
  • Now to deactivate you need to click on the menu button which is on the top left corner and goto the settings option which is at the bottom of the menu options.
  • A new window will open and you will see “Communication & privacy” as the first option. select this option and scroll down a bit and you will find more option.

  • Click on that more option and you will get 2 new options
  1. This will completely make my profile invisible from the recruiters
  2. I will not hear from Naukri unless I log in again on this platform.
  • Simply enable this two option and click on the de-activate my account. it will ask for the reason. simply enter the reason and click on ok and it will automatically log out of your Naukri account.
  • Now until you login back you will not receive anything from Naukri.

Method 2:

Delete Naukri Account Via Website

  • First of all, Open Naukri website and login to your account.
  • After login to your account click on my Naukri and select the option “Settings
  • In setting you will find Communication and privacy option which is similar to the mobile app account deactivation.
  • Scroll down till the end of the page and you will find an option called Read More. Click on that option.
  • Now you will see something saying “Your account will be deactivated for” with a dropdown menu.
  • simply select the reason for deactivation your account from the given reasons and click on “Deactivate my account
  • That it. You have successfully deactivated your Naukri account with the help of Naukri website. Now you will not receive anything from Naukri website.

Method 3:

Unsubscribe to Naukri Email Notifications

If you do not want to delete your Naukri account or you are not able to delete or disable your Naukri account then I suggest you unsubscribe to your emails list. Below I have shared how to unsubscribe Naukri email list. simply follow the steps carefully and unsubscribe to the Naukri email notification.

  • First of all, open your Gmail account and search of Naukri in the search bar.
  • Now you are going to find all the Naukri emails list.
  • Simply open any one of the emails and scroll down till the end of that email.
  • Now you are going to find an option sating “Unsubscribe to email notification” You can check in the below image.
  • Once you click on that unsubscribe to that email list a new window is going to open and you will find this message “You have successfully unsubscribed to this email list. we have removed from our email list and you will no longer hear anything from us”

Method 4:

Email Naukri Support Team

to delete your Naukri account perminently you need to mail the developers email: bug@naukri.com and they will send you an email once your account has been deleted permanently. this process may take up to 48 hours.


I hope you have selected one of the methods to de-active or delete your Naukri account. as per me if you are irritated with there emails then I suggest you follow the 3rd method which unsubscribe from there mailing list and if you want to deactivate then follow the first or second methods and if you permanently delete the account then go for the 4th method.

let us know if you are facing any problem and also which method you have selected from the above 4 methods. feel free to share your experience about this Naukri deactivating or deleting process.


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