How to kick people off your wifi 2022

How to kick people off your wifi

how to kick people off your wifi: Have you shared your wifi password with someone? Are you tired of people using your wifi excessively or without your permission? Read till the end as we will share with you some of the easy methods to kick people off your wifi network.

There is a separate method described for each operating system and device. If too many people are using your wifi network, then expect it to lag constantly and slow to no internet.

In this article, we will explain why and how to kick people off your WiFi network. let’s get started!!

Before we jump into the how; let’s see why you need to kick people off your wifi network.

Why you need to Kick People Off Your WiFi Network

  • Too many people using the same wifi network may result in slow bandwidth and internet
  • Your friends that you shared your wifi password with may download illegal torrents or content leading to cyberattacks. This will give hackers a chance to control your router
  • Bandwidth exceeds FUP limits resulting in you upgrading the plans.
  • Finally, People won’t listen to your requests if you tell them to stop using excessively even if your network is not working.

The reasons why you need to kick people off your wifi network is not just limited to above-mentioned ones.

There are several reasons, but that’s not what is important here. It is only fair to kick people off your wifi network especially when they ignore all your requests.  

Change your WiFi Password

change wifi password

This has to be the most commonly known and easiest way to remove people from your wifi network. Here, all you need to do is change the wifi password of your router.

The downside of this method is it will not only help you remove people from your network. But, also gets disconnected from all your connected devices such as your PC and smartphone.

If you do not wish to struggle by re-entering the new password on all your connected devices again, then here are a couple of ways to knock people off your network.

Another alternative: Start Using a Guest Network

If you wish to share your WiFi with others but do not want users to access your main network. Then we suggest you create a separate guest WiFi network. 

For example: If your main WiFi network’s name is ‘Timon’, then create a guest network with the name ‘Pumba’ and ask your guest users to join that instead. You do not have to name your networks as to how we mentioned, we named them just to give you a reference.

There is an option to create a guest network in most routers. For this, all you need to do is simply, log into your router settings and seek for the ‘guest network’ feature. In some routers like DD-WRT, it is available under Wireless option.

In some, it can be found under ‘access control lists’. If you cannot find it, then you can always Google it with your router model number.


  • A permanent solution to put an end to WiFi moochers as they can not reconnect later
  • It is easy to change the guest network password, without having to change the primary network password
  • The guest network does not have access to file sharing on your computer

How to Kick People Off Your WiFi network on Router

How to Kick People Off Your WiFi network on Router

For this, login to your router and seek for DHCP settings. Most of the routers does have the option to disconnect devices directly from their respective mobile applications. In case your router does not have this option, then you will have to do it manually.

The configuration of every router is very much dependent on the manufacturer. So, to kick people off your WiFi network you need to consult your router manual if you wish to disconnect the offending devices via a DHCP server or to bind IP and Mac addresses. This process is usually very easy to follow.

On the other hand, you can also call your ISP to inform them that someone is using your WiFi without your permission. Most of the routers come with a remote access feature, where the ISP can log into your router to find out the WiFi freeloader.

The remote access feature is disabled on most routers by default. But it can be enabled easily in a few clicks. Moreover, the process of enabling or disabling remote access is different on each router. So, we suggest you refer to the manual.

Regardless of how good the remote access feature is, it is also quite scary. Imagine this scenario, for instance, a person sitting 3000 miles away from you, logging into your router without your knowledge any time he pleases.

He can do anything to your router and wifi network as he pleases and you will not have the slightest idea of what he can do. Scary isn’t it? This is why we suggest WiFi security features like changing your default WiFi password, disabling remote access when you are not using, etc.


  • A permanent solution to WiFi freeloaders. They can not connect later as well
  • This method works on every device
  • It does not require you to install any application


  • This procedure is not quite beginner-friendly, especially if you have never configured a router before
  • Not everyone has access to the router
  • The other person can easily check if you have blocked him/her by logging into your router

How to Kick People Off Your WiFi on Android devices

How to Kick People Off Your WiFi on Android devices

When speaking of Android devices, there are many applications that can kill the internet connection of other devices on the network. Some of those applications include WiFi Kill, cSpolit, etc. One such application is NetCut.

‘NetCut basically works at Layer 2 of the OSI model. It lets users test its WIFI network by finding the brand test ARP protocol’

There one common ground in almost all of these applications is that it requires root access. This means you cannot use any of these applications if your android device id not rooted. NetCut also has a windows version that requires root access as well.

You can download the application from their official website. Once you have launched the app, give root permission when asked. Next search for the device you wish to kick off your network.  

Now, click on the red WiFi symbol next to the device, this will disable the internet connection on that device. To alter the speed of the internet connection, you can move the slider appearing in the middle. 


  • Does not create a packet storm to kill the internet connection
  • You can control internet speed
  • It allows you to search for devices by its name instead of Mac addresses


  • It is a temporary solution, the WiFi user can reconnect later as well.
  • You can only disconnect the internet of only one device at a time
  • Some of its features may upgrade to paid in the future

How to Kick People Off Your WiFi Network on Windows 10

To kick people off your wifi network on windows 10, we are going to use a free application called NetCut. Although this is an older application it works fine on Windows 10. The UI(user interface) is straight out of the 90s.

All you need to do is download and install NetCut from its official website. You will be asked to install another application called WinpCap during the installation process. Follow the installation wizard and you are good to go. Reboot your device if asked.

NetCut will list out all the devices that are connected to your WiFi network with their Mac addresses. All you have to do is select the Mac address you want to block and then click on the ‘Cut’ button.

This will further disconnect the internet from the victim device. Click the ‘On’ button to allow them to reconnect to your network.


  • This method is free and easy to use
  • This method works well on all version of Windows


  • Your WiFi moocher can connect later as this is a temporary solution.
  • The UI is outdated 
  • You will have to know the Mac address of the freeloader device

How It Works

When you start using the NetCut application, it spoofs the Mac address of the router. This will make the victim device believe it to be the original router. The victim’s device starts sending the data packets to your device which is NetCut.

Instead of forwarding data packets to the router, NetCut will rather drop the data packets resulting in internet disconnection.

How to Kick People Off Your WiFi on Mac

JamWiFi is one such Mac application that will help you kick people off your WiFi network. However, it is not available in the App Store for direct downloads. If you are not able to launch the app the reason might be security settings. 

To fix this, 

go to System Preference  Security and Privacy  Allow apps download from  and then allow JamWiFi.

  • Once the application opens, click on the scan button which is at the bottom and scan all the WiFi networks around you. 
  • Next, select the network you wish to block. You will see a list of Mac addresses on the WiFi. 
  • Here, select the one you wish to block and click on ‘deauth’ button (de-authentication button) at the bottom. This action will result in disconnecting the internet from the victim’s device and your computer as well.

When you wish to give internet access back, click on the ‘done’ button.


  • This application is free and easy to use
  • This application is capable of disabling the internet on multiple devices on the network


  • Although this app is great at disconnecting the internet, it is only a temporary solution. The WiFi freeloader can reconnect later
  • The downside f this application is it also disconnects the internet from the host device which is your computer.

How does it work

JamWiFiworks is different in comparison to how NetCut application works. This application sends continuous de-authentication packets to the victim device, instead of acting as a router. So, every time the victim tries to reconnect to the network, JamWiFi will send a deauth packet to disconnect it.

How to Kick People Off Your WiFi on Any Device

There is no set way to kick someone off your WiFi network using CMD. The following method will come in handy in every situation. 

For example: In case, if you do not have access to a computer or a rooted Android device you can still kick people off your WiFi with iPhone. And you can still block the internet connection of any device on your wifi network.

All you need to do is find the IP address of the device you wish to block on your network. You will have to assign this same IP address to your device as well. To change the IP address of your device, go to the static IP address settings. 

Considering you are using the same IP address as your neighbour, what happens is your router will get confused. There are three possibilities to what may happen since every router is different. 

  1. The router may simply disconnect both the devices from the network
  2. The router will disconnect the old device from the network 
  3. That last possibility could be, you won’t be able to connect to the network.

One thing to bear in mind is that this procedure may not work every time. Particularly, when the DHCP server is configured to allocate automatic IP addresses. Reason being, the victim can reinitiate the connection and the DHCP server will give them a new local IP address.


  • This method works from any computer or smartphone
  • No application is required


  • With this method, you cannot block multiple devices on the network or control speed
  • Since this method hugely depends on your router, it might not work in every situation.
  • To block any device, you should know the IP address of that device 
  • The WiFi freeloader can reconnect later as this is a temporary solution.

How does it work

When two or more devices on the same network have the same IP address, the router gets confused and blocks the internet connection of either the old device or all devices on the network.


We hope this article has been helpful to you. In the above article, we have shared all the information on how to kick people off your wifi. Also, the best way to keep people off our wifi network will be to use dedicated apps such as Android or JamWIFI for mac.

If you have any queries related to the article then let us know in the comment section below.

Feel free to share this article with your near and dear ones to make their lives a tad bit easier.  

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