LDPlayer: Best Android Emulator 2021 [Beginner Guide]

LDPlayer: Searching for one of the best Android emulators for your Pc then you have come to the right place. Here we are going to explain of the most popular android emulator LD Player with a lot of features with powerful android 7.0 version which lets you access almost all kinds of high end apps and games.

About LDplayer

LD player is especially designed for those people who want to play android games on your PC and access the android apps on laptop. This is a simple software which you can download on your pc and access it based on the mobile model or tablet.

This android emulator is downloaded 100 million times with a 2+ million aciv users. It supports more then 15 langugaes and more then a million peole use this for nly playeing games.

Below are are going to explain each and every potion of this player and explain in detail with images and video guide.

LD player Min requirements:

As per the official website, LD player need the following stats for a smooth run

Operating SystemWindows XP, Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 10
ProcessorIntel/AMD Processor
Hard Disk36 GB
Virtualization TechnologyEnabled
Open GL2.0

How to download & install LD player

  • First of all download the LD player EXE file on your Pc.
  • Now double click on the .Exe file (Installer) and allow the permissions to download the software
  • Once the player is Downloaded it will automatically create Shortcut on your desktop.
ld player install complete
  • That’s it. You have downloaded & installed the LD player without issues.


You can also download the android 5.1 version LD player if you wish to.

If you want to download the software directly then directly download from the google drive.

Download Android 64bit version for games like Pokemon UNITE etc…

Features of LD Player:

Settings: The very first on the right side is Setting option which we will discuss about it in deep below.

Keyboard Mapping: The second feature is Keyboard mapping which where you can configure the buttons which is very much useful for people who play games using this android emulator.

Volume Buttons: The 3rd & 4th feature of LD player is volume button with short cuts (Ctrl++) to increase the volume and (Ctrl+-) to decrease the volume of your LD player.

Full Screen: The 5th button is Full screen where you can scale the LD player to full screen. All you have to do is simply press F11.

Recording: One of the best feature is recording your LD player screen without the need of any 3rd party app and the shortcut is (Ctrl+8)

Multi-Player: LD player allowes you to use multiple players at the same time. its like creating/accessing more then one phone on pc. this is very much useful then you are doing any kind of referral programs etc.

Install APK: Installing apk is very useful and you can even drag and drop the emulator into LD player which is think the better option

Screen Shot: This is just like any other screenshot which is dont think i have to explain.

Video Recorder: LD player allows you to record your LD player screen. It comes by default and you can record in high definition and small video.

Rotate Screen: This will help you to rotate your screen like you have an option to portrate your phone. By default you cannot rotate but if you tap on this then the screen will be rotated.

Back: Back button for Android Emulator

Home: Home button like every other Android Home button.

Switch Between Apps: This is a minimize button for LD player.

LD Player Setting Options:

LD player Settings

Advanced Options:

1: You can select the resolution and switch between Mobile, Tablet, Ulta Wide & Even customize as per your wish.

2: You can choose the CPU codes and also the size of LA player RAM

3: It allowes you to allocate the Disk Space and even manage the Disk Cache


In the LD player Model option you can actually change identity of your LD player device like

  • IMEI
  • Manufacturar
  • Model
  • Number
  • Frame Rate

It has the other options like Game Setting, Audio, Network, Audio, Shortcuts and Wallpaper.


We assume that you found this article very helpful. We have shared this article keeping very beginners in mind. if you have any questions of have any suggestion do let us know and feel free to share this beginner guide with every one who are new to android emulator world.

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