Everything about WhatsApp Groups

about whatsapp groups

In these days every has got a smart phone and also have whatsapp in there phone. as you know whatsapp is one of the most used social app in the world which is available in almost every country. if you are using whatsap then you have atleast joined the whatsapp group once or created a whatsapp group once.. You can create any group without any restrisction to it. So here in this post i am going to explain everything about whatsapp group which you have to know and many of this things which i am going to explain here not known.

About WhatsApp

WhatsApp is a social networking messanger app with more then 2+ billion people using it in there daily life. It is one of the widest using instant messaging app which is available on all platforms like Android, IOS and many other. You can use it in any devices without any problem. On android it has got 1,000,000,000+ downloades. there are may mod apps which gives extra features then the normal but whatsapp has recently announced that it is going to ban those users who are not using official whatsapP. So if you are not official whatsapp user then uninstall the app immediately and install the officia one.

What is a whatsapp Group

Whatsapp group is a group where you can chat with group members all at once and anyone can replay you. Suppose if you have created a family group or school friends group then everyone can read your message and anyone who wants to replay to your message can replay as well. You can also send multimedia as well. You can add 257 members to the WhatsApp group and you cannot add more than that. You will have an option like Add WhatsApp group display picture, WhatsApp Group description, and WhatsApp group name. You can add or remove anyone from the group. You can add members by sharing the group invite link or by manually which I will explain in the below briefly.

How to create a whatsapp group

how to create whatsapp group
Create whatsapp group

If you are new to whatsapp messanger and dont know how to create a whatsapp group then this is especially for you and i am going to explain everything briefly so that you will understand it clearly. i will also share the images so that you can every understand better. so simply read the below steps and learn how to create any kind of whatsapp group. before creating a whatsapp group do remember that you need to add atleast one members to the group. without add a member you cannot create.

  • First, You have to open your whatsapp messanger and click on the three dots which are on the right top corner of the app. (Check the below image for better understanding)
  • Once you click on that three dot you will see one of the options “Create Group” you can see in the below image
  • Now click on that option and you need to add at least one member to the group and click on the green tick mark button. (You can also add more contacts if you want)
  • Now add the group images, Group name & group description and again click on the green tick button
  • Thats it you have created the your own whatsapp group in just 3 clicks. You can change the group name/Image & descreption at anytime you want.
  • Note that you can add only 257 members to one whatsapp group and you cannot add more then that.

How to add members to whatsapp group

Once you have created a whatsap group the very next step to do is add members to your whatsapp group. If you want to add your contact then you can either add them manually or you can add then by sharing the whatsapp group invite link. I will also share how you can add memebers without saving there contact in your contacts list. So read all the methods carefully and learn how to add members

Method one:

By sharing whatsapp group invite link

this method is one of the simplest methods and you can follow this method to add members from your contact or even other members who are not in your contacts. In this method what you do is copy your group invite link and share with the one who want to join the whatsapp group.

  • First of all, open the WhatsApp group and tap on the name of the group
  • Now simply scroll down till you find the option “Invite via the link”
  • Once you select that option you will get many options.
  • Simply click on the option “Copy link” and the link will be copied.
  • Now share the link with the people whom you want to join the group. You can send to your contacts or even out of your contacts.

Method two:

Via WhatsApp Group join link

Here in this method you will fist copy the group invite link and share that link with the people who want to join or even with the contacts whom you want to add to the group. This will show weather are interested to join the group or not. interested people will join the group and the other will not join. this method actually shows there interested.

  • Click on your group name and scroll down and select the option copy link
  • Select that option and copy the invite link and share with with the people whom you want in your group
  • If they are interested then they will join the group via invite link if not then they wont.

How to join Whatsapp group via the Whatsapp group invite link

You will find many whatsapp groups online and one of the best website is whatsapp group join link where you will find unlimited whatsapp groups. this website has got more then 150+ tyes of whatsapp groups.

  • To join the group simply click on the group invite link
  • Once you click on that it will redirect you to the whatsapp messanger
  • Now it will show to option like “Join Group” & Cancel
  • If you want to join the group then click on Join group if not cancel.
  • Once yo
  • u click on join group then you will be in whatsapp group.

How to remove whatsapp group members

How to remove someone from whatsapp group
How to remove someone from whatsapp group

are you the admin of a group where people are sharing off-topic messages or adult videos in the group or spamming the group with repeated messages and want to remove them from the group but don’t know how you can remove a person from the group then here in this tutorial ou will find everything related to removing a person from the group with brief & image explaination.

  • First of all, Open your whatsapp messanger and open the group from which you want to remove the spamming members.
  • Now remember the last 3 degits of the members whom you want to remove and tap on the group name
  • Now scroll down a little and you will see the members phone numbers.
  • Find the people who are spamming and click on there number
  • Once you tap on the number then you will get few options
  • Simply select the option remove and the member will be removed from the group. Thats it.

How to make someone admin

Make some one whatsapp group admin
Make some one whatsapp group admin

if your group is super active then its very common that you will be getting messages alot and you need another supporting member to monitor the group so that you can keep the clean. before you make someone admin of the group make sure you select the trusted person so that he will not remove you once he made the admin. note that the one you make admin will have equal right like you will have. if he is not trusted then he may remove you from the group so choose wisely. Here in the below steps i am going to explain everything deeply about making someone the admin of the group.

How to join whatsapp group without admin

If you want to join without the permission of the group admin then you need to have the whatsapp group invite link of that group so that you can join the group without admin. If you have that link simply click on that link and you will be inside the group.

How to exit whatsapp group

Are you a member of a group which is spamming with unnecessary messages or the admin of the group no longer taking action on the group members who are sending off-topic messages. You have joined the group but don’t know how to exit from the group then you have to read this. Here i will share briefly how to exit a WhatsApp group with the help of images.

  • At first, Open the group which you want to exit and click on the group name
  • Now scroll down until the end of the group and there you will find an option called exit group
  • Simply click on that option exit group and you will leave the group. that’s it.

How to copy whatsapp group link

Well, copying a whatsapp group invite link is possible on for the group admin. so if you are a group admin then do follow the below steps. if you are not an admin then please contact the group admin and ask for the group link. So simply follow the steps mentioned below to copy the whatsapp groups links

  • First of all, open the whatsapp group and click on the group name
  • Now select the option invite via the link and you will find few more options.
  • Now select the option Copy link and you have succssfully coped the whatsapp group link
  • Note copying a whatsapp group link is possible only for the group admin.

How to revoke whatsapp group invite link

how to revoke whatsapp group link
Revoke whatsapp group link

Revoking a whatsapp group link is very simple and you dont have to worry at all. just like you copied the whatsapp group link its the same way but you have to select tanother option Revoke group link. By revoking the group link you are changing the group invite link to a all new whatsapp group link. people who try to join your group via old link will no longer be able to join the group. so below i will bxplain briefly how to revoke a group link.

  • To revoke any groups then you need to open the whatsapp group first and then click on the name of the group
  • Now select the option called invite via link
  • Once you open that option you will see Revoke link option.
  • Simply click on that revoke link option and you will generate a new whatsapp group link. Thats it. You have successfully revoked and generated a new whatsapp group link.

How to add someone to whatsapp group who is not in your contacts

I suggest you to add members to the group via the whatsap group invite link which isone of the esaiest ways to join any of the whatsapp group. Once you have enough number of memebers then you can also revoke the link and people wont be able to join your group.

So to add members who are not in the contacts list then simply copy your whatsapp group link and share it to them when they message you to add in the group, thats it. its so simple and you dont need to save there number and add them manually.

How to stop notifications of whatsapp group

i hope you are irritated with the continuous messages from the grou and everytime they popup on your notification and fedup. you can simply turnoff the notification for that and you wil no longer get any notification from that group. so simply follow the steps mentioned below and learn them.

  • Open the group of which you want to stop notifications.
  • Now click on the name of the group and the second option will be Mute notification
  • Simply enable that option to mute notification and you are done.
  • You have successfully disabled the group notifications. thats it.

How to change whatsapp group settings

whatsapp group settings
whatsapp group settings

Recently whatsapp has come with the new group settings where you can allow or disallow the members from changing the group name or group DP without your permission. with the help of these setting only you will be able to change the group setting and no other be able to change any. so simply check the steps below and learn them.

  • Open the group settings by clicking on the group name
  • Now select the option group settings
  • Once you open them simply change the all participants of “Edit Group Info” & “Send Messages” to only admin
  • If you select the option only admin then no member will be able to change any of the settings except the admin.

How to replay to specific message in whatsapp group

You can replay to a specific message or a specific person in WhatsApp group so here in this, I am going to explain how to replay a message to specific message in the below steps.

  • Open the group and select the message which you want to replay to.
  • Now tap & hold the message for 2 seconds and you will get some option at the top as shown in the image
  • Click on the left arrow mark and you will get that message to your reply box. that it
  • You have successfully learned how to replay to a particular message.

How to tag someone in the whatsapp group

Tagging is one of the most common options which you can see in any social platform and also in WhatsApp you can tag people in your chat. this option is only available on the WhatsApp group and you can only tag people who are in the group. So to learn how to tag a person in WhatsApp groups then, follow the below steps.

  • Open the whatsapp group and type “@” in the chat box
  • Once ou type @ you will get the list of members. Select the one whom you want to tag
  • You have to type @ everytime you want to add a group.
  • Thats it. You have successfully learned how to tag someone in your comments.

Where to find public whatsapp groups

Here are many websites out there who are sharing public whatsapp group invite links through which you need to join the group but i found a very interesting website which has almost 150+ types of whatsapp groups with each post having more then 300+ whatsapp group links. so if you are interested in joining the public WhatsApp groups then do remember the name WhatsApp group join link.

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