How to watch movies on telegram without downloading

Watch movies on telegram without downloading: Officially you cannot watch any movie on telegram without downloading it first. but we all want to watch the movie without downloading and we have a trick. so simply follow the below steps and watch the movie on telegram directly without downloading.

As we know that telegram is one of the best places to watch all kinds of movies online for free without even using the VPN like every other torrent website needs to protect your identity. Presently very few people are using telegram to watch movies and more people are going to join in the coming days.

Generally, telegram users know how to download movies on telegram but most of the users don’t know the method to watch any movie or web series without downloading. Below we have shared the method to watch movies without downloading.

We assume that you have already downloaded and registered your telegram account and already have joined the movie channels. If you want to join telegram movie channels then do check our guide on telegram movie channels and join them.

How to watch telegram movies in Telegram

  • First of all, open your telegram app and search for Link to files in the search bar which is on the top right corner.
  • It will show you the list. Select the first one which is link to files bot.
  • Now click on the start button and it will send /Start to the bot.
link to file bot
  • Go back to the telegram movie channel and choose the movie you want to watch.
telegram movie
  • Now click on the 3dot and choose the option forward and Forward that movie to Link to files bot.
telegram movie forward
movie forward to link to bot
link to file telegram movie file
  • It will now generate the movie link within a min or less than a min and give you the link.
telegram movie watch without download
  • Simply click on the link and the movie will open on your browser just like your every other video.
telegram movie link to watch
  • This is how you can movies on telegram without downloading the movie.
How to watch movies on telegram without downloading

Note: You can also use this method on your personal computer or Laptop to watch any telegram content on your web browser.


Telegram Movie watch FAQ’s

These are some of the most frequently asked questions and do let us know if you have any other questions or facing any problems which watching a video using link to files.

Link to files is a media link generating bot that can be shared with people who are not on telegram. Using this bot you can share the media link with anyone.

How to Download a movie from telegram?

Downloading a movie on a telegram channel is very simple. We have a detailed guide on how to download the movie on telegram. do check our step-by-step beginner guide.

how to play telegram videos on iphone

Open your telegram on iPhone and forward the movie you want to watch to link to files and then open the link that is generated by link to file and start watching. This process works on any device that supports telegram.

How to watch series on telegram

Using the Link to file bot you can generate any web series link to watch. Just find the web series you want to watch, forward it to the link to file, and open the generated file.


We hope you have learned how to watch any video content on telegram using our link to fil method. If you know any other method to watch without using link to file then do let us know about it so that we will share it in this article.

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