8 New Amazing Inventions That You Can Buy Online 2020


Technology is progressing rapidly. Nowadays, in almost every aspect of our life there is some part of the technology involved. There were a lot of new inventions made everyday week to fasten the human race. In this article, we’ll come to know about eight amazing inventions of 2020 that are available to buy online. 

Gyroor E-Bike C2

E-Bike concept is familiar to the entire world but Gyroor is different from usual. Gyroor’s new E-Bike is more than just a normal scooter. Due to its unique light-weighted design folding and unfolding is much easier. Just unscrew fold and the work is done.

It’s quite easy, isn’t it? Gyroor comes with the 30 sets of the 1860 50mA lithium battery unit that powers up the bike to go at 25 km/h. The bright LED power display notifies you when your bike is running out of juice. 

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 AYI, the world’s first AI mirror for the home. Following your voice command, AYI displays everyday schedule as well as numerous other stuff that you can expect from a smart mirror. Get connected with your peers since AYI is equipped with a smart calling feature.

Are you excited to know more about AYI? AYI works like a personal assistant. Its speech reorganization software allows you to control day-to-day tasks. 

You know what! you can also connect your frequent apps with this smart home buddy and the most amazing thing is you surely gonna love this. The splendid combination of anti print glass HD display and 1080HD camera makes AYI a perfect assistant for your home. Discover a new digital world being at home with AYI’s built-in augmented reality app.

Cricut EasyPress 2

Do you want to give your outfit a cool trendy and funny look? Just relax with advanced heat plate design and ceramic coated surface Cricut press is ready to rock your world. With its adjustable heat feature, you can set the temperature according to the fabric you use. Working with Cricut is too easy than you think.

The biggest advantage of this pressing machine is that it takes one minute or less than 60 seconds to get the job done. Now decorate your home interior and other material with Cricut easy press.

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 A card size projector that is focus free and app free. We are all engaged with our smartphones so seriously that we have no alternative. But the problem is that the small camera screen sometimes creates trouble as well as makes you feel uncomfortable. If you are one of the guys it’s time for you to get rid of this with Bijou.

Bijou is the smallest projection device that is specially designed to be adjusted in your small pockets. Of course even in your tight jeans pocket. This projector is not only small but also lighter than you think. Surprisingly it’s lighter than your iPhone.

So now maybe you have a question on how to use it or do I need any external setup. Well friends, you do not need any external setup or any app. It’s as simple as plug and play.

Bijou can expand the screen up to 100 inches so enjoy the broader view with Bijou. Unlike other projectors, Bijou never needs any assistance to create the right angle. It can project the screen 14 degrees upward.

With its laser beam scanning technology, you will get a crystal-clear view. If we talk about sound this smartie features built-in speakers that let you adjust the volume using the two buttons. No matter if you are a couch potato or a bed potato now you can enjoy your favorite movies and series downloaded from pirate bay in bed with holding up your phone.


Cleaning the bed sheets and cushion covers is not that enough. Every night you sleep with innumerable micro bacteria. To deal with this situation the bright minds invented rockubot. This first antibacterial robot is equipped with 24 sensors that terminate 99.99% bacteria, germs, and mites and make you dream sweet and healthy.

 With smart mapping and navigation intelligence, rockubot itself finds the proper way. Just turn it on and place it on your bed and the small bot will manage everything. No matter if the surface is plain or bulky rockubot knows how to deal with it.

Even it can work with cliff slopes or any other stuff. The object detection sensors mark and avoid any wall come around. So don’t worry about crashing and if you want to turn on the manual mode, simply pick it up and cover with a handle. 

The cover is integrated with the magnetic system so you can use rockubot easily to clean any surface, pillowcases, toilet seats, light switches, bathroom features, toys, cell phones, keyboards, TV remotes, and more. Additionally, its built-in speaker lets you enjoy music anywhere.

If we pay attention to the size it’s quite small to carry in a usual bag. When rockubot is off-duty you can charge your mobile device with or without a cord. Wherever you go this pocket-sized buddy will always be ready to fight with the germs.

Plevo B-One & D-One

World’s first smart bag pack to make your journey more convenient. It looks stylish and comfortable for your daily life. The hassle-free opening lets you put in and pick out any stuff easily. Now it’s time to forget using those traditional locks.

Your face is the digital key to unlock the bag. Also, stay charged with plevo’s removable battery. Just pick it up and plug into your device, it’s that easy. With the plevo assistant app, you can instantly track your belongings from anywhere at any time. Now say goodbye to the traditional bags.

Omni Ultimate

This ultimate power source is enhanced with the world’s best charging technology. With its adjustable DC output and high-powered USB C port, you can recharge most of your devices. With the capacity of thirty-four thousand eight hundred mAh and high wattage input, you can fully recharge Omni within just three hours of time.

Are you a digital artist, a freelancer, or an inventor, Omni can manage and power up all your devices. It is safe durable and ready to deal with any situation and above all, it comes with an exclusive adjustable voltage controller.

So now set the output as per your requirement. Whether you are a professional or passionate about creating a new world with your skills Omni is all set to be your companion. While you are at work the equipment needs to stand with you all the time. Running out of power can interrupt the work cycle but say thanks to the first interchangeable battery system.

Just change the battery and resume the process. Most of us are always worried about battery life when we plan an adventure but with Omni, you can plan any trip or outdoor adventure. Your devices will always be ready to take action.

The Omni Ultimate is the result of development and extensive research in power conversion technology.


Every morning you are on the go and obviously you leave the door open to the entire world. Meet roost, it is the world’s smallest as well as smartest door sensor that keeps eye on your garage door on behalf of you.

It automatically sends you a notification when you left the door open unknowingly. The easy installation process requires no time.

Just place it on your garage door, connect it with your home Wi-Fi setup, download the roost app and the job is done. One of the amazing features that you surely gonna love is you can customize roost to send you notifications just when you want them.

The smart roost knows what the urgency is! Just like an obedient assistant roost is at duty 24/7 with two years of life span. Roost will automatically let you know when you need to change the battery so don’t worry.

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