How to Write a Leave application letter with 6 sample letters

Leave application letter with 5 sample letters

There can be various reasons to write a leave application letter requesting leave for a specified duration from your place of employment.  

When it comes to educational institutions, there are certain rules you need to stick to in writing a leave of absence letter.

The reason why it is advised to write in certain formats is that the institutions or management should accept it. 

 A leave of absence must always feel like a necessity and not a luxury.

 If you wish your organization accepts your leave of absence letter without justification then providing a decent reason in your leave application must be your top priority.

The reason could be the loss of dear ones, personal or family health problems, a desire to travel or vacation etc., must be clearly stated in the letter. 

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What is a Leave Application Letter? 

A leave application letter is written to apply for a leave of absence that you will not be able to perform your duties to your organization for a certain period.

The whole concept of a leave application letter focuses on a formal way of asking for a break or leave of absence from work or college for a specific period. 

when it comes to writing a leave of absence letter there are three focal points which matter the most; one is being brief, straight to the point with no-nonsense and convincing the authority that your intention is genuine.

The maximum level of professionalism needs to be maintained when writing a leave application letter. The language in the letter should be formal with no elements of friendless or being casual.

Types of Leave Applications 

Types of Leave Applications

There can be multiple types of leave application letter and are not limited to the ones mentioned below:

Sick Leave  

Sick leave can be granted in various situations like due to an illness. For personal physical or mental illnesses, psychological, the care of a sick child, regular health checks, and/or to address the physical, and legal effects of domestic abuse etc. 


A person who does not report or show up to his regular job but remains employed with the company is known as sabbatical leave. This is commonly known as ‘career break’ or ‘ gap year’. It is a time away from work, on an agreement with your employer.

In most cases, a sabbatical will be unpaid during the leave of absence.

Study Leave 

Study leave is for the people who want to carry out research or time to study. According to law the maximum length of study leave is two years. In the case of a school pupil, it is usually granted them to study at home or prepare for examinations.

Maternity/Paternity Leave

Maternity leave is granted to a mother before and after the birth of her child.

Paternity leave is a leave of absence granted to the father of a new baby away from work. 

Vacation/Holiday Request Letter 

Vacation leave may be granted to all employees for relaxation and to attend to personal affairs. Similar to annual leave granted by employers which can be paid time off work to their employees.

However, many employers offer paid vacation to attract employees, around 10 workdays.

Emergency Leave Application 

Emergency leave is necessary to handle unforeseen circumstances such as the death of a loved one or a family member, illness, a life-threatening condition due to an accident, major surgery, or to visit a terminally ill person in the immediate family. An emergency or funeral leave must not exceed more than three days.

Other types of leaves may include:

  • leave application for study purposes
  • due to bad weather
  • A leave application to observe religious occasions
  • For court purposes or civil duties
  • To engage in an urgent work
  • annual leave applications
  • leave application to attend a funeral
  • Due to Medical reasons
  • For visiting an ill person from immediate family
  • leave application for marriage reasons etc

The list of types of leave application does not end here and includes many other reasons apart from the aforementioned once.

The general format of a leave application


Your name:


Company name:



Employer’s name

Name of the company

Subject: Reason for applying a leave of absence letter

Part 1: Leave application letter body

The first section is where you ought to impart the details of your leave of absence letter including the need for an official break from work or institution. The tone of the letter should be respectful and humble while addressing your employer. Include the details like, the reason behind leave application, the extent of the leave, both needs to be stated in brief and honest.

Part 2: Leave application letter details

In this section of the letter, you need to provide the details as well as the report of your present project if any and mention the handing over of pending work (if any), to a capable colleague and explain this thoroughly.

Part 3: Thank you

This is the section that comes at the end of the leave application letter. This means you need to thank the employer for having consideration. Here, you are thanking them for taking the time to go through your leave application letter. You should also provide a number or an email for them to contact to reach you for any reason.


Yours faithfully




Leave Letter samples

Leave Letter samples

Sick Leave Letter 


The Manager,

(Insert your company name)

Subject: Leave Application due to (Insert illness)

Dear Sir/ma’am,

Subject: It is to inform you that I am currently suffering from (Xyz’s illness).

 I am an employee of your firm or company for the past (x years). I have recently diagnosed with a (insert your illness). This critical condition has worsened my health a lot. Due to this sudden illness, it may not be possible for me to make an appearance or report at the office for a (insert required time). 

I cannot eat properly and cannot concentrate on anything. And I have been a dedicated employee and have not taken any additional leave from work. 

I would be able to come back to serve your firm again after my complete recovery with the same vigilant and attentive tendency. I hope you consider my request and allow me a leave of absence for an (insert required time). And I shall remain thankful to you for this kindness.

Yours Truly,

(Insert your name),

(Insert date)

Study Leave Letter Sample


The Manager (Authority name),

Subject: Leave Application for Further Study

Dear Sir/Ma’am,

It is to inform you that (insert country name or institution name) has recently offered a three-month study program. I fulfil the criteria of this (insert study program). It is a once in a lifetime opportunity for me that can fulfil my dream of studying abroad.

I am committed to continuing my work to the company as an employer after receiving higher education in (insert country name or institution name). I shall be thankful to you for approving my leave of absence application for the study program.

Thanking you in anticipation.

Yours faithfully,


Job Designation…

Contact no…

Sabbatical Leave Letter Sample

Dear [Recipient Name],

My name is [insert your name] and I have been working in the (company name) for the past decade. My learning process stopped while doing the same thing over and over again and I haven’t improved for a stretch now.

I would like to request for extended leave for self-development. Sabbatical, to continue my further studies and earn another degree. 

I am committed to [company name] and happy to work here. I am planning to resume my work as an employee at [company name] once I earn my degree, by that time, I will be more committed, knowledgeable, motivated, and experienced.

And I kindly urge you to consider my request and am hopeful that you will approve it. Also, I have attached the program acceptance letter and related documents for your reference.

Thanking you very much.

Best Regards

(Insert your name)

Maternity Leave Application Letter

Subject: Application for Maternity Leave

Dear Mr./Mrs. (Recipient’s Name or authority name)

It is to inform you of my plan to take the allotted (Number of weeks) of maternity leave. I am willing to start my maternity leave on (Starting date) and resume to the office by (joining date), preventing any unforeseen issues regarding my pregnancy.

I will let you know if my plans change for any reason as soon as possible. Attached to this application, a letter from my doctor confirming the relevant details.

Please contact me if you need any additional information.

Yours Sincerely,

(Your Name)

Annual Vacation Request Letter 

Subject: Annual Leave Application

Dear Mr./Ms. (Recipient’s Name or authority name),

It is to inform you that I will on a vacation with my family for a month, between (start date) and (end-date). I request you to adjust my leaves accordingly since my entire allocation of annual leave sanctioned by the company is still pending.

Also, I may not be available to take phone calls during my leave period. I request you to inscribe any urgent work-related matters to my email address (enter email ID).

I will be thankful for a positive reply to my leave request.

Thanks and regards,

(Your Name)

Sales Application Letters

These particular type of letters are written, to tell about a product to the customers with an intention of selling it. The sales letters, in particular, helps in the sale promotion and also in presenting introductory offers. These letters make it easy to understand the facts, figures and also help strengthen the partnership and joint ventures. While writing a sales letter, one must bear in mind the following points:

  • The language must be formal at all the time
  • One must use easy and clear language
  • Avoid slang and also use of abbreviations
  • The content should be clear, concise and easily understandable
  • Avoid adding any extra or unnecessary details or information
  • One must pay attention to the targeted audience
  • Provide all the details, features, uses of your newly launched product

The format of this letter is similar to that of the formal letter format.


XYZ Bank

ABC Road

New Delhi – 09

May 04, 20xx

The Manager

ABC Agency

35 kannaut Street

New Delhi − 8

Dear Sir,

Sub.: Availability of a new scheme of a Home loan.

It gives us immense pleasure to inform you that we have launched a new scheme for a Home loan. As a trusted and respectable client, we are providing you with information about this scheme.

It will take no further than a couple of minutes to complete all the formalities. The rates of interest of this Home loan is also considered very low when compared to that of other banks.

All other related information is kept strictly confidential. This service is fast, free and we will provide you with the service within a day or 24 hours.

We will highly oblige to help you in clearing any of your doubts regarding this scheme. Free feel to contact us any time till 4 PM. Looking forward to hearing from your side soon.

Thank you.

With regards,


Bank Manager

How to Write A Complaint Letter?

Follow these below tips to write a complaint letter:

  • Make sure the tone of the letter is polite. Even though it is a complaint letter and you are frustrated, it should at least give the concerned person a good impression. It will increase the chances of getting your problem even more. 
  • Firstly, you must always introduce yourself to the left side of the letter
  • Next, mention the date of the letter you are writing
  • Remember to mention the receiver or recipient along with their Pincode properly. 
  • Mention the purpose of your letter in subject line
  • Start the letter with a proper greeting.
  • Introduce yourself in the first paragraph and follow it up with the purpose of writing the letter. The letter has to be clear and loud. 
  • And in the second paragraph, give a brief description of your complaint and what problems it is causing you. Always remember to stick to the main topic of the letter. 
  • In the third paragraph, include the conclusion part, where you voice the resolution for your problem.
  • Finally, close your complaint letter by thanking the person for giving time to read the letter
  • Do not forget to check the grammar and spelling mistakes, if any.
  • To grab the attention of the reader, you can also highlight the important points in the letter.
  • In the end, the letter has to be in a proper format.
Complaint letter for poor service

12th street


Date:12th July 2020

Customer Service Manager

POR Company

City, Pincode

Tamil Nadu

Subject: Complaint Letter for poor Service

Mr./Mrs. (Name)

My name is (your name). I am writing this complaint letter to inform you about the poor service provided by your network company. The network provided by your company caused a fluctuation and did not work well; resulting in dropping the connection.

Since most of my work is from home, I am unable to finish my project due to network issues. I have raised the complaint so many times earlier by calling to the customer care number provided by your company, but no solution has been given till yet.

I through this, request you to please come up with a solution to my issue as soon as possible or else I have to oblige to stop using your network on an unsatisfactory note. Also, I will not be paying for your service unless the issue is solved.

Yours Faithfully, 

(your name)


Funeral Leave Letter Application Sample,

date: (insert month, day, year)

Sub: Funeral leave

Dear (insert name),

I am writing this mail to bring to your attention that my (XYZ) has passed away the previous evening and my family needs me at this grieving moment. I will not be able to report to work today due to this unforeseen tragedy. The funeral of (XYZ) will be held today, therefore, kindly grant me leave for a one day (date). I apologize for the inconvenience caused during my absence in the office. I will handle the pending project work and will complete them as soon as possible after resuming the office. Meanwhile, Mr (insert another employee’s name) will handle my duties.

Thank you for your kind consideration


your name.

Format of a Leave application Mail

In present times, many organizations prefer communicating through emails, an outcome that allows employees to send mail in seeking leave of absence from work. Although letters would serve the same purpose. on the other hand, mailing will ensure that it gets to the right person, where the required steps can be taken right away. Below we have given a few insights regarding how to write an email seeking a leave of absence from work.

Tips in writing a leave application mail

  • Be very respectful and honest
  • Maintain a formal tone and right choice of words
  • Clearly state the reason for seeking the leave as well as your expected leave duration 
  • Make sure you check for corrections before sending the mail

Mails take a similar format, as would a letter in applying for a leave. Below we have given a basic mail format.

Basic Mail Format


Your mailing address,

Date (when you write the email).


Receiver’s mailing address,

Sub: Subject of the mail


Part 1: Leave application letter body

The section of the mail is supposed to provide a reason for request the leave of absence, the duration of unavailability along with the status of assigned work. You should offer gratitude to the employer for purposes of granting the leave.

Thanks and regards,

Your name.


1. What are the various types of letters?

In general, there are two types of letters, Formal Letters and Informal Letters. The classification of these letters is based on the contents, formalities, and also the purpose of letter writing etc.

2. What are formal letters?

When writing formal letters, there is a set pattern and also certain formality one need to follow. These letters are precise while directly addressing the concerned issue. Remember that formal letters need to be kept strictly professional.

3. What are the different types of formal letter?

A variety of letters fall within the category of formal letters such as Official letters, Social letters, Business letters, Circular letters, Employment letters etc.

4. What are the Informal letters?

These Informal letters are usually written to close acquaintances, relatives, family, friends which may or may not have any specific purpose for writing.

5. How to write a formal letter?

A formal letter must always stick to the prescribed format. These Formal letters must include the following:

  • Your(Sender’s) address
  • Date
  • Receiver or recipient’s address
  • Subject
  • Salutation or greetings
  • Body of the letter (where you explain the purpose of your letter)
  • Complimentary closure
  • And finally, Signature line: sender’s name, signature and designation


All in all, a leave application letter should contain a valid reason in convincing the employer and make him grant you leave without any justification whatsoever. 

If you have a reasonable claim for your leave of absence application then your request will not be rejected without any justification.

Especially, when the leave of absence is requested due to some personal reasons, like an illness, for visiting sick parents or for visiting an ill person in the immediate family, etc

Bare in mind, the leave of absence application should not sound casual or friendly; rather it must sound professionally-written and formal.

We hope this article has been helpful to you in writing a leave of absence application. If you have any other queries let us know in the comment box below.

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