How to eject water from iPhone using siri shortcut

iPhone Water Eject Shortcut: This is a feature that will turn on the phone’s speaker and blast out any water that may be in the speaker. If you have come to this website for water ejection then you have come to the right place.

At some point in time, everyone experiences this in their lifetime with their iPhone. As we all know iPhone is a waterproof device but not the speakers. By following our method you can eject the water particles on your iPhone speaker grills.

Simply follow the below steps and know how to eject the water from your iPhone speakers and save them from damage. You can also follow this to make your AirPods eject the water particles.

iPhone Water Eject

Method 1: Shortcut siri method

Techyguide suggests you follow the 2nd method which helps you in removing all the water from your phone speakers. But if you still want to try then go ahead.

  • First of all download the application of the shortcut from AppStore
  • Now you need to get water eject shortcut on your iPhone | Get it from here
  • Once your click on that scroll till the end and tap on “Add untrusted shortcut
  • In case you didn’t find the add untrusted shortcuts then got settings> Shortcuts and enable allow untrusted shortcuts.
  • Once the shortcut is enabled go to the application of the shortcut and click on the water eject shortcut.
  • You will get the water eject notification with an option to begin water ejection, Simply tap on that it will start making water ejection sounds.
  • You will see the water particles coming out if there are any from your iPhone speaker grill.
  • You can run this process as many times as possible until you feel that there are no water particles coming out.

Method 2: Water eject sound

Simply go to youtube and search for Water ejection sound or simply play the video below video.

It will remove all the water particles from your iPhone speakers. do follow this method if you don’t want any untrusted apps/shortcuts on your phone and we think this is the method every user should follow.


Hope you found this article useful and removed all the water particles from your phone. The second method works for all speakers. Feel free to comment below if you are facing any issues.

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