IOS 12.4 beta 1 Released: Features & Installation guide

what’s up guys, Welcome to techy Guide. just a couple of days after releasing iOS 12.3 to the public Apple is right back at it again with another release and this time it’s iOS 12.4 developer beta 1 so of course, this was just released for developers but it will be available for public beta testers as well later today or tomorrow

IOS 12.4 beta 1 Features

Here we’re gonna be taking a look around the software we’re gonna talk about it and see if anything has changed at all. so you can see here the update came in at 2.68 gigabytes here on my iPhone 10 R which did come from iOS twelve point three now I did delete my beta profile so that’s why it’s such a big update it probably won’t be as big for you if you did still have the beta profile installed but you can see where it was two point six eight gigabytes again that will vary depending on what version you’re coming from and also what device you are on.

so let’s take a look at the build number now and you can see where the build number is sixteen g 5027g so we have a G at the end there which does usually indicate that this won’t be as stable as an A or a B build or something like that now that’s not always true but that is usually what that indicates.

So for that reason alone I would advise most people not to update to the very first beta at least of iOS twelve point four especially if you’re on iOS twelve points three at least not on your daily driver device if you have a device that you don’t use a lot and of course always install the updates it doesn’t really matter because you know if you have bugs or random reboots it’s not going to really affect your daily life

but anyways let’s talk about what’s new and actually if we go back into these settings here in general about you’ll see that we do have a new modem firmware update and it’s a pretty big update so we went from one point zero five point zero three to one point zero six point zero one there you can see that is for 2018 iPhones specifically and you did also get an update to the modem firmware for older devices as well but of course Apple is really focusing on their newer devices so now what else has changed with iOS twelve points four and really there’s not much at all

at least nothing outward-facing now the Apple card is set to be released very soon in the summer that is Apple’s new credit card so iOS twelve points four here is very likely aimed at preparing devices for that card now, of course, you can’t see anything about it now I went inside of the wallet application Apple pay and all that stuff but I don’t see anything referencing the Apple card or anything to set up the Apple card or anything like that

obviously though when you do get the Apple card iOS twelve point four will be paired for that and that’s probably what Apple is doing here with this update and probably not really much else this update is just going to be a lot of minor backgrounds fixes a lot of behind-the-scenes fixes of course we will also have some security enhancements as well but if you update to iOS 12.3 there’s really no reason to update to iOS 1.4 at least not the very first beta

Now I will say that in iOS 12.3 I was having some issues with my Bluetooth in my car so I’m hoping that iOS 12.4 does fix that of course it is way too soon to say that I’m not even going to install this on my daily driver until at least beta 2 but I was having issues with that I did see some other people report it as well so I’m hoping it does get fixed it’s not every time but it did have some cutting out and some not being able to connect to my head unit via Bluetooth

Now some people were also reporting that their phone calls and their cell signal were not very good on 12.3 and they were getting the call failed alert on their phone so this modem firmware update once again with iOS 12.4 beta 1 may solve those issues that probably will solve those issues so if you were having any kind of issues with cell connectivity you may want to go ahead and update to iOS 12.4 beta 1 but only if you were having a lot of issues with connectivity

So yeah like I said there are no outward facing features or changes those are being saved for iOS 13 obviously we’re in such a late stage of iOS 12 you really cannot expect any kind of new features at all in iOS 12 since they’re all being saved for iOS 13 which is just a few weeks away you know we’re gonna see the first beta of iOS 13 on June 3rd on or around June 3rd for WWDC

Now as far as battery life and performance goes obviously it’s way too early to tell I’ve not been using this for very long at all and you know there’s really not going to be a difference I can’t imagine in battery life or performance going from twelve points three to twelve point four I highly doubt Apple really even touched anything related to either battery or performance again it was probably just aimed at getting us prepared for the Apple card and maybe some background security fixes and things like that

so I highly doubt Apple touched anything to do with battery or performance
so, of course, you should not update if you’re looking for something like that with this new beta so yeah you guys know I like to bring you updates on these iOS verses regardless of how big or small the updates are I like to keep you informed of everything going on with Apple and iOS.

How to installIOS 12.4 beta 1

You thought Apple would slow down, but nope. iOS 12.4 beta 1 is now available for all registered developers with an iPhone or iPad.

iOS 12.3 opened the gates for an all-new TV app which Apple showcased at its special event a while back. And now, the company is already working on the next big update for iPhone and iPad users, which is iOS 12.4. But right now, it is available for registered developers only and only those with a paid account with Apple can go ahead and download the beta immediately.

Simply sign into your Apple Developer Program account, go to the Downloads section and choose the method which you wish to follow in order to install iOS 12.4 beta 1. You can either have the update delivered to you over the air, or if you like, perform a clean restore using iTunes. If you do not want to go through the hassle of connecting wires, taking backups or restoring them, then the over the air method is the way to go at this point.

It’s too early to suggest what iOS 12.4 beta 1 brings to the table. But as usual, we will dig through the update and inform our users what they can expect from this release. But given that it’s a “.4” release therefore we can expect some major changes. Again, it’s unclear what those changes might be.

The only thing we do know for sure is this: the new beta adds support for the newly announced Apple Card.

If you are an Apple enthusiast and planning to install the update right away onto your device then it’s a good idea to exercise caution at every step of the way. Since this is a beta release therefore you might experience broken functionality in key areas of the software. There is also a chance that you might experience poor performance and bad battery life too. That is something which everyone should expect while installing unfinished software. If you understand all this and still wish to install iOS 12.4 beta 1, it’s entirely your call.

Installed the latest beta onto your iPhone or iPad? Share your thoughts about it with us in the comments section below.