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IDP.Generic: Have you come across this issue? Do not know what to do? worry not as we will try our best to explain some simple fixes that may help fix this virus warning. Before we jump into the solution it is necessary to know what is IDP.Generic? and what causes IDP.Generic? 

What is IDP.Generic?

IDP stands for Identity Detection Protection or IDP feature of your antivirus program. IDP.Generic is a potential threat to your system which usually the Avast antivirus detects.

The.Generic causes malware, viruses, infections that might steal your personal information such as money loss, identity theft, and sensitive data disclosure to malicious factors etc.

Whenever you see .generic it means that the threat has been detected from a generic file. Once your antivirus program detects a threat such as this one, its first action is to isolate and delete the file.

It is important to always be aware of warnings from your antivirus program, many a time IDP.generic alerts are false positives.

Having said that, one must double-check and run a scan using various antivirus programs to be sure that it is not a malicious file. 

The problem emerges only if the program response to the file. If an antivirus program detects the IDP.generic threat in the file. If that particular file is necessary to run another program it might face some glitches and other issues.   

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What Causes IDP.generic Warnings?

There may have been various causes for IDP.generic warnings, but the most common cause could be an outdated AVG or Avast antivirus software that identifies perfectly safe programs as malicious. Another potential cause could be outdated Java software. 

If you have been receiving this alert, be sure that your antivirus software is up to date. Both Avast and AVG have updated their programs that eliminate this problem, but if you have not updated your antivirus program you might still receive this alert.

Below we have given a step by step guide on how to update your Avast.

The antivirus program that is already installed on your device sometimes uses an outdated definition. Updating it to the latest version shall remove the false positives. 

  • For this, Open your Avast program and click the menu icon which is in the top-right corner, choose Update.
  • Next, choose Check for Update under both options. 

By doing so, you can be sure that both your software and your virus definitions are completely up to date. 

If the false positives still exist even after updating your present antivirus. You can choose to change your antivirus application altogether. Try updating Java. Below we have explained how you can update Jave step by step 

Control panel
  • For this, open Control Panel 
Programs in control panel
  • Next, Programs > Java and navigate to the Update tab. 
  • Further, click Update Now at the bottom.

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Is ignoring IDP.Generic Virus Warning A Good Idea?

Anytime your anti-virus program warns you regarding any malicious content, you should double-check on the virus first.

IDP.Generic is mostly a false positive; does not mean that you should completely ignore it.

As we have mentioned previously, IDP.Generic may cause severe problems if ignored. There is another method by which you can fix this error and check how malicious it is.

There are a few ways through which you can check if the virus is malicious or not. You can use another anti-virus program and see if it notifies you of the same virus.

For instance, you can use VirusTotal. VirusTotal is a website that allows you to check if your file contains any malicious content or not.

Below we have explained how to check your files on VirusTotal in simple steps.  

Virus total
  • For this, open the VirusTotal official website on your preferred browser. Upload the files that you wish to check.
  • Next, click on HERE. Further, click on “Choose File”.
  • Select the files that are flagged as malicious by your antivirus.

See if these files that are flagged as malicious by your antivirus program are also warned by VirusTotal or not. If VirusTotal does not mark the files, you can simply ignore the warning made by your antivirus program and put the files in the whitelist.

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What To Do If I Find A False Positive?

Before jumping into the details, you need to first take the file out of the virus vault/folder. If you do not or fail to remove the file out of the vault, the antivirus will block it. Follow the below-given steps to fix the issue.

Avast antivirus homepage
  • For this, open the Avast Antivirus Application.
Protection and virus chest
  • Next, move to Protection and select Virus Chest.
  • Finally, select Restore and Add Excursion.

The above steps are according to Avast antivirus. Nevertheless, you can apply these steps to other antivirus applications as well as every antivirus apps has a vault. These vaults help you in retrieving the files from there.

You also need to upload the file to the false-positive form. This will ensure to inform Avast antivirus regarding the file. Once you follow this step, you will not face any issues regarding false positives. 

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We hope this article has been helpful to you. In this article, we have explained what is IDP.Generic and how you can fix it.

Thusly, the antivirus program uses the Identity detection Protection component.

This component will detect any unusual activity. So, whenever a virus warning such as this one pops up, it is better to fix the issue right away. 

If you have any queries related to this article, let us know in the comments below. 

Feel free to share this article with your family & friends that are dealing with the same problem.

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