How to Unarchive WhatsApp chat 2022

Archived your contact and now want to remove the chant from the archive list then you have come to the right place and in this article, you will find how to unarchive WhatsApp chat on Android, iPhone & WhatsApp Web along with a lot of archives & Unarchive faqs.

As we all know Whatsapp is one of the most popular messengers available online. There are many people in the world who download WhatsApp every day and start using it to communicate.

Still, a large population does not know much about achieving chats. Even if they know how to archive then they do know how to unarchive chats. We at techy guide explained everything.

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How to unarchive WhatsApp chat on Android

  • First of all, open your WhatsApp messenger.
  • Now on the top or bottom(According to your archive settings), you will find Archived chats.
Unarchive WhatsApp chat
  • Open the archived chats and select the contact which you want to unarchive.
Unarchive WhatsApp chat on mobile
  • Click and hold on to the contact you want to unarchive
  • It will give you options. simply tap on the unarchive icon which has up arrow mark.
how to Unarchive WhatsApp chat
  • Once you click on the unarchive icon the contact will be removed from the archived list and will be visible along with other contacts.

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How to unarchive a chat on WhatsApp On iPhone

IOS version of whatsapp is little different from the android and web version. On IOS you have two different methods to unarchive a chat which we listed below.

  • Open your WhatsApp messenger on your iPhone and go to chants.
  • To get the archived chats simply swipe down on the top twice.
  • Now you will be able to see your archived chats.
  • Open the archived chats and select the contact which you want to unarchive.

Method 1:

  • Once you have selected the contact simply swipe from right to left on the contact.
  • Now you will get the option to unarchive. Tap on that and the contact will be removed from the list.

Method: 2:

  • Select the contact on the achieved list, Click on hold on the chat for a second.
  • Now you will get some options, One of the options is Unarchiev. Click on that and the chat will be successfully removed.

How to unarchive chats on WhatsApp using Web

on Whatsapp web version you will not find any archive option on the top or at the bottom of the whatsapp. you need to open the archive list and then you will be able to unlist your contacts. to find the archive ve list on check the below guide.

  • On WhatsApp web to open the archived list open your WhatsApp and click on 3dots.
whatsapp web archive
  • Select the option Archived and select the chat you want to unarchive.
whatsapp web archive chat
  • Now Click on the down arrow mark beside archived to get a list of options.
whatsapp web unarchive chat
  • Choose the first option which is Unarchive chat and the chat will be removed.

WhatsApp Archive & Unarchive FAQ’s

What is Archive in WhatsApp?

Ever wonder how to hide a chat on Whatsapp? do you think it is possible? Yes, it is possible and you can do it with the help of archiving feature. You can hide both groups and individual chats using the archive feature.

How to find archived chats on WhatsApp

  • On android, you will find archive chat either at the top or at the bottom.
  • On iPhone, you need to swipe down twice from the top to get the archived list.
  • On WhatsApp web, you need to click on the 3dots to find the archive.

How many chats can I archive

As many chats and groups, you want to. There is no limit.

How to archive WhatsApp groups

The process of archiving is the same for individual chats and groups.

How do you know if someone archived your chat on WhatsApp?

There is no way to know if someone archived you on their WhatsApp messenger. It’s all about privacy and this will make no change on online status or give you any notification.

How long do WhatsApp chats stay archived?

As long as you keep the chat on the archived list the chat will be there. there is nothing like an archive chat expiry date. You have to manually remove the chat if you want to remove it.

Do archived chats get deleted on WhatsApp?

No, Archive is just to hide the chat from the main list of chats.

Can I still receive messages from archived chats?

Yes you will receive messages from archived chat but you have to open the archieved chat to read & reply.


We hope you have learned how to unarchive WhatsApp chats and groups using our step by step beginner guide. If you are facing issues or unable to unarchive then do let us know about it in the comment section. Feel free to share this post with your friends and family members who don’t know how to unarchive WhatsApp chats.

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