How to take screenshot in Samsung m11

how to take screenshot in Samsung m11: Hey Guys, Welcome to Screenshot on a place where you are going to find all kinds of device screenshot methods so if you have come to learn how to take screenshots in Samsung m11 phone then you have come to the right place and below we have explained all the possible methods to take screenshot on m11 phone.

how to take screenshot in Samsung m11

About Samsung M11

Phone ModelSamsung M1
Available ColoursBlack, Blue, Violet

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How to take screenshot in Samsung m11

Method 1:

M11 Screenshot using Hardware Keys

  • Open the app/Image your want to take screenshot of
  • Now Press Power Button and Volume down button at the same time
  • Once you press both at a time screenshot will be taken on samsung M11 smartphone.

Method 2:

M11 Screenshot Using the assistant menu

You can also use assistant menu to take screenshots but for that, you have to enable the assistant button first. Follow the below steps and enable the button.

  • First of all, Goto Settings and choose Accessibility.
samsung m11 screenshot option Accessibility
Credits: Tech2touch
  • In Accessibility scroll down a little and select Interaction and dexterity.
samsung m11 screenshot option: Interaction and dexterity
  • Now again in Intreaction and dexterity select the option Assistant menu and enable it.
assistant menu
  • Once you enable it, You will see a floating icon on your samsung m11 phone.

Setting> Accessability> Intreaction and dexterity> Assistant Menu> Floting icon appears

  • Now open the screen of which you want to take the screenshot
  • Tap on the assistant menu and click on the Screenshot button.
  • Thats it, You have successfully taken the screenshot using the assistant button.

How to take a long screenshot on Samsung M11?

Nowadays there are many phones that offer to take long screenshots and even Samsung m11 offers long screenshots so read the below steps and learn how to take a long screenshots on Samsung M11.

  • First of all open the app/Browser of which you want to take the screenshot
  • Now like a normal screenshot take the screenshot using any of the above two methods.
  • Now once the screenshot is take you will see 4 options for a second or two.
  • Select the scroll like icon and it will automatically take the long screenshot.
  • Press on that long screenshot untill you want.

How to find a screenshot on Samsung m11

If you are new to using the model phone and wonder where you will find all the screenshots on your phone then go to the gallery and scroll a little until you find the screenshot albums.


We hope that you have learned how to take the screenshot on your new mobile m11 by following our methods and also being able to find the screenshot which is taken.

If you are facing any issues while taking the screenshot then feel free to contact us through the below comment section.

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