How to take Screenshot In Laptop or PC [7 Methods]

How to take Screenshot In Laptop: Hey guys, Welcome to Techy guide So if you have come here to search for methods to take screenshot in Laptop then you have come to the right place.

In this article explained how to take screenshot in a laptop in different methods so that you can use the method that is convenient for you.

As we all know the screenshot tool is one of the most important features available on almost every device like mobile phones, PC, etc.

The very first screenshot was taken in the year 1960 but it was not a digital picture. In present days everyone knows the use of this feature.

Users who are new to laptops or Windows OS don’t know screenshot methods so don’t worry we have explained all possible methods in detail.

If your laptop is of Windows version then we have shared all the methods below and this methods works on every brand Laptop.

How to Take screenshot in Laptop

How to take screenshot in laptop

We have listed multiple methods below to take screenshot on your laptop these methods work on all windows operating systems and you can use the one you want to take a screenshot.

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Windows button + Print Screen button methods

This is one of the best methods to take screenshot on the laptop as well as on a PC. by following this method you will be able to take screenshot of your Laptop‘s full screen and also the screenshot will be of high quality.

  • First of all press windows button on your laptop which is availble on almost all laptop keyboard.
  • Press and hold the windows button and then press the print screen which is again available on all laptop keyboards.
Keyboard shortcut: Win + PrtSc
Keyboard shortcut: Win + PrtSc
  • By doing this you will be able to take the screenshot in laptop.

Where to find the saved screenshot? (Windows+Printscreen method screenshot)

  • Open your This PC and goto Pictures folder
  • You will find multiple folder, Open the Screenshot folder
  • In screenshot folder you will find all the screenshot taken using the Windows + print screen method.

Windows + Shift + S method:

Most windows users don’t know this method and it is one of the fastest ways to take a screenshot. Here you don’t have to open any tool to take screenshot. You can take a full-screen screenshot or custom size. Simply follow the below method and know-how this method works.

  • Open the windows/Program of which you want to take screenshot.
  • Now press Windows + Shift + S which directly open snip & skech tool.
Keyboard Shortcut: Windows + Shift + S
Keyboard Shortcut: Windows + Shift + S
  • Once you take the screenshot you will see the notification saying that the screenshot has been taken.
  • Simply open that notification and make the changes and press Ctrl + S and choose the location you want to save.
Keyboard Shortcut: Ctrl + S
Keyboard Shortcut: Ctrl + S

This tool comes with many features such as Image crop, Touch writing, Pencil, Ballpoint pen, highlighter, and eraser, and also the option to take screenshot with 3 & 10 seconds delay. This tool is not available on windows that is below Windows 10.

Using Snapping tool

The snipping tool is one of the most popular screenshot tools available on the Windows Operating system. this tool comes by default and you do not need to download it from anywhere. This tool offers additional features like Different modes of screenshot, Pens & highlighters.

To know how to use this tool follow the below steps and learn how to take screenshots on your laptop and this tool is available on Windows 8 & 10 Version

  • First of all goto the windows search bar and search for Snipping tool
  • Open the snipping tool and click on New.
  • Press & hold mouse right button and select the area you want to as your screen shot.
  • Once screenshot is done release the button and it will show you the screenshot you captured.
  • Now you have to save the image by pressing Ctrl+S and select the location where you want to select.
Keyboard Shortcut: Ctrl + S
Keyboard Shortcut: Ctrl + S
  • Snipping tools makes screenshots in PNG, GIF, JPG and HTML format.

This is one of the most commonly used tools among windows users to take screenshot. Even we use this tool for most of our article images.

Printscreen + Paint tool

In this method, we will be using PrintScreen keyboard button and paint tool to generate a screenshot. This method is simple to use and very much useful if you want to highlight something or resize the image, use arrows, etc. Below we have given the example screenshot.

  • First of all open the window you want to take screenshot of.
  • Press the Printscreen button and now open the paint tool on your windows OS
  • Once the paint is opened simply click on the paste option which is on the top right corner or you can also use the keyboard shortcut by pressing Control + V.
Keyboard Shortcut: Shift + V
Keyboard Shortcut: Shift + V
  • Once you paste it will show the image which you took using print screen button.
  • Now you can crop or add text or highlight anything on paint andsave it using Ctrl+S

How to take only active windows Screenshot?

So you don’t want to use any tool or take custome screenshot but want a perfect active window screenshot? Then this method is of you.

  • Open only the window that you want to take screenshot of
  • Press Alt + Print Screen button and it will take copy the image to clipboard.
Keyboard Shortcut: Alt + PrtSc
Keyboard Shortcut: Alt + PrtSc
  • Now open the paint and paste it and save the image.
  • As you can see only the active window is taken as a screenshot in the above image.

How to take long/Scroll screenshots on laptop?

The above tools are very much useful if you are want to take a screenshot of a single window. in this method, you are going to learn how to take long screenshot. There is a tool called pikpick which helps you in taking long screenshots this tool is a 3rd party tool and you have to download it.

  • First of all open the Pikpick official website from the link
  • Download the pikpick software and install it on your laptop
  • Now once downloaded open the tool and also open the screen you want to take screenshot.
  • To caputre the scrolling page you should be on the top of the page
  • Now open the Pikpick tool and Press and hold Ctrl + Alt and press Print Screen
  • Pikpick tool will appear, Now simply click n the window you want to take screen shot.
  • Pikpick will automatically scroll the window and take screenshot.
  • Once the screenshot is done it will open the paint look a like window.
  • Make the changed you want and save it by pressing the ctrl + S and choose the location where you want to save on your laptop.

Greenshot tool

One of our fav screenshot tools with a lot of attractive features. if you start using this tool then you will not use any other tools because of its quality and features. Below we have explained how to use this tool in detail.

  • First of all download the greenshot tool from the below link
  • Install the greenshot and open the tool.
  • It will give you options like Capture a region, Capture window, Capture full-screen options
  • Select the one you want and take the screenshot on pc using greenshot.
  • You can also edit the image using greenshot tool.
  • Once you take a screenshot it will give you the option to edit the image using greenshot tool
  • Simply edit and save it on your laptop.


How to take screenshot in hp laptop

Most of the hep Laptops run on windows operating system and you can follow the methods which we have mentioned above. but one of the quick methods is by using the snipping tool and save the image where ever you want or you can follow the windows + PrtSc method where the images are saved in This PC> Picutres> Screenshots.

how to take a screenshot in laptop shortcut key

There are many ways to take screenshot on windows laptops and computers. the best way to take screenshots is by using keyboard shortcuts and one of the full-screen shortcut keys is Windows + PrtSc. You can use this method for a quick screenshot.

How to take a full screenshots on Laptop?

To take a full-screen screenshot simply click on windows + PrtSc on your keyboard and the image will be taken and saved on your pictures folder.

How to take a screenshot on laptop and save it

If you are using the Snipping Tool to take screenshot then take the screenshot and click on Ctrl + s and select the place where you want to save and click on ok. If you are using Windows + PrtSc then the image will be automatically saved in the Pictures folder.

How to take screenshot of the full page on laptop

If you want to take a full-page screenshot on your laptop you can either use online websites to take the screenshot of a web page or you can also download the pikpick software and take the screenshot.


We hope that you have successfully learned how to take screenshot on your laptop by following our different methods. If you found any method not working on your laptop then do let us know about it so that we can try to fix that method.

Let us know which method you liked the most and which method are you going to use in your day-to-day life. Feel free to share this post with your friends and family members who want to take screenshot on their laptop/PC

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