How to send Gift Message on Instagram?

How to send Gift Message on Instagram: Want to send your friends or your girlfriend a message that is hidden on a gift box that too on Instagram then you have come to the right place and many people actually don’t know this method and it’s very simple and one of the easiest methods send gif messages on Instagram.

It’s a matter of 2 to 3 steps to create and send Instagram gift messages. This can be sent to anyone and it will increase intension in people to know what inside that gift box.

So without wasting any time further follow the below steps and learn how to send a gift message. Not only send a gift message but we will also share how to unsend gift messages.

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What is a gift message?

instagram gift message

This is one of the unknown message features available on Instagram where you will send a message in the form of a gift box to anyone you want. this will keep the message unknown and when clicked on the box the message will be revealed.

This messaging feature is best suitable to send your GF and BF so that you can add some romantic messages in the box. This is also great to send your friends and don’t reveal how you send the gift box.

The box of this feature is in pink color and the size of the box depends on the length of the message. There is no custom box feature like changing the style of the box or color etc.

The Giftbox feature is available for almost all devices for example android and IOS. If you are using the Instagram website to send giftbox messages then let me remind you that this feature doesn’t support on website and only works on apps.

How to send Gift Message on Instagram

Before you try this method make sure you have the latest version of Instagram on your phone and this method works on both android and IOS as well.

You cannot send gift wrap messages through the Instagram website and all the already send gift messages will be shown as (sent with gift wrap effect) on the website.

  • First of all, open your Instagram app and goto message, and select the one to whom you want to send the gift message
  • Now type the message to that user and then click on the search icon (For example as you can see in the below image i have typed and then clicked on the search icon.)
search instagram gift message
  • At the top of the search, you will find Love, fire and a Gift box. (It will show you the message you have types in the effects and the last one is giftbox. Swipe right to get the giftbox.)
instagram gift message option search
  • Select the gift box option and it will send the message in that pink-colored gift box.
select instagram gift message
  • Once the message is sent you can check the box by opening it from your side, All you have to do is tap on the box and you will be able to see the message. As you can see in the below opened giftbox image.
How to send Gift Message on Instagram?
  • In a similar way, you can use other other interesting message features like love and fire effects for your messages you can check them in the below image.
Instagram message effects
Instagram message effects

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How to unsend Gift Messages?

Sent a wrong message in the gift box and want to unsend it then it’s very simple. Like every other normal message have the unsend method this gift message box also has the same unsend process. If you don’t know how then do read the below guide and unsend the message.

  • Click and hold on to the giftbox message and it will give you options like emojis, Unsend, Copy and save the replay.
  • Select unsend and the message will be removed from both the participant’s messages.

Instagram Gift box Message FAQ’s

These are some of the most common gift message FAQ’s asked across the internet and we have covered almost everything. If you didn’t find your question then do let us know about it through comments.

Can I change the gift box color?

Not possible to change the Instagram gift message color. There is no option available to change the color or style of the gift messages feature presently.

Cannot find the giftbox option

There are many people facing this issue. some people are able to get the feature when they update the insta app so Make sure your Instagram app is original and updated with the latest version.

How to send gift message on Instagram in iphone

The method is the same for all devices. Instagram Message> Enter the message> Click on Search icon> Select Gift Box. This method is the same for almost all IOS devices.

How to edit gift box Messages?

There is no way you can edit a message on Instagram once the message is sent. All you have to do is unsend the message and send the correct message again.

If you want to check the message you send is correct or not then simply tap on the box and it will reveal the message inside the box from your side.

Can I send a gift message through the website?

There is no option on the website for gift wrap messages. but you can still send a normal message. Old gift wrap messages are shown as Messages (sent with gift wrap effect)

How to know gift box message is opened or not?

Well, you will get the status of the message as Seen if the box is opened and if not then you will see nothing. 99% of the people actually open the box because they want to know what you have sent.


We hope that you have successfully learned how to send a gift box message on Instagram using our guide. this method is very simple and easy to send. Try it with your friends and family members for fun. When I first come to know about this feature I tried it with my close friend and it was fun.

If you are facing any issues then do let us know about them in the comment section so that we will help you send the gift box message. Feel free to share this article with your friends and family members so that they can also know about this feature.

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