How to download movies from telegram

Telegram is one of the most popular messaging apps with a lot of features. it’s one of the best for privacy and there are lots many things you can do on telegram in which one of the things is downloading movies. yes, you can download and watch movies on telegram channels for free.

Below we have explained how you can find telegram movie channels, Join them and download the movie you want to download. by using telegram you don’t have to worry about VPN, websites blocked, etc. All you need is a telegram account and you will find almost everything. in my opinion, it’s a mini search engine.

Downloading a movie on telegram is very easy and you don’t have to visit any website to watch the movie and there won’t be any ads popping up whenever you click on anything on the screen.

Downloading a movie will happen in just a single click, Watch a movie without downloading will happen in just 4 clicks so follow the below guide and enjoy watching your fav movie.

Creating Telegram Account

Download and create Telegram Account:

First of all download and install the Telegram app on your phone.

Once installed open your telegram app and allow all the options it asks for like Files and media etc..

Click on start messaging and enter your phone number to register.

Now it will call you with a number starting with +1(US Code) to verify your number.

Once your account is verified then you will be redirected to the telegram chat panel.

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How to search movies in telegram

  • To find movies on telegram simply goto telegram search which is on the right corner
telegram search bar
  • Enter the channel names like Telugu movies, Hindi movies, latest Bollywood movies etc
telegram movies search
  • It will show you list of movie channels.
  • Select the channel you want to join and click on join and you will be inside the channel.
telegram movie channels join

How to download movies in telegram

  • If you have already joined the movie channels then select one movie and click on the Download icon (blue Down arrow)
How to download movies from telegram
  • Once you click on the download icon it will start downloading the movie on your phone.
  • While downloading you will see an X mark. If you click on X then the telegram movie will stop downloading

Below we have shared some telegram movie channels. Simply join them if you are facing difficulty searching movie channels.


Telergam Movie Download FAQ’s

how to find movies on telegram?

To find any movie on telegram simply go to search and enter the movie name. It will show you all the list of channels having that movie. Simply join any of the movie channels and download the movie you have searched for.

How to increase telegram download speed

Speed of telegram really depends on your internet speed so we suggest you connect to wifi if you are using mobile data. also do check your internet speed if you are not using wifi.

How to watch movies on telegram without downloading

Officially you cannot watch a video on telegram without downloading it there is a method where you can get the link of the video on telegram and use that link to watch the video on a browser. We have explained these methods briefly in our separate post do check that our and enjoy watching directly.

How to get subtitles in telegram

  • For movie subtitles goto search and search for subtitles bot
  • Now click on start and enter the movie name you want.
  • It will show you all the list of subtitles abailable
  • Simply select one and click on it.
  • It will give you the subtitles to download.

How to download Telegram movies on PC?

You can directly download the official telegram desktop app on your PC/laptop and follow the method same as we explained above.


We assume that you have successfully learned to download telegram movies through our download guide. Along with the download, you have also learned how to find movies you want.

If you are facing any issues while downloading the movie or searching for a movie then do let us know in the comment section

Feel free to share this post with your friends and family members who don’t know how to find a movie and download it from telegram.

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