How to change name in Truecaller [3 Methods]

How to change name in truecaller: Hey Guys, Welcome to techy guide. If you are here for truecaller name change then you have come to the right place. We will explain how you can change the name both on mobile as well as on the official true caller website.

As we all know true caller is one of the most popular caller ID and spam blocking app which is very useful and available on both paid and free versions. Many people across the globe use truecaller app to identify who is calling you.

Why truecaller show the wrong name?

Well, one of the main reasons is that if you do not have truecaller account and truecaller pick your name from the registered user contacts list.

For example, my name is Sudheer and I have not downloaded or registered on truecaller. one of my friends has truecaller and he saved my username with the name sid. Truecaller saves all the number from your friend’s phone and start showing the name sid. this is how truecaller show my name instead of Sudheer.

Every time a user signup to truecaller app, an Enhanced search is always enabled while signup. this means truecallers can now collect your contacts as they are. As you can see in the image below.

Enhanced search

In another case, if you have bought a new number and someone else has already used your new number before and has truecaller account then there are chances that your it is showing the wrong name.

Now hope you have understood why your username is wrong on truecaller. Follow the below steps to correct your name on truecaller in two different methods.

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Method 1:

Truecaller name name using mobile app

We are explaining this guide assuming that you don’t have any truecaller account before and want to change the username.

  • First of all, download the truecaller app and install it on your smartphone.
truecaller playstore app download
  • Once installed, Allow all the permissions it asks for and then signup into truecaller account using your phone number or by using your email.
truecaller account login
  • Once you sign up Click on the three-line which are on the top left corner of the screen.
truecaller name change settings
  • Now it will show you all the options, Simply click on Edit profile.
truecaller name change option
  • Simply click on the pen icon which is beside truecaller username and enter your first and last name.
how to change name in truecaller
  • Once entered simply click on save changes and you are done changing your truecaller name using the mobile application.

Method 2:

how to change name in truecaller using official Website

  • First of all visit the truecaller official website from this link.
truecaller website
  • Now login to your truecaller account using email.
truecaller website login
trucaller online search
  • Simply click on suggest a name which is the second option and type the name you want and choose business or person.
truecaller username suggest
  • After entering the details simply click on submit and changes will be made as you suggested.

Method 3:

Try this method if the above methods didn’t work and this method is shared nowhere on the internet. In this method, you will delete your truecaller account completely and create a new account with the name you want. We have created a separate post on how you can delete your truecallar account.

Once you have successfully deleted the account make sure you create a new account using your phone number and user the name you want. Hope that helps.

Truecaller Username change FAQ’s

All our FAQ’s are based on the questions asked across the internet.

Username changed on truecaller still the same. Why?

Sometimes it may take time to update so be patient and check after 24hours. even if it doesn’t change then we suggest following the second method using your friend’s truecaller accounts.

The landline username is incorrect. Best method to change?

Since you cannot create truecaller account for your landline number we suggest you follow our method 2 and change the name by using suggest name option. or you can directly enter the number on your truecaller app and suggest the name. do this from 2 to 5 accounts if it doesn’t change the username with one account.

Changed the name using mobile app, Tried suggestion name but still the same name?

You have tried all the possible ways you can do now the only option is that you have to contact the truecaller customer support through this email: 


Hope you followed our guide and changed your username. do let us know which method worked for you and how much time it took for the updated username to show. Feel free to share this article with your friends and family members who are facing this issue with true caller.

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