How I got 12k+ Instagram Followers in 4 Months [Case Study]

Well guys, if you are looking for  Instagram growth then you have come to the right place. here I will share my personal experience with instagram where I am getting at least 100+ new followers per day as of now. So if you want to know how then keep reading everything carefully.

Recently I have created an account called Thisis_myindia on Instagram where I share some beautiful Indian ancient temples and everything about India. Just check my account so that you will clearly understand what my account is. The main motto was to create awareness about ancient India.

In the beginning, I use to get only 5 to 10 followers per day for the first 15 to 20 days. I started using high quality & eye-catchy images from various photographers by giving them the credits.

None of them said anything for using their images but in fact, they started saying thanks and was featuring the image I shared on there account by saying Thanks and all.

After 15 to 20 days I started getting a very good amount of followers a day. I felt the secrete of insta organic growth is Hashtags & Eye catchy Images. 

just like others I also used follow others and once they follow back I use to unfollow them like that I didn’t even get more than 100 followers for following more than 3000 followers. then I thought I should stop this and concentrate on content instead of this Instagram Follow/Unfollow method.

So I stopped that and started posting more and more quality images into my account. you can check my account on Instagram @thisis_myindia.

NOTE: Create your Instagram account and choose the insta username wisely. This will tell the people what your account actually is.

instagram account profile

What I did to get 12k Instagram followers in 4 months

  • I select images that make me feel wow.
  • I have tags that are related to my content as you can see in my every image.
  • I give credits to every image and if I don’t find the owner of that person(Some time I select images from other Indian temple related accounts) then I add “Credits: DM
  • When you give credits, those people are going to shoutout your post saying thanks. In that way, His/Her followers are going to get notified that your account has featured his image.
  • Now I use the same 30 tags for all the images I post.
  • I have done research on these tags and selected them wisely (This is the key).
  • I add a small description to the image I share which I copy from Wikipedia.
  • At least I post 5+ images per day. that too whenever I open the account. I don’t have any fixed time nor I do scheduling
  • Recently I have also started this is my India website to add more value to my account. (I have some great plane for this account in future)

I feel that there the two main reasons for getting 100+ daily followers is

  1. Quality eye-catchy images
  2. Hashtags

How I select Instagram hashtags.

This is one of the main parts of my Instagram growth. literally I would say only because of hashtags I am able to get discovered by the people. When people find your image and if that image makes them feel wow then 50% of people are going to visit your account and if all the content is wow then for sure they will follow.

I have seen many people who just add just 5 to 6 tags and some even nothing. for this, I would say if you don’t want to add tags then forget about reaching people.

I have selected hashtags into three categories. each category has 10 tags.

  • The first 10 tags are those tags which have more than 50k posts
  • The second 10 tags have those tags which have more than 30k+ posts
  • And the third 10 tags are those which are like 10k+

What happens:

Whenever a user opens the tags and scroll and then the user finds your images and eye-catchy.

First, he will like your image and then if he opens your account, he will follow you after seeing your gallery because every image is eye-catchy.

Extra Tip:

I read this from a forum and found it working when I implemented. Select a few accounts like yours who are super active in posting and goto there to account and analyze there first 30 images.

Choose the images which have high number of likes/Comments and repost those images on your account with your tags. This is how you can find high engaging images for your account. This method helped me & I hope this will help you as well.


I hope this guide is helpful and I will be regularly updating this post with my Instagram account experiments which worked and which didn’t. If you know any self experimented method worked for you then do let us know about that in the below comment box and feel free to share your experience with my Instagram guide.

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