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Discord overlay: If you see Discord overlay not working while you are playing your favourite games, then let me tell you; you are not alone! A lot more gamers have reported this issue as well. But worry not! The good news it is fixable in a few simple steps using the methods we have listed below.

Try out the below-given methods to fix this issue:

Below are a few methods that may help fix the discord overlay not working. You do not have to try all of them. Simply, work your way down the list till you find the one that fixes this issue. 

  • Check whether you have enabled in-game overlay in Discord
  • Run Discord as administrator
  • Add Discord to the whitelist of your third-party antivirus app.
  • Check for any sort of software interruption
  • Disable hardware acceleration in Discord
  • Reinstall Discord
Discord overlay not working

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Method 1: Check if you enabled in-game overlay in Discord

Before you try any other method, open Discord to check the in-game overlay is enabled or not. Below we have explained how to do it:

Discord User settings gear button
  • For this, click the gear button to open the User Settings.
Enable in-game overlay
  • Next, click Overlay on the left panel. Make sure you have turned on the toggle next to Enable in-game overlay.
toggle overlay feature
  • Further click on Games which is on the left panel. Make sure you have turned on the in-game overlay feature for the game you are willing to play. If it is turned off, in the list of added games, click the monitor button next to the game to turn it on.

If your preferred game is not on the list, run your game and click Add it! to add your game to Discord.

Finally, run your game to see if the Discord overlay shows up. If not, try out the next method.

Method 2: Run Discord as administrator

If you did not run your Discord as administrator, you may experience the Discord overlay not working issue. Try running the Discord as administrator and see if this problem continues to exist or not. Follow the below-given steps to know how to do it:

Discord app properties
  • Firstly, right-click the shortcut of Discord on your device’s desktop and select Properties.
Run discord as administrator
  • Next, navigate to the Compatibility tab in the pop-up window. Check the box which is next to Run this program as an administrator and click OK.
  • Double-click the shortcut of the Discord app to open it.
  • Try running your game again to see if this issue persists.

If the issue did not reappear, then you have fixed this issue successfully. If the issue reappears, try out the next method.

Method 3: Add Discord to the whitelist of your third-party antivirus application

If you are using any third-party antivirus application on your PC, there is a chance you may encounter the Discord overlay not working issue.

These third-party antivirus applications may interfere with Discord, which results in your Discord overlay not running as expected.

Try adding your Discord to the whitelist of your third-party antivirus application to see if the issue is resolved or not. 

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Method 4: Check for software interruption

Discord overlay not working may also have been triggered by the interruption from other apps running on your PC. Temporarily disable these apps to see if your Discord overlay is working fine or not.

If you are running the programs that have the overlay features, or the programs that have access to your microphone, may also interfere with your Discord overlay.

Method 5: Disable hardware acceleration in Discord

Hardware acceleration is a feature in DiscordIt uses your GPU to make your Discord run smoother. Having said that, many users have reported that at times, this feature may also cause the Discord overlay not working issue.

If you have turned on the hardware acceleration feature in Discord and you see Discord overlay not working issue, try disabling hardware acceleration in Discord. Follow the below-given steps to check whether the hardware acceleration feature is turned on or not:

  • For this, open your Discord and click the gear button to open User Settings.
turn off the hardware acceleration on discord
  • Click on Appearance and turn off the toggle next to Hardware Acceleration if it is turned on.

Finally, run your game again to see if Discord Overlay not working still exists. If this method has not resolved this issue then try the next method. 

Method 6: Reinstall Discord

If you have tried all the above methods but the issue ceases to exist, try reinstalling Discord. Below we have given how to do it:

  1. Firstly, Uninstall Discord:
  • Press the Windows logo key and R simultaneously on your keyboard to open the Run dialogue. Type control Panel and press OK to open the Control Panel.
Uninstall a program in control panel
  • Next, click on Uninstall a program in the control panel window.
Uninstall Discord
  • Next, Double-click on Discord to uninstall it.
  • Finally, restart your PC.

2. Now, download Discord from their official website and install it on your PC.

3. Open Discord. Run your game to add it to your Discord.

4. Enable the in-game overlay feature for your game. If you have no idea how to do it, we have explained it in method 1.

See if the issue exists. If not, you have successfully fixed this issue!

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How to fix Discord connection errors?

It can be very frustrating to run into voice connection issues especially when playing your game. Don’t you worry as most of the voice connection errors are fixable by configuring a VPN connection.

Note: Discord only works on VPNs that have UDP (User Datagram Protocol). If you are unsure which VPN service you need to choose, then we have a recommendation for you: 


NordVPN helps you in setting up a fast, stable and secure Internet connection anywhere with just a few clicks. Moreover, you can set up a VPN connection on all devices as well. NordVPN allows you to connect to up to 6 devices simultaneously! and much more.

To Set up a VPN connection on your Windows PC:

NordVPN homepage
  • For this, Open the official NordVPN website on your browser and click on VPN Apps.
Download NordVPN app
  • Next, click on Download App and launch it.
  • Sign up or Sign in to your account. 
  • Finally, click on Quick connect and it will automatically connect to the server recommended for you. 

If you wish to connect to another VPN server in a specific country. Select the server you wish to connect to on the left panel or simply click on the country pin on the map.

Once configuring VPN, issues related to the voice connection has to be fixed.

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We hope this article has been helpful to you. In this article, we have explained, all of the possible fixes for the Discord Overlay not Working issue. Hopefully, one of the above methods has resolved this issue. Let us know which one of the above methods have fixed your Discord overlay issue this would help others save their time.  

If you have any queries related to this article, let us know in the comments below.

Feel free to share this article with your friends and family that are dealing with the same issue.

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