How to link Big Rock Domain to GoDaddy Hosting 2021

how to link big rock domain with godaddy hosting

As a blogger for 5 years, I have decided to help new bloggers who often use to ask how to do this and how to do that, etc, etc… so here I am going to explain how you can host a big rock domain to GoDaddy hosting with a brief explanation.

When I was a beginner I was same as you and use to panic for silly things like how to connect a domain to hosting, how to move from blogger to WordPress all these stuff.

Actually, they are really simple and the thing is you never done this before so that is why they seem really a big problem. I felt the same for the first & second time.

But now I don’t have to because I am experienced. everything seems to be really big, tough & confusing for the first time. when you do something for a second time you will feel that connecting a domain in nothing but ABCD.

Here I will explain very deep keeping in mind that this is your very first time. Make sure you read everything carefully and understand what is happening.

Remember this: Any company domain can be connected to any company hosting and the process of connecting is the same for everything but the user interface is different. Clear?

What you are going to do?

First, you will copy the name servers of GoDaddy hosting and paste those nameservers into big rock domain nameservers as simple as that.

How to connect Big Rock domain to Godaddy hosting?

bigrock domain
Bigrock Domain
  • First of all, Open your Bigrock domain you will see an option “Name Servers” which is a third option as you can see in the below image
bigrock domain name server option
big rock domain name server
  • Now when you open name servers you will see 5 fields with bigrock name servers. remove them because you are not using bigrock hosting.
bigrock domain name servers

domain name server
  • Now you have to fill these name servers fields with GoDaddy name servers.

Finding Godaddy Hosting Name Servers

  • Open your GoDaddy account and go to your hosting Cpanel
godaddy hosting cpanel
  • Now you will see “DNS Manager” under the domain section as shown in the below image
godaddy DNS Manager
  • Simply click on that and you will see your domain name.
  • Under your domain name, you will find “Edit Zone” option. click on that option and scroll down to the bottom.
  • At the bottom, you will find 2 name servers starting with NS.
  • Simply copy & paste those name servers into the big rock domain name servers. That’s it.

Most of the time it will update within an hour or 2 but you have to give 24 hrs to update in case if it didn’t.


We hope that you have successfully linked your big rock domain name to your GoDaddy hosting without facing any problem. If you are still facing any problem then do comment below in the comment box and I will try to solve your problem. If you like this guide to connect big rock domain to GoDaddy hosting then do share this post.

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  1. Hi bhai please need help. how to set up birgrock domain and godaddy hosting. problem is i bought hosting thru godaddy. but free domain provide. i want add my previous domain. how to set up.

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