Best RAM Cleaner For PC/ Windows [2021]

Best RAM Cleaner For PC

Best RAM cleaner for PC: So, what are RAM cleaner software? What do they do? Why do you need it if you have a PC?

What are some of the best RAM cleaner for PC that does the job well? If your mind is winded with all these questions, then you have landed on the right page. 

In this article, we will discuss all things related to the best RAM cleaner for PC. Read till the end as we will share with you some of the best RAM cleaner for PC available on the internet.

What is RAM?

To anyone that is not aware of what RAM stands for – Random Access Memory. It is one of the most important components when it comes to determining your system’s performance.

It gives applications a space to store and access data temporarily. It basically stores the information that your PC is actively using so that it can be accessed quickly or instantly as it processes faster than hard disks.

RAM is much smaller in comparison to a hard drive. Let’s say if a laptop is built with 1 Tb hard disk and 8 Gb RAM.

Whatever programs you use, temporary storage of RAM will be filled. Your device’s performance will gradually decrease.

What a RAM cleaner software does is it help clean up your devices RAM which in turn increases your PCs overall performance.

For instance, when your device was newly installed, the working efficiency and boot-up time were par excellence. It will not perform the same after a year or two.

After a year you would experience some lag in the speed etc. To regain your devices working efficiency similar to a new device, you will need the best RAM cleaner for PC. 

RAM cleaner software cleanses all the unused data and hibernates any unused applications present in your window device.

With so many such cleaners available on the internet, it is quite difficult to choose the one that works well.

To make it easy for you all, we have come up with a list of some of the best RAM cleaner for PC/Windows that does the job effortlessly.

Remember the list is in no particular order. Without further ado, let’s get started!!

Best RAM Cleaner for PC/ Windows 10

1. RAM Saver Control Panel

 RAM Saver Control Panel is a free RAM cleaner software for Windows. This tool helps you in cleaning up the RAM and boosts the overall performance of your device.

Its user interface is similar to that of a control panel. This tool controls the applications working in the background by giving you access to either a kill or sleep application from the background.

RAM Saver control panel has some essential features such as a one-click process that optimizes your computer. It is one best RAM optimizers available on the internet for windows 10.

This tool monitors the processing of RAM and informs you about the malfunctioning as well as overloading of RAM.

You can benchmark settings to give more access to this software. RAM Saver Control Panel can hibernate all the unused or less used applications, which will improve the performance of RAM. 

The user display of the RAM saver is also similar to the Control panel of the windows device. So, anyone can use this tool effortlessly.

Users can find all system-related information such as windows version, RAM usage, Total storage capacity, BIOS info, and other systems related information on this software.

RAM saver control panel is available in more than 20 languages, a bonus feature that attracts a variety of people. 

This is a best option for anyone looking for best RAM cleaner for PC

2. Mz RAM Booster

Mz RAM Booster is a RAM cleaner and booster for PC. It cleans any Futile memory present in RAM and enhances the overall working of the CPU.

The user will be able to experience a boost in their devices CPU performance. 

Mz RAM Booster also shows the graphical representation of your devices RAM usage, mapped into milliseconds and seconds.

The graphical representation Mz RAM Booster shows is a real-time image of RAM functionality. It allows users to set a maximum limit of usage.

In consequence, the auto optimizing option activates right after this threshold. Users are not required to clean RAM every time manually as its auto optimizing feature does the job for the user.

Mz RAM Booster has some functions dedicated to monitor and scale the usage of RAM on the computer. Mz RAM Booster can boost the foreground and background processors by optimizing the CPU as well.

With all its features Mz RAM cleaner can be considered as one of the best RAM cleaners for PC/Windows 10. 

3. Advanced System Optimizer

Advanced System Optimizer is one of the best RAM cleaners software for PC. This is another free tool in our list of best RAM cleaners software for windows that help clean up the RAM.

This tool can clean up to 60% of the RAM and gives you the best user experience possible. It monitors the RAM usage and deletes any unwanted memory from RAM. 

This tool even detects the presence of Cache and delete it or asks your consent to delete cache memory. As cache memory blocks a significant amount of space on RAM.

This tool comes with an advanced cleaning option that helps clean the duplicate files, lower quality or corrupted files, temp files and unused apps in one single click.

This is one of the best tools to choose from if you wish to experience the fastest working experience. 

4. Wise Memory Optimizer

Wise Memory Optimizer is a free memory optimizer tool for PC/ Windows 10. This tool provides a visual description of memory usage in the form of a pie chart.

This software has a button, down below to clean any used memory from the RAM.

Wise Memory Optimizer has a dedicated system that monitors and controls the usage of RAM.

This tool also provides an auto cleaning option which requires the user’s permission to clean the RAM automatically, once the usage crosses the threshold limit.

This notable feature offers an independent working capacity to Wise Memory Optimizer.

The size of this cleaner software is compact and the efficiency of this tool is also excellent. We recommend you to give this exceptional tool a try. 

5. Clean Mem

Clean Mem is one of the most outstanding memory cleaners for windows 10 available on the internet.

This tool will give the users full access to the details of the memory used in this software.

Clean Mem not only cleans the memory from RAM but also optimizes the CPU processing.

Some of its unique features make this tool ideal for PC. It comes with a constant monitor and cleaning option, where it autoruns the cleaner after every 15 minutes.

Clean Mem shifts any recently used files to the standby list to save more memory of RAM.

There are two versions of Clean Mem available for the users. Clean Mem has both paid and free versions.

The free version does not include some of its unique and advanced functions.

The free version also includes pop up ads that cannot be blocked which can be annoying. Users can always upgrade to the premium version whenever they wish.

6. RAM Rush

RAM Rush is another memory management tool available on the internet. It is a free tool that is also free from any annoying ads.

Some of its notable features include constant monitoring and improvement that makes this more efficient.

This memory management tool deletes the cache memory, temp and any unused files present on your PC. This app also has dedicated tools that help fix and manage the leaks of memory

RAM Rush also helps you with system crashes due to malfunctioning. It prevents system crashes and provides extra protection for a memory leak.

When installing this tool, it may ask for some permissions. These permissions help to gain control over RAM usage. RAM Rush puts any unused or less used application into hibernation mode. 

7. Tenorshare Windows Care Genius

Tenorshare windows care genius is another best RAM cleaner for PC available on the internet. Tenorshare windows care genius is developed with intelligent coding that helps free up memory usage from every corner of the RAM.

This tool will help minimize your devices booting time by modifying the settings and also the memory of RAM.

This tool similar to iObit cleaner comes with an in-built automatic cleaner and CPU booster.

It has an option where you can schedule cleaning after 30 minutes, or you can set the limit for cleaning. This tool also helps in protecting the browser history and other related data.  

Tenorshare’s user interface is very comfortable and clutter-free. Even if you are a beginner or an expert, anyone can work with this tool without any issues.

Its feature arrangement is straightforward yet subtle. The application and implication of tenorshare windows care genius are easy and definitely reaches the user expectations.

8. iObit Cleaner

iObit cleaner is another best RAM cleaner for PC available on the internet. This is a free tool for all platforms.

It releases the memory of RAM by deleting the unused files and temp. One of its notable features includes automatic checking.

This feature will notify the user about the condition of RAM.

Also, this feature can automatically delete the unused files and hibernate any unused apps, this will in turn provide an excellent working experience.  

You are only one click away from cleaning your devices RAM. iObit provides a list of apps on the base of RAM usage in your device.

It has a simple user interface, which is developed for both intermediate and expert users.

If you are a beginner then you may experience slight difficulty when it comes to learning iObit cleaner features and how it works. 

Final thoughts about RAM Cleaners: The working speed and booting time of your device are correlated to RAM.

The poor RAM will indicate the functioning of your device. A poor quality RAM may result in system crashing and processor malfunction.

RAM cleaner will help increase the RAM space by deleting Cache, temp, and other unused files.

Furthermore, it will put some unused apps into sleep mode to save to RAM. RAM cleaner helps in boosting the health of RAM and eventually increases the pace of the processing of your device. 


We hope this article has been helpful to you. In this article, we have gathered a list of some of the best RAM cleaner for PC.

These RAM cleaners for PC are the most reviewed and efficient tools when it comes to boosting your RAM.

If you have any queries related to this article, let us know in the comment box. 

If you know any other RAM cleaners that works seamlessly which we have missed out on, share with us in the comments.

 Feel free to share this article with your family and friends.

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