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a2movies: With everything came to normal post covid theatres have also opened with screenings. Yet, not many want to go watch movies in a theatre. Why would they when they can watch their favourite movies in their comfort abode whenever they want!!

Many even saved up on OTT platforms as they choose to stream on illegal pirated site. These pirated sites not only entertains the filmy keeda in you but also does not require you to pay a single dime to watch.

a2movies is one such illegal pirated website that offers various video content such as movies, web series, TV shows etc for its users free of charge. 

Unlike Netflix, amazon prime, Hulu and other legal ott platforms, a2movies does require any paid subscription to have access to the content available on this site. You are not even required to sign up or register to stream your favourite movies on this site.

You can choose to stream online or you can download for offline watching as well. The user interface of this pirated site is very easy to use. Everything is neatly assorted into categories and genres. This site most of the latest releases on their website. 

 A2Movies is a pirated site that has been blocked in many countries but returns with the new domain extension. In this artіclе, we hаve provided all the detaіls you’ll need tо knоw аbоut A2movіes.

Since this is an illegal site expect frequent pop-up ads as they are what generate most of their revenue. You can install an adblocker if you do not want to be interrupted.

Also, make sure to use a good VPN service to hide your original IP address as piracy is a criminal offence in many countries.

Torrent Info:

Some of the latest releases you can download from a2movies are as follows

  1. Zack Snyder’s Justice League (2021)
  2. Dark web: cicada 3301 (2021)
  3. Tom and Jerry (2021)
  4. Aelay (2021)
  5. Krack (2021)
  6. Ak vs. Ak (2020)
  7. Ludo (2020)
  8. Bulbul (2020)
  9. Angrezi medium (2020)
  10. Bhoot: The haunted ship (2020)

a2movies Proxy List

S. NoProxy SitesStatusSpeed
1https://a2movies.casa/WorkingV. Fast
2https://a2movies.org/Not WorkingV. Fast
3https://a2movies.info/Not WorkingV. Fast
4https://a2movies.xyz/Not WorkingV. Fast
5https://a2movies.com/Not WorkingV. Fast
6https://a2movies.net/Not WorkingV. Fast
7https://a2movies.site/Not WorkingV. Fast
8https://a2movies.tech/Not WorkingV. Fast
9https://a2movies.cc/Not WorkingV. Fast
10https://a2movies.in/Not WorkingV. Fast

Other torrent Sites:

a2movies site unblock method

 If a site is blocked in your country or by your internet service provider and wish to unblock that site, then make sure to follow any of these 3 below given methods where we have explained how you can unblock any site that is blocked.

1. Tor Browser

tor browser

Tor is a very popular browser available on the internet, especially among hackers and tech savvies. This browser helps you in staying anonymous by hiding your online identity while you are still online. Tor will also unblock any site and have access to it without having to reveal your online identity. 

Tor browser is available for downloads and is compatible with smartphones, Windows as well as MAC devices. This browser is available for downloads on the play store and Apple App Store for free.

2. VPN


VPN or Virtual Private Network is one of the best things available on the internet. A good VPN will hide your online identity such as your IP address and help you stay anonymous. Not just that, it also gives access to any website that is blocked in your country by your internet service provider.  

You can find both free and paid versions of VPN on the internet. Most of these free version works well but lack some features that you get on the paid versions. We suggest you use an authorized VPN when browsing through a2movies or any torrent website.  

3. Web Proxy sites

web proxy

A proxy site is a website that will give access to your preferred site from a different server and country. Many free proxy sites are available on the internet.

Below is a list of some of the best proxy sites available on the internet. Remember that these Proxy sites does not help you in hiding your identity online, rather help you in unblocking any website. 

How to download movies from a2movies?

  • Firstly, open the original a2movies site and select your desired movie.
Download links
  • Next, scroll down till you see download links. There click on any links depending on the file size and picture quality. 
download now
download file 1
download file 2
download file 3
  • On the next page, right-click on Download now. If this link does not work scroll down a little where you will see Download file 1, 2 and 3 in between the ad posters.
download high speed
download mirrors
  • Next, right-click on Download. In the next window, click on Download again.
the file is being processed
  • Finally, you will see The file is being processed at this point while it is already loading the movie starts downloading automatically.

You should be able to find your desired movie on your device in a few minutes depending on your internet connection speed.

Always remember to use an authorised VPN service when streaming or downloading from a2movies as this is a pirated website. Piracy is considered a criminal offence in many countries across the world. If you are caught while streaming or downloading from this site then you may get penalized or may land in jail. 

Also, if you are someone that gets annoyed by the frequent pop-up ads, we suggest you use an adblocker as a slight touch anywhere on this website displays a pop-up ad.

a2movies Alternative sites

There are many such illegal pirated sites available on the internet. Below are a few sites that work well along with their working site URL:  

Other Altervative Sites:

All the content available on this site includes:

  • Hollywood Movies
  • Bollywood movies
  • Malayalam movies
  • Tamil movies
  • Telugu movies
  • Kannada movies
  • Web series
  • Dubbed movies
  • Old movies

What size movies can be found on this illegal pirated site?

To meet the expectations of its users, the team of a2movies provides movies in various sizes. 

  • 600MB size movies
  • 1GB size movies
  • 2GB size movies
  • 3GB size movies

a2movies: content Format

As one of the most well known pirated websites especially in India, it provides the facility to download any video content in any format. 

  • DVDScr
  • CamRip
  • MP3
  • HDRip
  • Bluray
  • MP4
  • MPEG
  • 360P
  • 480P
  • 720P
  • 1080P

Popular Torrent Proxy Sites:


1. Is it safe to use a2movies for downloading movies and web series?

No, it is not safe to use a2movies as it is a pirated site. If you are not taking precautions to prevent the damage (in this case being penalised with a hefty fine or suffer imprisonment), you cannot do anything but face the consequences which we are sure you will not like the outcome. 

Either invest in a good authorized VPNB service or install a Tor browser to hide your online identity.

2. Is a2movies a legal site?

No, a2movies is not a legal site. a2movies is a pirated website that uploads video content on their website illegally without the original content makers approval. This is considered theft and will land you in jail or penalized if caught using or downloading movies from such sites.

If you wish to use it then use a good VPN service to hide your IP address to stay safe. 

3. Does this site require any registration to download movies?

No, this site will not ask you to register to stream or download the video content available on this site.

4. Does a2movies require any subscription to download the movies?

Since this not a legal site it does not require any kind of subscription. Not just a2movies, none of the pirated sites will require any kind of subscription to watch online or download the video content for offline streaming.

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We hope this article has been helpful to you. In this article, we have shared information related to a2movies and all this has to offer. 

If you wish to use a2movies either for streaming online or downloading for offline watching, make sure you invest in an authorised VPN service. A VPN will help you in minimising the damage which could have gotten worse in the first place. 

If you have any queries related to this article, let us know in the comments box.

Feel free to share this article with family and friends.

Disclaimer: The above information is for educational purposes only. We do not encourage piracy.

We at techy guide intend to share nothing but authentic and relevant information that may help you in one way or another.

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